• Operation Failed. Check log for details

    I've got a user that tried to refresh a rather large SmartView formula based worksheet for HFM and received the "Operation Failed. Check log for details" error message.  This user has been able to refresh this fi...
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  • Smartview reads suppression options of HFM forms with EI11?

    Hi,   Noticed that the suppression options on forms from HFM are being picked up by Smartview.  Does not react the same at all SV11. with HFM forms where I needed to tweek t...
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  • Smart View Add-In disappers in Excel 2013

    Hello,   The Smart View Add-In disappears every time I run an ad-hoc on a new or existing range, and exit out of the Excel file. When I re-open that same or new Excel file, Smart View in missing again, so I go t...
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  • Not able to see new shared member at alternative hierarchy on Smart view

    Hi,   I had to make the changes on the alternate hierarchy as below : 1. Created shared member on the new roll up with Shared member Property (Alternate Hierarchy). 2. Removed the old member under other roll u...
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  • Updating a view when the analysis changes

    I have created an analysis and a simple table view.  I have imported that view into SmartView as an Excel Table and also as a Table.   When I go back into OBIEE and change the filter for this analysis, then...
    Mark T.
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  • Smart View Crashes with Excel 2013

    Hello We are upgrading to Excel 2013. We are running Smart Views Everything I have read says that this version of Smart Views will work with Excel 2013. However, we are not finding that to be so. We hav...
    Nancy B
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  • Sending a SmartView file to someone who does not have SmartView

    Is there a way to save a file without all the smart view formula's?  (rather than copy/paste as values, and then sending that file)   Pete
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  • Retrieve Attributes linked to Products via Smart View (Essbase or Planning)?

    Is there a way to retrieve a report through smart view, which lists the applicable attributes for each product, either for Essbase or Planning connections?   Unfortunately expanding the Product dimension, to pic...
    Iain Curtain
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  • Retaining formulae in differet tabs

    Hi,   I am seeing bit different issue on our smartview retrievals. We are using version Essbase and Smartview.   We have multiple tabs which are prepared as template and they hold formula as well...
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    Hello,   I have a question. I am using excel 2010 to retrieve from smartview.   As you can see, the Use Excel Formatting is grayed out.   Normally, it works like this. Use Excel Formatting is not g...
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  • New SmartView user

    I've created a SmartView excel sheet on my desk top.  When I copies the file onto our server for others to use, the formula's suddenly had a server link in them.   On my desktop the formula looks like this....
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  • Smartview  Autodeployment Message

    Hi All,   I have enabled Smart View Autodepoloyment in EPM, but due to restrictions by IT, the users don't have access to actually run the install, so what I would like to do is customize the warning message to ...
    Dan Gagnon
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  • Smart View  Error:  Can't find project or library

    Hello, we are experiencing several Smart View errors we believe are related to 64-bit Excel and 64-bit Smart View.  We are on HFM and Smart View When users refresh worksheets they've b...
    Deb Brown
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  • Smart View with Office 2016?

    Users are reporting that Smart View crashes Outlook 2016. Aside from disabling SV in Outlook (via SV>>Options>>Advanced), is there any other guidance regarding SV with O'2016?
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  • SMARTVIEW : How do you connect via VBA and retrieve all application database list ?

    Hi,   I migrate all users from addin xls to SMARTVIEW and I ll like to help them.   We would like to develop on VBA a connection like the older spreadsheet (addin xls) to help the users.   How in sma...
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  • Loop through planning form using hypsetmembers

    I am creating a file that is able to loop through a number of intersections using VBA. This prevents the user from clicking a lot of times toe submit data. To do this I'm using the function hypsetmembers.   I h...
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  • SmartView function to get base members only

    I am using SmartView I want to retrieve the base level members for an Entity (in Essbase) without using Adhoc Analysis Zoom IN function. Is there a function available to do this just like HsGetDescrip...
  • HsGetvalue function

    Hi,   We are using Essbase Aso application and  HsGetvalue function in smartview. Here the need is to include the condition based on the cell reference i.e.,if the cell value is Periodic then no changes i...
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  • Smartveiw Menu Command Excel

    Hi All, could do with a bit of a helping hand, We installed Smart view for a end user but they are unable to see the Menu Command they that would allow them to upload Excel templates back to Oracle DB. i have set up ...
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  • Provider error from Smart View with Planning

    Making a 'mass update' via Smart View/Planning form. The following error is thrown: Cannot connect to the provider. Make sure it is running in the specified host/port. Error(12031) The form, post error, shows the ...
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