Receiving daily alerts from agent like "EVNT8851297 event raised for : <ASM_Instance_Name> Msg: Failed to connect to ASM instance. The connection is closed: The connection is closed.


Following error stack is observed from the gcagent.log file:


2018-03-05 23:05:00,568 [290:GC.Executor.0 (osm_instance:+<ASM_Instance_Name>:diskgroup_performance_metrics) (osm_instance:+<ASM_Instance_Name>:diskgroup_performance_metrics:Instance_Diskgroup_Performance)] ERROR - The connection is closed: The connection is closed

java.sql.SQLException: The connection is closed: The connection is closed

at oracle.ucp.util.UCPErrorHandler.newSQLException(

at oracle.ucp.util.UCPErrorHandler.newSQLException(

at oracle.ucp.jdbc.proxy.JDBCConnectionProxyFactory.invoke(

at oracle.ucp.jdbc.proxy.ConnectionProxyFactory.invoke(




The issue is coming due to the UCP connections in the pool are getting closed.

Following bugs had the issue explanation:


Internal BUG 21187539 - UCP is marking connections in the pool as closed for no apparent reason

Bug 25610702 - tracking bug to repackage UCP patch from bug 21187539 as 13.2 Agent patch


Action Plan:


The fix for this is available in the form of a Patch.


Apply Patch 25610702 to the EM 13.2 Cloud Control Agent Oracle Home according to the patch README


Note: This has to be applied to the Target Host Agent which is monitoring the target.