• calc manager buggy??

    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or calc manager is buggy in   I created a variable for an essbase app in calc manager and defined it as RTP. Created a new rule Datacopy mem1 to {rtpmem}; ...
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  • Calc Help - Copy all Accounts from Parent to Child

    I have been copying certain accounts from Parent to Child by listing out each account and using a cross dim. The child I'm focusing on has the attribute "Open". But now I need to copy all accounts from parent to child...
    F. Arabak
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  • DTP assignment in Conditional Block

    Sorry but I'm new in this forum.   I try to use a DTP Assignment command in a Hyperion Planning template. In particular I fill it in a conditional block, because only under some condition this DTP has to be defi...
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  • Help with @Parentval

    My goal is to have zero level entity members with attribute-x equal the account value (Account-Y) from it's parent and then clear the zero level siblings without attribute-x. Each parent has only one child with attrib...
    F. Arabak
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  • Calcmanager rules are not working

    Hello there,   we have existing EPM environment, We just Installed a new EPM environment After the installation and configuration I exported Calc manager rules from and imported them ...
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  • How to calculate the necessary power of hardware for the database server?

    Hello, could you please help me? I have the following question: is it possible to calculate the necessary power of hardware for the database server? How can I do it? It seems that some specific and definite mathema...
  • Can someone help me out in "XREF" Function

    Hi i am new to calculation scripts,    My XREF Function Script is SET CREATEBLOCKONEQ ON; FIX("Jan") "Salary"( @XREF("_PnlCube_","Product Cost"); ) ENDFIX   The logic is that Product C...
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  • Custom Dimension Member doesn't exist

    Dear Team,   We have calc manager business rules for consolidation application and one of dimension is associated for "Use for Currency" and currencies are listed when we choose filter on that dimension through d...
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  • Calc Manager painfully slow.

    When using Calc Manager in script mode to edit Planning business rules, it is painfully slow.  Just making one small change may take several minutes to save and move on to another line in the script to edit. ...
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  • Assign a value to account to appear as smartlist

    I have a smartlist which stores my all level zero members from Company dimension. This smartlist is used in a webform. In Form 1 I need to pick up the current company from page (runtimeprompt) and then save it to acc...
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  • Executing a .bat file from a Business Rule

    In the effort to keep folks off of the server I have placed the execution of several .bat files as Jobs in workspace. I am hoping the next evolution will be to execute .bat files from a Business Rule. While I have hea...
    F. Arabak
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  • Create and register @JgetStringFromDouble

    Hi guys,   Can someone explain me how do I create and register the function @JgetStringFromDouble, so it becomes available to work in Calculation Manager?   Thank you
    Pedro Soares
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  • Business rule

    Hi ,   I need a help.Actually, i got a LCM folder for calc manager.I have imported from non-prod to prod.i would like to see the GUI. Can anyone let me know how to view them in prod.   Thanks,
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  • hyperion 11.1.2  - Ruleset name with '&' has issue

    Hi We are migrating from Hyperion 9.3.1 to 11.1.2...   We migrated a Sequence from 9.3.1 to calc manager Ruleset in 11.1.2.   I have a Ruleset name "Profit&Loss"   When I open the webfrom using ...
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  • Validation Rule Message

    Hi,   In Hyperion Planning when you clic a cell with validation rule the message asociated is shown in a pop up in addition to the right bar. In Hyperion Planning only available the right bar. ...
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  • How do I change the default of "Set code completion" to OFF??!!

    Calculation Manager -   When editing a script component, by default, ENDFIX's, ENDIF's, brackets and who knows what else get added automatically, but not where I want them.  I have really, ...
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  • LCM: Foundation Calc Manager vs Planning Rules Files

    I need to LCM rules files and see the rules in 2 different places, Foundation -> Calc Manager and Planning -> Rules Files. Which one is the correct file from which to LCM, and what is the difference between them...
    F. Arabak
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  • Calcscript Debugging With Calc Manager

    Sree Menon-Oracle
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  • Rtp from Business rule to be passed as template parameter using Member Range DTP type

    This is what I am trying to do. Use a template to define a part of the code and restrict the code from running for a particular Month. I have created a member range DTP and defined default values in it to exclude the ...
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  • Calculation Manager: How to validate multiple rulesets / rules at once

    Hi All,   I have many rules and rulesets, and would like to validate all at once but am not able to do the same. One can deploy multiple rules / rulesets at once but not able to find same for validation. Any ide...
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