• ODIWaitForLogData not working with ODI 12c and GG 12c Integrated Capture

    HI All,   I implemented the CDC for GG integrated Replication and ODI 12c using JKM provided by A-Team . See below link   http://www.ateam-oracle.com/an-oracle-data-integrator-journalizing-knowledge-module...
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  • How to apply a change in a procedure?

    I've changed the procedure code as described below but when process executes this procedure it is executed as it was before.     Steps to change de procedure code:   On Designer tab I've expanded the ...
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  • ODI Reconfiguring to new database schema

    Hi, I am working on ODI Version Got a requirement to point the current ODI from old database to new Database. Can you suggest how this can be achieved please   1) Do I need to reconfigure the entire O...
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  • Not getting data in target after session started.

    Hi, I have applied filter. source & target table are Oracle database tables. Source have data. Target have no data. I have selected insert, update, commit as true in target properties. Eventhough   After ex...
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  • Canot  update scheduling, agent may not be running?

    Hi,   I am getting error when test the agent in physical agent. I have select update schedule tab, select WORKREP2. After click ok button . It showing error like "canot update scheduling, agent may not be runnin...
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  • ODI procedure with slow performance( SOURCE and TARGET are different Oracle Databases  )

    Hi experts,   I have a ODI procedure but its running with slow performance( SOURCE and TARGET are different Oracle Databases  ), you can see below.   My question is:   It's possible write Oracle...
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  • ODI Studio is getting hangs before getting session window

    Team,   we are facing issue with the ODI studio, getting hangs and not coming up after execution the mapping. The session window is not coming and hangs, we need to stop the process in task manager for killing i...
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  • ODI Migration from DEV to UAT

    Hi, I am using ODI version and trying to migrate my project (interfaces, procedures, variables, KM, packages) from DEV (internal id -> 1) to UAT.   Earlier we didn't had different internal ID in UAT...
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    Hi Folks,   I'm Using the ODI 12c with an ORACLE DB.   I created a Mapping like the one in the Attachment.   The generated code is:   INSERT   /*+  APPEND    PARALLEL...
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  • How to Configure ODI studio to client ?

    I have installed ODI in my laptop. I have tried Connecting to RPD to Client Server but it is not connecting .
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  • Select and Insert Into counts are not showing in the operator and SNP_* tables

    I have a ODI procedure where in "Source tab" is having select statement and "Target Tab" is having Insert into statement.   When i run this procedure then in the operator it is showing only the total number of r...
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  • ODI-17769: OdiRef: Internal ID of IObjects SnpSession should not be used when the repository is 12c mode

    Hi Folks,   I created a variable with Refereshing: select '<%=odiRef.getPrevStepLog("SESS_NO")%>' FROM DUAL   The Error Code is:   ODI-17769: OdiRef: Internal ID 261 of IObjects SnpSession shou...
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  • ODI 12c Timeout and JAVA HEAP SPACE

    Please help me on below things.  1 - Anyone knows where to set the timeout setting for the package in ODI? I am having a issue of ODIinvokewebservice is getting timed out.  2 - How to increase the JAVA H...
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  • How to configure ODI12c Standalone agent in remote server?

    Hi all, I want to configure a  Standalone agent in different server form ODI setup. Could you please help with the steps.   Thanks
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  • Is that possible install ODI Studio version 11g on the same server where already is running a 10g Version? but pointing to a different odi_maestro and odi_work???

    In this case, I would have the ODI Studio 11g and 10g running at the same server, but each one pointing to a different metadata (ODI_MAESTRO and ODI_WORK).     ODI 11g   -> ODI_MAESTRO_1 ODI 1...
  • ODI 12c XML Topology Related Query

    Hi,   I have the following scenario:- Source data is in a zip file or an XML file. This zip file contains multiple XMLs & XSDs. The data is extracted from the XML file and loaded into tables. I have got 25...
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  • ODI 12c (12.1.3) : Unable to Drag Lookup Component in Dataset in ODI Mapping

    Hi Experts ,   I am unable to drag/use lookup component inside a Dataset in ODI Mapping . Can you please tell me why it's not happening or it's not supported in ODI .   Note : Same happening for other co...
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  • Can ODI move Data (Not Metadata) Directly to Essbase without using external MAXL scripts?

    The Documentation seems to support it, but yet few people seem to be doing it. Also there seems to be some talk that FDMEE is required, but I don't see that anywhere either.   Thanks
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  • ODI to execute batch file on different Operating System

    Hi,       My requirement is like this.        1) Our ODI agent sits on Linux environment.        2) Our planning application sits...
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  • Knowledge Module For Loop can be used in ODI Procedure

    Hello,   I have a unique requirement where i need to use ODI procedure for ForLoop.   Is there any option we can use to create multiple statements based on For loop and run those statements in particular e...
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