• Essbase RAM Optimization/Tuning

    Hello,   I have a BSO application that is taking a heavy toll on RAM (starts with 5-6gb goes up to 13 GB and stays there until application is stopped). CPU performance is unaffected and stays less than 20%. Ther...
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  • Parent data getting retrieved at Children

    Hi All,   I am facing a issue in Production where as the same thing is working fine in development server. My outline is having A and children as B and C. I loaded data into A but when retrieved finding it in B...
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  • Using Smart View - Character not supported as alias

    Hi everyone,   I have a problem using the character combination : l' directly followed by an another character like : Résultat de l'exercice.  In essbase, the alias is allowed but when i use the essba...
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  • i have account member ACC15015.for intersection of N0_version,No_Scenario,No_Entity I WNAT TO  CAOP THIS aCC15015 DATA TO  EACH SCENARIO,EACH VERSION AND LEV 0 MEMBER OF ENTITY.PLZ HELP ME

    i have account member ACC15015.for intersection of N0_version,No_Scenario I,No_Entity I have some data for this intersectionNOW I  WANT TO  CYOP THIS aCC15015 DATA TO  EACH SCENARIO,EACH VERSION AND LEV...
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  • Formula to go across years and months to find the value

    Hello,   I am having difficulty writing a member formula where the rate is supposed to come from anyplace that's available prior to that month and year. This is for Re-forecasting purposes. The example of how t...
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  • Do partition member in source and target need to be same

    Hello Gurus,I have a cube with some partitions and each partition is having around 10 dimensions. From one dimension i took a member and wrote a rule for that member in source partition,Do i need to take same member ...
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  • Migration Definition File in Shared services in

    Hi All,   I am migrating some artifcats say 100 dataforms using LCM from dev to test. Now again the development team made some changes in these 100 dataforms and again i need to migrate. The problem is that i ne...
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  • Basic aggregation question

    I have a basic aggregation question. I have got 4 sparse dimensions and 1 dense account dimension( Some upper level members are store data)   1. Do we need to aggregate the sparse dimensions first and then agg/c...
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  • instead of calc all

    Hi I am working onBSOcube I am using one script so its  calculating calc all but wen user enters data for particular MBR tnen wen theu u the script its taking Lt of time coz its calculating total database ,need t...
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  • Move ASO App To Another Disk

    Hi,   As mentioned on the title, I would like to move my app/cube (ASO) to another drive let's say from C:\ to D:\ but Hyperion home is only one and it's located on initial place. My version is and I t...
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  • partition definition is not valid

    Hi All, Partition is throwing an error like partition definition is not valid and App1.DB1  overlaps with partition App2.DB2
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  • EPM-Version is, Java API, getTimeModified strange outcome

    Dear all, I would like to ask for help in a "strange" area. We have built a small java programm to check locked objects (files) in essbase. We want so save the result (analog to the EAS-infos) in a oracle-table for...
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  • Replicated Partitioning Issue

    Hi Guys,   I am working with replicated partitioning and I'm getting a very strange issue. When I execute the below maxl script, I end up getting an orphan partition   /* Login to essbase server */ login...
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  • execute calculation APP1.DB1.Calc1 ON database APP2.DB2;

    Hi,   Can I execute calculation script available under different application on another application as shown below:      execute calculation APP1.DB1.Calc1 ON database APP2.DB2;   I'm ...
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  • Essbase 11 Certification

    Hi Guys, I know a lot of question related to essbase certification has already been asked but I have slightly different types of queries; i hope you guys find time to answer them. I asked oralce for which version of ...
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  • Essbase Calculation Variable Calculation Time

    Hope someone can help me understand what could be possibly be causing calc processing time to vary from time to time in a locked scenario (so no data entry) within the same environment. Our application is about 90 GB ...
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  • EAS Server stopped

    Hi all, After upgrading to EPM (from via maintenance release), everything was working fine, including EAS Server. I was able to login to EAS via the http://server:10080/easconsole/console.html &nbs...
    Nirmal Shrestha
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  • Export Partition

    Hi All, We have a issue like we have 2 applications say App 1 and App2 so i want to export and import the partitions from App1 to App2,My issue is that i cant able to see the Imported partition in App2.Please any one...
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  • Error using ESSCMDQ with Essbase ASO unicode applications..

    Hi all,   I have tried to restructure an ASO outline of an unicode application...and I receive this error:   [Tue Mar 17 17:49:25 2015]EssbaseServerName/App_Name/DB_Name/admin/Error(1060127) UTF-8 encoded...
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  • epm suite setup

    Hello,   Can someone please let me know if the following setup is possible in vmare on windows 2012 r2? server 1 - essbase (memory intense application)   (32gb-8cores-1gb) server 2 - essbase (memory...
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