• Attachment Text for PO output for communication report in BI Publisher.

    Hello I developed PO output for communication report in BI Publisher. Can  any one please advise on   How to get the Attachment Text for Purchase Order.-- Header Level Attachments and Line Level At...
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  • How to get TEXT Output in bi publisher.

    We have a requirement to get "text output" from bi publisher.How is it possible to achieve.?Using etext seems mote time consuming as it takes more time.Please let me know the steps to be follwed for this or any helpfu...
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  • javax.mail.MessagingException: [EOF] error while sending mail from Bursting from BIP

    Hi ,   I am getting below error while i am sending email using Exchange server  through bursting in BIP. Could you please advise on below error . Thanks in Advance.   DeliveryProcessor.processDeliv...
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  • Data Model with point as decimal in Aggregate functions

    Hi, In the Data Model when a summary aggregate function type is created, decimal fields are displayed with "," instead of "." Is there any way to tell to BIP that decimals are displayed with "."?
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  • How to remove the footer merging from RTF layout to excel output in BI publisher

    Hi All,   I have an enhancement request where i have to create a report which has rtf layout and has output as excel(xlsx). I have created this report and there is a merged line below the last row of data in th...
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  • Job Reports failed after Clone database +  Update DELIVERY_PARAMETERS

    Hello,   On Production, we have in database REPORT-PROD,  some schedules (job report)  to deliver report by ftp (login prod_ftp_delivery)  :   We clone the  REPORT-PROD to REPORT-PPD ...
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  • How can BI Publisher Excel Output report open in .xlsx

    I have built a custom BI Publisher report using word template (.rtf) with output as excel, When report completes the output opens in .xls, Any suggestion on how it can open in .xlsx.?   How to find patches requi...
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  • Problem with between condition for user_name range

    Dear All/ jagadekara   I have a requirement to create user_name from and user_name to range parameters in report.   I wrote below condition in where clause where PARTY_ID IN (SELECT DISTINCT PARTY_ID FROM...
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  • Issue with printing "<" sysmbol next to field value when PDf is generated from RTF template?

    Hi All   I am trying to print "<" symbol next to a field value in RTF template. But when pdf is generated the "<" symbol is printed on new line, instead of being printed next to the field value that has bee...
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  • BI Publisher Email Delivery Issue JD Edwards E1

    Hello,   I am facing the issue email delivery functionality.Through glossary item i defined dynamic email subject and body.i mentioned dynamic to email id(supplier email ID).   While launching the report, ...
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  • Can I call BI Publisher report from PL/SQL

    We have a custom BI Publisher report (.XML as Data definition and RTF in the Template). We configured a concurrent program to run this report. But if we use a concurrent program then the PDF output is taking more than...
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  • Diferences in template

    Hello,   I have two tables apparently equal but i can´t see what is the diference between red and green. The result are differents I upload the rtf thanks
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  • No of lines fixed and total at the end along with header and footer

    Hi All,   we have one xml publisher report which will print ar invoice. I fix the no of lines per page 7 and it is working fine for 7 or less than 7 lines invoices. But the problem is, if it is more than 7 line...
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  • BI-Publisher truncate issue

    I have a statement in bi-publisher that reads:   <?xdoxslt:truncate(CUR_GPA,2)?>   if CUR_GPA = 2.05 or 2.050 then I get the result 2.04. This is incorrect. Any other value seems to be correct.  ...
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  • Need to rotate a BIP label 90 degrees

    Hi all - I have a label (report) that I need to rotate 90 degrees to make it fit the label stock. So if I were to look at the output on the monitor, I would have to turn my head 90 degrees to read it.  This label...
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  • Format a time field in BI Publisher

    Hi, I have a time field which is displaying at 13:00 in the .rtf report.  I would like it to display at 1:00 PM on the output. Please help
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  • Oracle BI Publisher   with SQL Server database -- parameter issue

    I am using BI Publisher with a SQL server db. I am trying to use a paramter (w/ LOV) that can select 'All', single selection, and multiple selection. I can not get it to work for all options. I have the 'Null...
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  • Wrong format output after manuall deployment

    Hi, After I manually deployed reports to server path automatically report output is html but in _report.xdo are pdf. And the same situation is when I manually change default output in file _report.xdo, in browser is s...
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  • pdf output page 1 of 0

    Hi   I have created a report which uses an rtf template, restricted to pdf output only. When I open the report in BI Publisher and before I even enter the parameter values, the report opens and shows a black bac...
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  • Need help to build a Label Printing Report

    Hello,   Please need help in building a Label Printing Report in Oracle Application:   I dont have knowledge in XML Publisher.   This is the requirement in Inventory:   Below is the Query: &nbs...
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