• FDMEE: Source Period Mapping in Open Interface Adaptor

    Hello,   I want to use open interfce Adaptor to load data in FDMEE (AIF_Open_Interface) from a Custom SQL Source where periods are in rows and data in last column of SQL table, like   Fyear  &nbs...
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  • how to extract beginning balances fdmee

    Been struggling with this with no luck. We need to import ebusiness suite beginning balances via fdmee to Hyperion planning.   FFdmee allows ytd and I can use an adjustment period for previous year to map it to...
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  • FDMEE error on linux: "You are not authorized to access this page"

    hello all,   we have EPM on redhat linux. we have essbase, planning and fdmee   when we tried to access FDMEE from workspace >> administer >> data management we get following error &...
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  • Jython script for loading memos

    Dear All,   Has anybody tried loading memos using jython import scripts in fdmee??
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  • Does FDM for PBCS allow loading to BegBalance ?

    <<<<This refers to the FDM component of Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service, not on-premise FDMEE>>>> I am trying to load statistical headcount information to begbalance via data managem...
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  • FDMEE check report not returning data

    Hi to all,   The check report is not returning any data.  I have recreated the validation rule from FDM classic in FDMEE in the Check Rule group section.  It should give me the same results as FDM Clas...
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  • FDMEE BefImport script for SQL source

    Hi Experts ,   I am new to FDMEE and trying to implment it for our process which should pull the data from one of the SQL view and load into Essbase. I am trying to use the Open Interface table and hence trying ...
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  • FDMEE - Export creating blank spaces

    Hello everyone,   when I try to export  something that has been already validated i recieve blank spaces between characters. And not for all. Just for the ones that are coming from the mappings. In the vali...
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  • fdmee export mode for Custom application

    Hi All,   I'm trying to export data from FDMEE( ) into a flat file using custom application.I'm able to built the process successfully.   Now i have to automate this process using the load data...
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  • FDMEE two way communication

    Hi,   I know we can have two way communication of hyperion and ebs (we can load data from hyperion into ebs and from ebs to hyperion). My question is, can we place a check on hyperion budget data? e.g I have a ...
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  • FDMEE script fProcessStatus

    I'm writing an AftValidate script in FDMEE (attached) that will send an email when validation errors occur. The script is essentially out of the admin guide with a few adjustments for incorrect APIs.  The script ...
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  • FDM Classic: logic account

    Hi all,   There is a option to export the logic accounts to excel files. Is there a function to import the logic accounts to a new logic group or update the existing logic group from the exported excel?   ...
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  • Calculation in FDMEE: How to define calculation in FDMEE before moving data to HFM

    How to define calculation in FDMEE before moving data to HFM
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  • FDM Classic 1123: How to set up map loader

    Hi all   Anyone can share the techniques to set up map loader?   Thanks   E
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  • FDMEE .530 patch not working on linux env. ?

    Hello,   Until now we were using FDMEE on Linux Red Hat 6 and everything was working fine (except all FDMEE bugs...) => We moved to FDMEE in order to fix some issues but this patch...
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  • Currency Bug

    Changing the import format associated with any location appears to set Functional Currency to [NONE] (no matter what it was previously) and Data Value to <Entity Currency>. Bug?
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  • Error while running FDM Import

    I am getting below error while running FDM import:   Error - System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040211): Error executing rule. AIF_ODI_ERR:ODI-1424    at Oracle.Erpi.ErpiFdmCommon.Execut...
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  • FDMEE Check Rule Performance

    Hello All,   Has anyone else experienced major performance issues running large sets of Check Rules in   The check reports are elaborate, approximately 500 validations. However, an identical ...
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  • FDMEE integration with HFM & HP Options

    I am working on version. I need to integrate FDMEE application with HFM & Planning both as they are required to work in conjunction. Here critical ask is that users would have to trigger the loads twi...
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  • FDMEE:Load Journal option not appearing in Dataload Workbench

    Hi All,   I have been trying to load journal in FDMEE, I have downloaded the journal template and have made the necessary changes in the application options tab under Target Application as told in Admin guide. &...
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