This is the Voice of Ground Control! NASA Ground Systems and Java Technology

I am Sean Phillips and have been a software engineer for a while now.  For the last few years I've been lucky enough to be a lead developer for some NASA Ground System software that has been deployed directly into the Mission Operations Control room.  (Hence the righteous reference in the title of this blog)

Much of this software is in direct support of the Flight Dynamics subsystems which are focused on Navigation, Orbit Determination and Collision Avoidance.  I'll drop a shameless plug once here in that I've worked as a contractor for a great NASA/USAF company, a.i. solutions

I have used mostly Java, JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform to accomplish this.  Here at this blog  I will be sharing the tips, tricks and lessons learned in deploying Java technology to space based mission critical operations and analysis.  I feel there is a niche here to speak towards in the vast ocean of blogs that everyone is already tired of.  I will be sharing some code snippets that are non-proprietary, cool captured screenshots and occasionally images taken from actual operational software.

Which is the GEONS Ground Support System (GGSS) acting as a backdrop for the Duke.  My software and I were veryVERY fortunate to be nominated and awarded the 2013 Duke's Choice award which is handled through the great people at this website!

I pretended to ALMOST drop it as they were handing it to me.  I'm sure they'll call me back next year!

I was then very lucky to be invited to speak during the final JavaOne Community KeyNote address.  I showed a custom 3D video of the MMS mission and walked through the difficulties in supporting it.  I then explained where and how Java, JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform all helped support our Ground System goals.  I then took a few BRIEF moments to demo the actual operational software, demonstrating a strong integration of JavaFX data analysis tools


and 3D WorldWind visualizations of orbital position:

Which in the end is all enabled by the awesome NetBeans Platform!

I felt I did great but if you watch I was surrounded by the 10 year Minecraft modder and James Gosling himself.  Not even NASA missions can compete with that!