• How to change ODI agent name and port number

    I have installed ODI standalone agent (11g) on a linux server.  We realize now that we need to change the name and port number of the agent.  Is it possible to change those or do we need to re-install odi ag...
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  • prefix CH_ before any row and any rows under 5 digits prefix with number 7

    I would like to prefix CH_before any row and any rows under 5 digits prefix with number 7 e.g i can concat CH_|| column value   this is what i need to achieve: before:   87980 567 678 678 5678  ...
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  • Case statement is not working in Expression Component expression editor

    Hi All,   I want to use case statement in expression component expression editor.   For example: SRC_REGION.COUNTRY_ID= case when SRC_REGION.COUNTRY_ID=1 then 1111 else 2222 end Also, the case stateme...
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  • 11g to 12c smartimport error

    Hi all,   I got the following error when I import 11g project to 12c by smartimport. Any advise?? Thanks   oracle.odi.impexp.smartie.OdiSmartImportException: oracle.odi.impexp.smartie.OdiSmartImportExcepti...
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  • create an ODI interface reading from a source flatfile and  populates the target based on criteria in previous rows / column

    I would like to create an interface in ODI where it is reading from a source flatfile  and needs to populate the target with the value of previous 2 records based on reached criteria $ e.g   row1&nb...
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  • Oracle Data Integrator

    How to write string data into file...with formatted left justified, padded to the right with spaces. Thanks in avance@
  • Hi. Using ODI 12c, have a mapping with two datasets, each using a different jouralized datasource.  Run the mapping, ODI locks and then cleans up only 1 of the two journal tables twice.  Any ideas?

    There are tow datasets.  I understood that you could have 1 journalized table per dataset.  When the mapping runs, it does this code twice:- update J$PRODUCT SET jrn_consumed ='1' WHERE (1=1) AND JRN_SU...
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  • ODI - How to schedule mapping ? i need step by step details.

    Please let me know, schedule mapping step by step details.
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  • ODI-SDK: Where to find Oracle Scheduler Enterprise Services Java API libraries?

    Hi,   I am new to oracle fusion middle-ware applications. I am currently working on creating ODI scheduler for Load Plans and Scenarios with java code. For creating Scheduler I found all required classes provide...
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  • ODI 12c - Error " ORA-00904: : invalid identifier"

    Hi I am loading data from Excel to Oracle Db. Connection everything is fine...   Please help me on below error.   ODI-1228: Task Create work table-LKM SQL to Oracle- fails on the target connection ST_TG ...
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  • Need information about OWB

    1.What is the difference between OWB and ODI? 2.Is OWB comes default with Oracle database installation or do we need to install separately? 3.Suppose if we have small projects in OWB?then how to migrate to ODI?m Is th...
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  • RKM Hyperion Planning from ODI installed with FDMEE

    Hi!,   We have a problem when we try to run reverse engineering for hyperion planning.   We get the following log message:   org.apache.bsf.BSFException: exception from Jython: Traceback (most recen...
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  • RKM Hyperion Planning Fails in Start Reverse Step

    Hi!   We are facing this issue:   We are trying to reverse engineering a Planning Application using the RKM Hyperion Planning Module, but the task does not complete successful. It stop ins the second step:...
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  • while running ODI 12.1.3 i am facing the problems

    Dear All,   Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Analytics Release 3.1 for Standard Configuration   While running ODI 12.1.3 i am facing the problems as below.   1. ODI-1226: Step Physical_ST...
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  • ODI12c Demo Box Corrupted file

    Hi All,   I downloaded the ODI-12c-Getting-Started several times, but I always got data broken error when I extract the zip files. I have all the four file and use 7-zip to extract the first file. Any idea? &...
    Kelvin Ngai
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  • ODI agent (11g) as windows service

    Hi,   Currently we are starting/stoping odi agent directly (, In windows server & cmd prompt will be open always in the server), now we want to run odi agent as windows service instead of running age...
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  • xml schema issues

    I am not an expert on ODI especially using XML and it is driving me crazy. I have done many XML interfaces and they all seem to give me issues. The main problem is the schema. I am not sure how this all works. I desig...
    K Dud
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  • There is no error in mapping..but data is not loading

    Hi All, While loading the data from excel to Db... There is no error in mapping..but data is not loading ? (Not - data is available in excel file)
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  • Duplicate selection

    I tried to duplicate a mapping (right click on it --> Duplicate selection.  Somehow it only duplicated the logical layer, not able to resolve the Physical layer.  There is no error reported.  It only...
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  • JDBC URL for Complex File (ODI 12.1.3)

    Hi,   Using ODI 12c, I'm trying to set up a data server for Complex File technology (under Topology -> Physical Architecture -> Complex File)   I want the staging tables where the file gets loaded t...
    Jang-Vijay Singh
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