• Exporting BIP report to an specific internal server folder

    Hi Gurus,          I am novice in BI Publisher and I'd like to know if the following feature is possible at BIP :          Is it possible to gene...
    Alvaro Soares
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  • Discoverer Plus drops the underscore in table column names

    In Discoverer Plus, updating a condition on a column which has a name ending with text “_DATE” is resulting in the “_” being dropped from the condition's text.  This causes an invalid form...
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  • Table to get Credit memo in AR

    Hi,   Can you please help me to get highlighted information from attached screenshot, I am able to create report as per user requirement but now user is asking to add 'Credit Reason' and 'Distribution' details a...
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  • Table to get 'Transaction Distribution' and 'Account Description' details

    Hi,   I am new to Oracle BI.Can you please help me to get details highlighted in yellow from attached screenshot , this is AR adjustment screen.  Here I got adjustment reason but not comments, transaction d...
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  • Upgrade Oracle Discoverer to 11g

    Hi,   We are currently on Oracle Discoverer 10g. As we are upgrading OS to RHEL6 , we would prefer to upgrade the Oracle Discoverer to 11g.Can you please provide us with the steps for the upgrade? Request to sh...
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  • OBI Discoverer not opening

    Hi Folks,   I am not able to open the OBI Discoverer in my system.The Application is Up and Running and is accessible from some other system. But i am not able to open it in my specific system.We access this fr...
    Akash Panda
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  • Can’t see XML

    Hi,   I want to know when we can’t see XML       Thanks
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  • Polling File having different type

    Hi,       I have a use case where i need to read file having different type of delimiter data eg :   Abc,123,xyz       Thanks.
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  • How ‘Singleton’ property works

    Hi,   How ‘Singleton’ property works     Thanks
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  • XA-Based Transaction

    Hi,     Suppose there is one scenario:   Synch BPEL -->           Invoke Activity --> XA based DB from Database-1 Table-1    &nb...
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  • Polling multiple file in Sorted order

    Hi,     There is a use case where i want to read/poll multiple file in Ascending order   Thanks
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  • Discoverer 11g-Enterprise Manager Configuration

    Hi All   We have discoverer 11g [] integrated with EBS R12.1.3   I want to monitor discoverer in Enterprise Manager How to configure Discoverer 11g Enterprise Manager, please suggest .   &nbs...
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  • Do we need OID when we integrate Discoverer with OAM 11gR1?

    Current we are using Discoverer 10.1.2 without SSO. we plan upgrade discoverer to 11gR1 ( and integrate with OAM. Can we use OAM without OID?
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  • Failed to connect to database-unable to connect to database applications database:invalid username/password OracleBI Discoverer Administrator

    Hi ,   I am getting below error when i am trying to connect as a user in the Discoverer Administrator   "Failed to connect to database-unable to connect to database applications database:invalid username/p...
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  • Discoverer plus is not working with JRE, java8 update 25 -windows-x64

    Hi ,   My discoverer plus version is working perfectly in java7 update71 -windows-x64 , even the certification matrix supporting only till java1.6 . When I updated my JRE to  java8 update 25 -windo...
    John Subin
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  • Should I purchase Jreport or Tableau?  Why?

    I'm a long-time Discoverer user, but am considering adding, or switching to, another data-crunching capability.  I'm looking at both Jreport and Tableau.  Would be most appreciative if you would share your t...
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  • how to use discoverer command line interface to execute the report

    Hi All,   I am using discoverer desktop which is installed in citrix server . how to execute the report by using the command line interface. please let me know that where should i fire that commands .   Th...
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  • User can't see scheduled reports in Scheduling Manager window. Version

    One of our business users has scheduled a number of reports, but nothing appears in the Scheduling Manager window. I can see them when I log in as Administrator. We're on Thank you.
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  • Adding new values to discoverer pref.txt?

    Hi,   I have tried to change as customer wants in viewer/plus 200 rows and 25 columns pref.txt parameters in 11g Discoverer but parameters doesn't exists so I have added them under [Application] RowsPerPage = 2...
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  • User not able to login to Discoverer Plus 10g with Java 1.8 and Java1.6

    Hi,   The user is using Windows machine and trying to login to Discoverer Plus 10g. He recently upgraded to Java 1.8 and was not able to login. We informed the user that Discoverer 10g is not compatible with ja...
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