• Excel 2013 64 bit Smartview Hangs Lag closing files

    Hello, I'm running Smartview on Office 365, 64 bit Excel. I have a problem in that when closing a file with lots of Hsgetvalue formulas Excel hangs for a minute or so before closing whilst locking up a si...
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  • Smart View Crashes with Excel 2013

    Hello We are upgrading to Excel 2013. We are running Smart Views Everything I have read says that this version of Smart Views will work with Excel 2013. However, we are not finding that to be so. We hav...
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  • Smartview issue with Planning webform formula row #No Access

    Testing out webforms on EPM Planning, most webforms have a subtotal/formula row with a simple sum formula. For Planner profile users, when they open a webform with a subtotal row in Planning Workspace web...
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  • Smart View decimal separator

    I have created report in Analytics (logged in English) that consists of one string field and one measure field (which is formatted using thousand separator): STRING     MEASURE ------------------...
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  • Submit Range VBA

    Hi   I'm having trouble migrating some Add-In spreadsheets to SmartViewVBA.   There doesn't seem to be an option to Submit Data Range from VBA to Essbase:   The HypSubmitData function only receives...
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  • esbapin.dll not found vba

    Hi Experts,   I have a situation where I want to complement the SmartView extension with my own VBA code. Therefore I want to use the different API's. But my code returns 'error 53' esbapin.dll not found. ...
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  • SmartView Performance issue (EPM - Essbase ASO with attributes

    Essbase Server APS Server SmartView Client   An Essbase database ASO with a dimension having 60000 members on which was assigned a lot attribute dimensions. An M...
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  • How can I send data from multiple range with VBA API ?

    hello everyone,   i have one worksheet , multiple range. With addin , we can specified the range to retrieve or submit. In smart view  for retreive, I have the API retrieverange so  I can do the same....
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  • Essbase API and Essbase Addin vs Smartview Addin

    Hello experts,   we have migrated from version Essbase 9.3 to Essbase   we have many vba's excel running with Essbase API and Essbase Addin 9.3. We need to migrate all these files.   Our qu...
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  • Smart View formulas become corrupted

    For a few of our 100+ users all Smart View formulas become corrupted with a prefix string: “'C:\Hyperion\Smartview\bin\HsTbar.xla'!..” and consequently do not work.  The policy has always been to use ...
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  • PBCS smartview xml load error: dtd is prohibited

    Ever since I installed SV I've been getting "xml load error: dtd is prohibited" immediately after logging into my PBCS instance via smartview.  Just wondering if any one has seen it too.  Oracle...
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  • Smart View Issue

    Hi,   I am using HFM version and tried to submit the data through smart view. I am not able to submit the data. When I refresh the sheet, the data is disappearing and showing "#Missing".   Please ...
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  • Which Firefox version is compatible with Hyperion Smart View Extension?

    Hello,   I installed Smart View which installed Firefox add-on with it. But I'm not able to activate the extension. It is saying the extension is incompatible with this version of Firefox.   I had the fire...
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  • how to get alias from dimension

    Hi experts,   I'm using to fill on array all members of one dimension using HypQueryMembers function. In another array I want same members but alias not code. If I combine hypquerymembers and hypfindmember I re...
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  • Smartview compatibility with Office 2013

    Dear Oracle experts, Currently we use Smartview in combination with Office 2010. We consider upgrading to Office 2013, but without upgrading Smartview to Does anyone foresee issues between Office 2...
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  • Issue with Essbase to Smartview MDX query

    Hi experts   I have a problem migrating a Essbase Sentece to MDX query.   My essbase query with free-form mode is: <PAGE (HSP_RATES,Account,Period,Scenario,Currency,Exercice,Contra,Operations) HSP_Valu...
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  • Suppressing the display of rows with specific values

    All,   I had an interesting question from one user today and was wondering if anyone here had encountered - or better still, resolved - this issue.   To make his task easier, the user wanted to suppress th...
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  • Get attribute and UDA with VBA

    Hi experts,   I'm using SmartView with Essbase.   I need to get an attribute dimension with VBA code.   Which is the function that I have to use for get attributes and UDA?   Could yo...
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  • VBA code for delete information in SheetInfo

    Hi experts   Do you know what is the function in VBA to delete SheetInfo in smartview tab?     Thanks!!
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  • smart view connection info via vba

    does anyone know how via vba to determined what connection is currently active in smart view including the name?  I can see how to change it but not find out the name of the Name is.   Thanks.   -...
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