• The present and near futur of BI with Oracle

    Hello everyone, I am new in the BI world and we are starting a project about integrating BI in our applications. I can see that CUBES are there (in the market) for quite a while but the In-Memory option of the ORA...
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  • How to use Presentation Variable in Calculated Item section ?

    Hi Everyone,   I have been trying to add a calculated item column in the Pivot table using presentation variables as I need to have this calculation based on the prompt's selection which could not be done.Is thi...
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  • Request Variable

    Hi all , Here I am posting my question about the request variable .I have created the request variable in OBIEE dash board on one column prompt and I want to us this request variable in one expression in Rpd . Is it...
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  • Disable certain options on OBI 11g Agents

    Hi Just wanted to know if its possible to disable/hide certain radio buttons, some tabs in OBI11g Agents . For instance disable the " Run as Recipent " radio button in general tab or hiding the deliver as attachment ...
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  • Taleo ERD

    Is there and ERD available for Oracle Taleo data exports?
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  • Dropping Business Intelligence Publisher repository

    Hi   I had a BI publisher repository, DEV_BIPLATORM that silently grew to 32GB, cleaning this up would have generated a mammoth amount of log files so I opted to create a new repository PROD_BIPLATORM and start ...
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  • Request varaible

    hi all, I created prompt on one column in OBIEE dash board column name is model name and on the same column I  created the request variable called Model_name ,I need to pass this variable value to one of the ses...
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  • Unable to edit/view reports on dashboard page

    Recently upgraded OBIEE   to version trying to open the dashboards in IE 11 unable to view the content on the dashboard pages.Edit option doesn't work either.   IE 11 version...
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  • Action Links with Buttons in OBIEE 11g

    Hello All,   I have a requirement, where in I have to create a button corresponding to every tuple generated on a report and when clicked, it should take me to  a webpage with some parameters.   I de...
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  • Order by condition in BIP

    Hi everyone,   I have a problem with my ORDER BY condition in data model. I want to pass a parameter to ORDER BY and sort data according to the value of parameter. This is the code:   select * from ...
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  • Obiee v. install on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    I am trying to install OBIEE V v. onto a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit machine, but having issues and need some advice.   From the information below, do we think the issue is memory or Java not having ...
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  • BI database connection account

    How can you (and where within BI) determine the database account being used in OBIEE to query your database for analyses/reports? We need to check the permissions to ensure BI users cannot access any sensitive data..
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  • why I can't export the report

    please me
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  • Rowlevel Security Int Blk

    Hi experts, I am very new to OBIEE..   I am trying to create session variable for ROW LEVEL restriction.. using below query using LIKE operator... but i am getting error in Answers Error : [nQSError: 43113] Mes...
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  • Load Plan exception handling in ODI 12c

    Hi All ,   I am looking to handle exceptions globally at Load plan level , is there any seeded mechanism available in ODI 12c ?  If not Please suggest which is the best way to do that.   I tried the ...
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  • How to load big data using bulk ODI

    Hi   i'am looking for a method to load a million of data faster   thanks
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  • Hyperion Enterprise release

    Would Hyperion Retrieve work with Excel 2013?   Thanks
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  • Dimension Profiles is not associated with any dimension tables

    Hi Guys,   I am pretty new with BIEE 11g. I encountered the error in subject when I run the consistency check. I have created a view which I imported into the repository. In the Business Model I have created ...
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  • Question on STAR design

    Hi all.   I am stuck in a design issue.   our current BI system is custom time and labour reporting model. It has to be enhanced with a possiblity of selecting #no of working days/hours per month per emp...
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  • How to retreive LRO information in an XLS spredsheet

    Hello,   We would like to retreive LRO information un a column of an Excel sheet. Somebody knows how ?   Cheers,   Rachel
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