• calc_manager_on_premise_CDFs.pdf

    Some Calc Manager CDF documentation for to
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  • CalcManager CDF function starts during VALIDATE operation

    Hi, I have bussines rule which call LOAD PLAN in Oracle Data Integrator throught Custom Defined Function: FIX("CU_RUB_VAT", "VE_WORK", "D1_NA", "D2_NA", "D3_NA", "D4_NA", "NI_NA", "OS_NA", "BegBalance", "SC_ACTUAL"...
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  • Unable to execute @CalcMgrExecuteEncryptMaxLFile or @CalcMgrExecuteMaxLFile from Calc Manager

    We are trying to launch a MaxL Script from Calc Manager using the CDF's that come out of the box in  We are able to build the Calc Manager Rule, validate it, and deploy it, however when we launch it...
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  • Migrating Sequence to Rulesets

    Hi All,   I have a sequence in v11.1.2.1 which has three business rules in it, two rules are from app A and one rule is from app B. When i migrate this to v11.1.2.4 into Rulesets of app A how does the rule belon...
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  • Calc Manager validation Error

    Hi,   I am getting following Error in Calc Manager : "Found Token '(' - expected tokens.   Below is the script which is giving error:   ======================== FIX("EN_0001","Currver","FY15")  ...
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  • Essbase @SUM of members with many attributes

    Hello all, I need to sum members from a dimension that have a combination of attributes associated. Here is what I want to do:   X = @SUM(all members with the 3 attributes A1, A2, A3)   How could I get i...
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  • Business rule copy log file

    I want to check in the log whenever business rule copy from one application to another application. In which log file i can see those details.
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  • Calc Help - Copy all Accounts from Parent to Child

    I have been copying certain accounts from Parent to Child by listing out each account and using a cross dim. The child I'm focusing on has the attribute "Open". But now I need to copy all accounts from parent to child...
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  • Delete this as not got correct answer from long time

    Delete this as not got correct answer from long time
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  • What is Poison Messages

    Hi,     In Queues when Poison Message       Thanks
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  • Delete this

    Delete this
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  • Delete this

    Delete this
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  • Can I alter DataBase Adapter in SOA

    Hi       Can I alter DataBase Adapter in SOA or not?         Thanks
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  • Confusion between in-memory used by Thread

    Hi, I am Confusion between in-memory used by Thread, can anybody explain this in more detail thanks
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  • Import BR thru LCM issue.

    Hello,   I have a question reg lcm migration. Working on   I have imported a BR (Existing BR replaced with some changes)  thru lcm using Utility.sh.   In SS ( SS->Planning-...
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  • calc manager buggy??

    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or calc manager is buggy in   I created a variable for an essbase app in calc manager and defined it as RTP. Created a new rule Datacopy mem1 to {rtpmem}; ...
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  • Calc Manager does not open

    Hello Gurus Just finished applying the maintenance release to from Can log in to workspace and was able to upgrade planning applications as well. However, when I try to open Calc Manager by doin...
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  • DTP assignment in Conditional Block

    Sorry but I'm new in this forum.   I try to use a DTP Assignment command in a Hyperion Planning template. In particular I fill it in a conditional block, because only under some condition this DTP has to be defi...
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  • Help with @Parentval

    My goal is to have zero level entity members with attribute-x equal the account value (Account-Y) from it's parent and then clear the zero level siblings without attribute-x. Each parent has only one child with attrib...
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  • Calcmanager rules are not working

    Hello there,   we have existing EPM environment, We just Installed a new EPM environment After the installation and configuration I exported Calc manager rules from and imported them ...
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