• JMS SBL-EAI-05010

    Hi expert, I'm trying to configure my Siebel JMS component. I've this error in wf log SO: Windows 2003 Siebel I've just checked if these files exists: DLL = C:\Program Files\Java\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll...
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  • Siebel JMS Error

    Error invoking service 'EAI JMS Transport', method 'Send' at step 'JMS Transport'.(SBL-BPR-00162) --* Class name incorrect or does not extend SiebelBusinessService : com/siebel/data/SiebelPropertySet -- JVM Exceptio...
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  • Request Info : Siebel for Corporate/Investment/Business Banking

    May I know if anyone has any experience in Siebel for Corporate Banking. If I'm not mistaken, Siebel has quite a number of Retail/Consumer Banking clients with a couple of case studies. However, there is little in ter...
    Derek Chung
    created by Derek Chung
  • http 404 error while opening Siebel Public Sector Web Client

    Hello Experts I recently migrated to siebel web client and tools 8.2.2 from 8.2. However the issue that i have been facing now is that when i open my client i get HTTP 404 Not Found- The Web Page cannot be found. T...
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  • Siebel ADSI Cannot Connect To The Gateway

    We recently implemented ADSI in Siebel We have both a DBSecAdpt and ADSISecAdpt version of CallCenter_enu. So far everything works fine, except that for the ADSI-Enabled Call Center AOM, Server Configuration ...
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  • ReceiveDispatchSend

    Hi Siebel Guru's, We are implementing Inbound WS for updating acct details for that we are using EAI MQ Series Server Transport with method ReceiveDispatchSend for receive the req and send the status back to end sy...
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  • Second popup applet auto-close the first popup applet

    I have a configuration which works in the following way 1) There's a button on Applet 1, which will pop-up Applet 2 using the ShowPopup method. 2) In Applet 2, there's a field which has MVG applet. I observed the...
  • Need to find all Bugs and QF created for

    Hi all, I kneed to know how to find all bugs and possibly patches/QF created on top of for bugs found in after its release on Jan 2012. This is for my Customer that needs to know if they have to p...
  • Can we Install siebel crm latest version on Windows  7 (64 bit )

    Hai to all May i know the Latest Version of Siebel CRM ? Can we install Siebel Crm on windows 7 (64) bit operating system. And i downloaded some of the files from oracle e-delivery cloud. its and all jar ...
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  • How to change landing page in session time out pop up

    Hello, We are impleted SSO with Siebel where SSO time out period is more than Siebel. So on clicking ok buttin in timeout pop up, siebel is getting new task since SSO session is still active. Is it possible to cus...
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  • FAcing problems in applying tables in Siebel Sample Database

    Hi Gurus, Greetings for the day. I am facing a problem while doing apply/activate in Siebel Sample Database. The version that i use is Siebel 8.1.1. Siebel-ERR-1071: Unable to build ddl statement "modify col" (Co...
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  • How to do DDL synch on windows machine through command line prompt

    Hi Gurus, We have siebel server on windows machine and db server on unix box. We have done some modification(added columns) in siebel tools level. Now we want to ddl synch through command line prompt. Could you...
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  • Sales Order Creation

    I'm getting this error in BPEL after creating Sales Order. <messages><input><Invoke_ProdInfo_Dates_PCM_OP_SUBSCRIPTION_CUSTOM_SET_PRODINFO_InputVariable><part xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/200...
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  • What data set is in Siebel Sample database

    Was wondering if there is a document that mentions what are the data set in the sample database. I only came across a document that mentions the specific demo user id for the different industry vertical. For instan...
    Derek Chung
    created by Derek Chung
  • Siebel screens pointing to analytics dashboards

    Siebel has screens like Service Analyitcs, Marketing Analytics that will navigate the user directly from Siebel to the corresponding dashboard in Analytics or OBI Applications like is called today. These screens are ...
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  • How Siebel CRM consumes customer update published from OCH through AIA

    Hi all, We're using Oracle Customer Hub and Siebel Marketing, running as seperate Siebel instances in seperate Enterprises. We have Oracle AIA in the middle and are using the out of the box PIPs for OCH to Siebel C...
    created by mroshaw
  • Relationship between Sales rep and sales manager in Siebel

    Hi... Can anyone explain how the relation between SALES REP and SALES MANAGER is being maintained in Siebel? and where we define this relationship? Thank you in advance. Regards, Jagadeesh
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  • Method 'ShowPopup' for TheApplication()?

    Trying to invoke ShowPopup from TheApplication() and got sbl-dat-00320. Wonder if there's an alternative to popup applet from BS?
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  • Open UI: Problem with recyclebinpmodel.js

    Hello, I'm trying to run basic recycle bin sample, but have problems with it: RecycleBinPModel.prototype.Setup = function(propSet){ SiebelAppFacade.RecycleBinPModel.superclass.Setup.call( this, propSet ); cons...
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  • Lync integration

    Hi. We are working on a new customer that uses Siebel, and they wonder if it is possible to integrate Lync with Siebel. I have been searching the internet, but found nothing interesting on the topic. Does a...
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