A short time ago I had been involved in the development of several Fast Formulas in Fusion Absence Management. And I ran into a real problem when I started to debug fast formulas.


First of all let me say a few words about Fast Formulas(FF) in Oracle Fusion HCM.

Besides, FF used to create calculation logic for payroll elements in the Oracle Payroll module,

this is a very powerful approach to extend business logic in several modules of Fusion HCM (such as Absence Management, Benefits, Workforce Compensation).

You can read the following document for details:



The main problem with debugging of FF in the Cloud environment is that you don't have access to the server side logs.

While I was working with Oracle E-Business Suite I used to work with PYUPIP for debugging purposes.

You can read more about PYUPIP here: Using PYUPIP in Oracle HRMS (Doc ID 130374.1)


After some investigations I have found the way how to trace Fast Formulas in the Absence Management.

You can use ESS_LOG_WRITE() function to write messages into ESS log which can be accessible from user interface.


Let me provide simple example:

Below you can see text of my formula with ESS_LOG_WRITE calls. I just want to check values returned by some important DBIs.


In this example I use Absence Proration Formula and I need to assign it to my Absence Accrual Plan:


And finally I need to run "Calculate Accruals and Balances" Process. Please don't forget to check "Include test statements in audit log" check button:





After completion of the process you will be able access the audit log and look up your messages.

Something like this:


(***log file was taken from another formula)


I hope this trick will be useful for those who work with Fast Formulas in Oracle Fusion HCM.