As an administrator, you require to perform standard administrative duties such as :


  • health checks,
  • taking backups,
  • deploying code,
  • tuning performance,
  • purging old instance data,


• Performing health checks of servers and infrastructure


• Managing multitier transaction flows some of which are as follows:

                ° Spanning shared components/services

                ° Deploying multitier transactions across several tiers in different containers

                ° Managing multitier transactions across the enterprise


• Obtaining performance metrics and visibility of SOA services:

                 ° Obtaining performance metrics beyond generic Java classes and methods

                 ° Obtaining framework and metadata visibility

                 ° Obtaining specific knowledge of the Oracle platform


• Maintaining control over configuration changes


• Tuning the performance of a service infrastructure


• Performing time-consuming administrative tasks, which include:

                ° Setting up, provisioning, and patching environments

                ° Code deployments

                ° Cloning and scaling up

                ° Backups and restores

                ° Purging and cleanup


• Troubleshooting faults and exceptions


• Policy and security administration