• Replication Introducing a hard coded values

    We are replicating from 10 tables in 10 different schemas to one table in one schema. We are including a schema id (hard coded) when we insert the data into the target table. How can we include this hardcoded schema i...
  • replicat is stopped due to mapping error

    Hi Geeks,   we have recently configured replication on our production systems, we are having some issues on the target side, the replicat is stopped with the below errors.   please help me out here   ...
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  • Goldengate 12 - Mapping N source tables to 1 target table

    Hi   I am new to Goldengate and have a difficult time in figuring out if GG is really the right tool for my requirement.   Essentially, instead of populating trillions of data from a legacy schema, s1, int...
  • GG dblogin userid option

    Hi Experts,   Can we pass the parameter for password when we try to start the extract process in GGSCI. ?   We don't want to store the database user actual/encrypted password anywhere in the file system ...
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  • ORA-04080: trigger 'GGS_DDL_TRIGGER_BEFORE' does not exist

    Hey,   when I try to setup DDL replication in source database (, do like   1) marker_setup.sql                &nbs...
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  • one way replication

    Hi All,   Oracle Solaris 64 bit DB Name :DMGP DB size 1TB   Destination : Oracle 12c on  linux 64 bit   my plan details: prod DMGP  take full backup backup  record ...
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  • Extract EXT1 is not started,

    Hi all, Mackbell-Oracle GKris Raj.Ogg-Oracle Strix-Oracle        I'm Working in amzon RDS through oracle. I done bidirectional Replication in normal Oracle to oracle Database. Now i'm te...
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  • Add Trandata

    Hi all, I have a schema name as usdemo.dmp  . in that schema have 4657 tables. my doubt is i have to use   add trandata for each table (individualy)   or   add trandata usdemo.*   o...
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  • deletes not getting propagated

    Hi,   I have an unusual problem with deletes getting from source to destination. When I perform deletes from SQLPLUS, the deletes go thru without any issue. But in my application, I  delete data via a trigg...
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  • Setup problems following the Oracle-By-Example GoldenGate 12c tutorial

    We have been trying to get a simple replication environment setup with GoldenGate. After having problems getting replication working by piecing together information found online, the OBE document at Configuring Integr...
  • goldengate source is OGGCORE_11.2.1 and the target is OGGCORE_12.

    Hi Experts,   I needed help on the golden gate replication, as i was trying to start the initial load but the extracts were not starting though i have followed the steps, is there antything we need to something...
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  • Nonstop OSS sql/mx table to Nonstop guardian sql/mp replication

    Hi,   I want to configure replication from nonstop oss (source) to nonstop guardian (target). the source table in nonstop oss is an sql/mx table and target table on nonstop guardian is an sql/mp table. So need ...
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  • Goldengate big Delay

    I found the report like this Look :   2015-11-17 10:56:40  WARNING OGG-00869  Aborting BATCHSQL transaction. Detected inconsistent result: executed 1200 operations in batch, resulting in 0 affected r...
  • download Oracle GoldenGate studio 12.2.1?

    Hi everyone,        where download Oracle GoldenGate studio 12.2.1? I try download in edelivery.com and support but not find .   Thanks,
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  • OGG-00816  db2ReadLog error

    ogg running on the  db2 database , the pump lag time is very long: MANAGER     RUNNING                 &nb...
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  • OGG-00816  db2ReadLog error

    ogg运行在DB2 ,pump进程lag时间很长,尝试重启pump进程后起不来,查看report报错如下: ERROR   OGG-00816  db2ReadLog error [SC=-2650:SQL2650N  An invalid parameter "piStartLRI" was passed to the "db2ReadLog" read log API.  R...
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  • need help OGG

    I am new to ogg, I just configured ogg MySQL to oracle and the initial load works just fine, but the changes or update wont work and no error in the log to give me direction. below are the config I followed to come t...
  • DB2源端pump进程lag时间很长

    DB2 v10.1 为source,Oracle 9i为target   DB2端pump extract的lag时间很长,但是也在一点点的减少,比如增大个10秒后,就减少2秒,但是长时间堆积,数据越来越多
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  • Ues OGG to sync data from mysql to oracle,these are too many sqls check metadata in mysql_log

    Hi ALL: I want know why it generate? and how to screen this? by the way extract was always running during the capture data from binlog,  The top 1 sql almost is the check metadata sql statement $ grep "#&nbs...
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  • What causes OGG to create a .dmp file, and can that be turned off?

    GoldenGate install directory sometimes fills up with large .dmp files. What causes this and can it be turned off?
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