• EPM config Issue with Win 2012 Server IIS

    Hi all,   Have installed EPM on a Windows 2012 R2 wintel box.When trying to configure the products I receive an error:   On my configtool.log I have:com.hyperion.hit.wizard.FailedButRetryPossibleE...
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  • AD Login Lockout

    When users login with the wrong password after one attempt their account is AD is locked.   We have 3 Domain Controllers configured....Domain Controller?  I thought 3 would give failover.    Tha...
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  • Has anyone installed and used HFM on exalytics???

    Hi,   I have installed EPM on exalytics. When i try to open HFM application i am getting this error "EPMHFM-66054". I have logged and SR and they say that it is a bug which will be fixed in
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  • Explore option missing from workspace

    Hi I have a AIX server on which I have hosted RAF,RAF Agent and FR version When I access workspace I see a blank screen like this. I don't see the "explore" button neither any FR/RAF related links. On...
    Anjum Ara
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  • Oracle EAS service on going down intermittently

    Gurus,   We have an issue where the EAS service is going down intermittently. The EAS logs is full of the following entries   <Jul 30, 2015 1:58:10 PM IST> <Error> <HTTP> <BEA-101020&g...
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  • Altering Admin account of Foundation Services

    My Oracle Accounts admin accounts must be locked during Maintenance activity.Hence SharedServices bring down Hyperion Shared services. I expect creating a user account could be a remedy to it, but from where i can alt...
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  • Financial report Column error

    Hi All, I have this specific issue in one of my environment while running Financial report from workspace. In one of the environment, it works fine, however, when I run the same report in another environment, it give...
    Nirmal Shrestha
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  • FDM Workbench installation procedure

    Hi,   I've installed FDM Workbench (x64) on a client machine (Windows 7) using the packages 1, 3 and 5 from Oracle EPM System Media. Right now the DCOM components in the server have Everyone in Access ...
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  • Settings post EPM DB Reconfiguration

    Dear All;   I ran the EPM Reconfiguration , just the Database reconfiguration to point to the new relational database server.   Will this reconfiguration resets the Java Heap Settings to basic settings or ...
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  • EPM Installation Startall issue

    Hi Experts, We faced one strange issue after Install and configure Hyperion version. The issue is, We have installed EPM system in distributed environment like Foundation (all web) in A server, FR in B server...
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  • Cannot connect to EPMA via Workspace -

    This is stumping some very good infrastructure professionals.  Thought I would throw it out on here as I'm not getting any action on Network54.  Trying to connect to Dimension or Application Library in Works...
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  • Fail Deployed application server in EPM

    Hi I am currently using window server 2008 R2 enterprise edition x 64 VM, and in DB 11g R2. I have installed the EPM component, but when I am going to configure the components, it got failed on the deploy to...
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  • SSL Offloading on Smartview

    Hi,   I have Installed and Configured Hyperion product Stack ( Foundation, Provider Services, EAS & Essbase) and while performing Regression testing, it has been noticed that the retrievals from Ess...
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  • DB Server separation

    Hi All, In our current environment, we have the following:   SERVER A                       &nb...
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  • Single sign one authentication Failed. You are not authorized to use this system. Contact your system admin

    Hello,   I have been trying to access Shared services console using the workspace link, but when I try to open the link this is the error I am getting   Single sign one authentication Failed. You are not a...
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  • Exalytics V4 having performance issues

    HI All   We have recently upgraded from regular environment to Exalytics.. since then we are having several performance issues intermittently..   - Linux OS freezing - the same Essbase calc running norm...
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  • EPM oracle DB to schema design choice

    HI Gurus   I m in the process of creating a new Exalytics Dev environment with EPM + Oracle 12C. Our current environment is on Exalytics with EPM + Oracle 11g including Planning, Essbase, H...
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  • Failed to Navigate Registry

    Hi I have 4 server Hyperion Environment. Server 1 : Oracle DB (AIX) Server 2:  Hyperion Foundation/Web (AIX) Server 3: Essbase Server  (AIX) Server 4: EPMA +FDMEE (WIN 2012)   I was able to succe...
    Anjum Ara
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  • Oracle 32 bit and Oracle 64  bit Client failed in installation

    Hi All,   Can anyone help me in fixing this issue   I am installing Hyperion   All components are installed except Oracle 32 bit and Oracle 64  bit Client   above both are failed ...
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  • DRM Configuration- EPM Registry Settings

    Hello all,   Our architecture looks like below;   Linux Server A: Foundation Services Linux Server B: EPMA Data Sync, EPMA Web Reports   Windows Server A: EPMA Dimension Server Windows Server B: DR...
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