• ORA-29269: HTTP server error 500 - at utl_http.get_response

    Web service gurus, I an getting following error at this line of code in pl/sql program - http_resp := utl_http.get_response(http_req); ORA-29269: HTTP server error 500 - Internal Server Error Following is the...
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  • Steps of creating a procedure to call an ASP.NET Web Service.

    Hello, I am a beginner in Oracle, I need to know the steps of calling a simple asp.net web service that performs addition of two numbers from Oracle. The parameters that are to be passed and the output to be displaye...
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  • bc4j.xcfg connection to oracle RAC 11g

    Hi guys, i have a RAC 11g database using the new scan feature i want to connect my j2ee (ADF) application to it when i try editing bc4j.xcfg it is not working with scan it is only working with one of the SID of eit...
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  • "Tools/Embeded OC4J Server preferences" in JDeveloper11? Data Sources/JNDI?

    Hi, Doesn't JDeveloper 11 have "Tools/Embeded OC4J Server preferences"? Was OC4J server replaced by Web Logic server? How do we configure the Data Source/JNDI those which originally we do through "Tools/Embeded ...
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  • OC4J instance is down in Oracle Portal Server

    Hi all, I am new to Oracle Portal 10g. In production environment the portal server component OC4J is automatically shutting down often and came back with few min's. Why it is happening? The server.log file has b...
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  • Exception while OC4J Start up

    Hi All, while i start up one OC4J, it show below message in oc4j log file (default_group~OC4J_TEST~default_group~1.log) -------- 13/02/20 11:57:49 Start process -------- 13/02/20 11:57:57 WARNING: Application...
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  • Response time logging in OC4J default website access log

    Is there any way by which we can log the time taken by server to serve the request (response time) in the default_website _access log file. There is a similar option available in Apache web server logs but was unable ...
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  • Codec settings for uploading Canon XF100 footages to Vimeo

    I use a Canon XF100 camera and I want to upload the footages to Vimeo.com, what’s your recommend on the codec I should use?
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  • PL/SQL Web Service taking in a dynamic set of parameters

    Oracle Currently we have a pl/sql web service taking in 2 static parameters and returning a varchar2 response. I was asked today if it's possible for a web service to take in a dynamic set of parameters...
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  • OC4J Standalone change ip

    Hello whats the steps to change the ip address for my oc4j standalone server , so i can run my forms applications without errors . Thanks
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  • How to disable stdout log? (OC4J~XXXXXXX~default_island~1.log)

    Hi May I know how can I disable stdout log for OC4J As application is generating lots of stdout log. Thanks!
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  • Fatal error: server exiting

    SysOut: 13/03/25 10:27:21 WARNING: Application.setConfig Application: default is in failed state as initialization failedjava.lang.InstantiationException: Error initializing ejb-modules: Resource exception(OracleAS...
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  • Exception while posting the data from OTM/GTM through external system

    Hi, I am facing an issue while sending a transactionn from GTM through external system in GTM using SOA 10g WSDL url. The exception is as follows... oracle.j2ee.ws.wsdl.LocalizedWSDLException: WSDLException: faul...
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  • Process state is going to OFF continously for a BPEL process

    Hi everyone, I am new to this oc4jserver. After few instances the BPEL process state is going to OFF mode even though I m trying to change its state it is not changing. How to resolve this issue? what is the ...
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  • XML-22016: (Error)

    <Line 535, Column 176>: XML-22016: (Error) Extension function namespace should start with 'http://www.oracle.com/XSL/Transform/java/'. My XSL content like below, <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3...
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  • Rotate OC4J std out & err logs

    Hi, We need to rotate the OC4J std out & err logs, configured the -Dstdstream.rotatetime=08:15 in the OC4J_Start batch file. Stopped the OC4J and Start, the std out and err logs files did not get created with...
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  • Multiple JDK Support

    A war file has been deployed in oracle 10g server, and i am sure the war that the has been deployed has been developed using jdk1.4, my new war needs jdk6,,so now after installing jdk6,,can i deploy the war and refer ...
    Subhash Kurni
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  • 9ias Bi Forms

    Dear Guru, How do i completely kill/remove inactive job which is hang in the report server queue without restarting the Bi forms? Many thanks for your reply Edited by: user8959253 on Feb 25, 2013 10:54 PM
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  • OC4J restarts frequently

    Hi all, Recently our server encounters a problem about restart of OC4J. Upon checking ipm.log, it is found that there were lots of ping failed message and server forcefully terminated after several failed ping. ...
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  • LDAP & active Directory, SSL connection problem

    Hi, I am trying to connect LDAP(Active directory). I have successfully connected to that. I am facing problems in changing the password. I know that if I want to change the domain password, I should have the SSL conn...
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