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Java Store/Warehouse Blog

Posted by wsnyder6 Jun 1, 2009
I am writing a utility to import issue data from one db to another and am using the built in Hibernate support in NetBeans. The reverse engineering and other wizards have made this pretty painless.


However, the Hibernate logging can get out of control. Since Hibernate uses java.util.logging you can overwrite the existing NetBeans/Hibernate logging configuration using the java.util.logging.config system property.


Here is a sample config file example.

Introducing CashForward Blog

Posted by wsnyder6 May 18, 2008

I wanted to build something to handle my imeem playlists in a simple interface. (I am not in to the social network site stuff, yet I find that free tunes on imeem is hard to resist).

Using the DJ JWebBrowser as a custom JFX component, I was able to get something going.

It'd be nice to see if I could use the JFlashPlayer to control the playlists/songs. Next time...


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