Creating a JavaFX 2 (or should I say FX8) application can be a time consuming task. We all got used to powerful frameworks helping us creating such applications based on Swing (NetBeans Platform) or SWT (Eclipse). There even was an attempt at getting this standardized in Java for Swing - JAF anyone? So where is such an application framework based on JavaFX 2/8, which leverages all the nice things from Java7 and 8?

Stop looking - there is help out there. A small project called eFX(looking for a better name - suggestions anyone?) tries to put together at least some building blocks, to help create complex JavaFX applications, things like:

  • A simple docking framework (no drag and drop)
  • Tool bar and menu bar support
  • Simple statusline
  • ....

This post is the start of a series in which I will try to describe the major available features, how they work, what is missing. To whet your appetite this is how a menu bar registration works in eFX

 @HandlerID(category = "File", id = "") @HandlerRegistration(displayName = "#CTL_AboutHandler") @HandlerReference(path = "fx/Menu/Help", position = 10000) @Messages("CTL_OpenHandler=About") public class AboutHandler implements EventHandler { ... } 

Simple? Does that feel familiar? Guess how tool bar registration works! So stay tuned to get to know more about eFX... If you want to see a working prototype application based on eFX visit vmFX