• Broker Throws NPE and Dies on Startup

    Hi there, First of all thank you for your attention. Environment: - Operating System > RHEL 5.3 - Message Queue > Sun Glassfish Message Queue 4.4 - Database engine > Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 - J...
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  • Browsing a Topic to get all messages with Unregistered Client ID (Sun MQ)

    There is a challenging Situation before me Server: SUN MQ Topic: ABC have 120 Messages I got credentials of brokers and i am making client to it I have made a Subscriber with Demo Client ID and Demo Subscr...
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  • StreamCorruptedException : invalid Type Code AC .. In case of a network app

    Hi I am developing a peer-peer application here. What i have is a client and a server on each user, both running parallell. User A sends an object to User B through an ObjectOutputStream through the main thread. ...
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  • set jms LocalTransaction, How can make getTransacted=true

    createQueueSession(true, 0) Its first parameter is set to true,but, Session.getTransacted() is equal to false。 ================ java ========================= import javax.jms.Connection; import javax.jms.Sessio...
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  • Reclaim space from empty queues

    I'm using Glassfish 3.1.2 that comes with embedded OpenMQ (4.5.2 (Build 2-d)). When I put persitent messages into a queue the messages are saved to disk and they take space. When I receive messages from queue the ...
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  • OpenMQ CSharp client

    Hi all, I couldn't find much information on my challenge of creating a C# client which could send/receive message via the OpenMQ JMS broker. So once I figured it out, I created a blog post about it. I hope someone el...
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  • Messages B1278 B1277 B1279 in log after hard shudown (kill) of Broker

    Hello , we have a embedded openMQ broker which was killed during processing. after restart we discovered the following messages in the log [B1278]: Update state of interest [consumer:0, type=NONE] for message 9...
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  • Open MQ Cluster with JDBC Store loses messages

    Hi! We have a Open MQ (version 4.5.2) HA Cluster using Oracle EE 11g as its store. All our JMS clients are JCAPS 5.1.3 jcd's. In some cases, when we arubtly stop another half of the cluster violently (ie. us...
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  • How to connect Oracle AQ to glassfish

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a simple way to connect Oracle advanced queue to glassfish in order to consume message sent through database queue into a message-bean (ejb 3.0). I thought about wrapper or connector,...
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  • heart beat links.

    Hi forum, I am installing a cluster server ( x86 ) for the first time. 2 blades. Now while installing I am getting the following error. "ERROR ------- Check the Heartbeat Link(s) specified in the template May ...
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  • Lost LARGE messages put on topics?

    Hey, I'm using Open MQ 4.4 for queueing and pub/sub. We are putting messages on topics which subscribers pick up. Everything works great until I publish a bigger message to the topic. I can consistently publish a m...
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  • Transaction on JMS using OpenMQ provider

    Hi, I'm struggling with the following problem: I'm running jboss 4.2.3GA and I use OpenMQ as JMS provider this is my jms configuration file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <connection-fa...
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  • STOMP - balance incoming/outgoing message rate?

    Hello, I have set up a STOMP client test application for OpenMQ (4.6 on Windows Vista) which runs two threads, one is continuously sending messages to a topic, and the other consumes them, using client-side ack. ...
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  • Poison messages in OpenMQ

    Is it possible in OpenMQ to define any redelivery policy for poison messages (causing exception during receiving) so that they are moved to a dead letter queue after a number of unsuccessful attempts of processing? T...
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  • Low memory and message lost after restart. How to configure?

    I've load testing different JMS implementations for our notification service. No one of ActiveMQ, HornetQ and OpenMQ behave as expected (issues with reliability and message prioritization). But as now I've best result...
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  • NSPR library not compatible with the version MQ API (NSPR 4.8)

    Conditions: Running Communication messaging Exchange server on a Solaris Container Zone Executing this command under ../store/ Glassfish is running # mboxutil -l RESULT: "The version of the NSPR library li...
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  • cannot compile C-API client : cannot find -lmqcrt

    Hi, I'm new to message queue and am attempting to compile the sample C code. I read both the README and the introduction in http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19575-01/820-6661/aelao/index.html but neither ...
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  • How to check the update number for OpenMQ

    Hi, I have recently installed glassfish 2.1.1, which also comes with OpenMQ 4.4 . But how do I find out what is the update number of OpenMQ ? Currenlty, it shows me following com.sun.messaging.jmq Versi...
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  • persistent queues are not always created after first installation

    I am using glassfish 2 and OpenMQ 4.3. I am using cluster profile. I am using ant script to do the installation. <exec executable="./asadmin" dir="glassfish/bin"> <arg line="create-cluster"/> <...
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  • Destination Q:mq.sys.dmq could not be found in the store

    I tried to Google these errors but nothing really came up. [26/Jan/2009:09:56:02 CET] ERROR [B3013]: Destination Q:mq.sys.dmq could not be found in the store [26/Jan/2009:09:56:02 CET] WARNING Update consumer [consu...
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