• GoldenGate directive for PL/SQL package

    Hello everyone!   Q: When creating a package, then a duplicate package is created by GoldenGate with the special directive  at the end of package source code: /* GOLDENGATE_DDL_REPLICATION */. Imagine the f...
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  • Golden Gate ora-06508 error after oracle install

    hi everyone   background - some months back we installed OGG on two servers (Source, Target) both running on oracle db 11202. everything worked fine with EXTRACT and REPLICAT. oracle support recommended we upgr...
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  • GG delete not happening

    Hi experts,   We have configured GoldenGate between two oracle databases , also both source and target tables having same table definitions.   Also in target database we have removed all the referential co...
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  • goldengate software version question

    Hi,   We are working on transferring our db/application from AIX to Linux x86_64. Our application uses goldengate software. Our SDBA installed GG software of version But we want GG software of vers...
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  • BR on gg

    Hi OGG experts,   We have configured OGG 11.2 version for our Oracle database, there is BOUNDED RECOVERY message displaying every four hours once also .dmp file is generated in GG_HOME and keep on occupying the ...
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  • GG abended with 1403

    Hi,   In one of our critical GG env, on the target side we are getting 1403 " No data found " for delete operation. From the db side No triigers and no cascade delete constraint is defined and neither the app tea...
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  • GoldenGate from source oracle to target Hadoop/hdfs

    Hello All,   I have a requirement to replicat real time data from source oracle database on to a target hadoop in hdfs format.   Server 1:- Oracle OEL 5.7   Server 2:- Linux Hadoop versi...
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  • GG Bounded Recovery running for long time

    Do we have a way to stop the BOUNDED RECOVERY ? I have seen many cases where the BR ran for long time and ended with re-syncing the tables. Its not doing much other than just the status "processing data" .....
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  • GoldenGate version between Source and Target are not the same

    Hi All, We are planning to upgrade GoldenGate from version to 12c in Target first. Due to many project conflicts and resource constraints, we can only upgrade the Source to 12c a few months after Target ha...
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  • Integrated extract Fails : 01291

    Hi   I`m getting below error- How to fix it.   2015-07-27 19:19:36  ERROR   OGG-00868  Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, eappsqat.prm:  Error code 1291, error message: ORA-0129...
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  • Goldengate bidirectional replication requirement

    Hi, Is "last modified" table date column a requirement for 12C Goldengate CDR? I was not able to find the information in the documentation. thanks In advance.
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  • Can we add the hostname to the alert emails from the GG monitor 12c?

    We have configured following alerts, but need to see the hostname in the alert body. Is it possible?   -----Original Message----- From: GGMon12 [mailto:ggmon12@ggmon] Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 9:56 AM T...
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  • CAN Base24 Nef file be replicated using syncfile?

    CAN Base24 Nef file be replicated using syncfile?
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  • OGGCORE_12. Unable to open credential store. Error code 28759

    Hi,   I've created credential store and create a alias with a domain as below. I'm able to login using DBLOGIN USERIDALIAS ggs_itbwp1 DOMAIn qatgg but not able to use USERIDALIAS in extract parameter file.  ...
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  • Golden Gate Clean transport logs

    Hi ALL     What transaction files, log files, etc do I need to watch out or cleanup(delete) periodically to avoid disk space full? Just like archive logs in database which grow fast and caused hang when no...
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  • BR permission denied

    Hi experts,   We configured GG for oracle 11.2 database .  when we try to start the process not able to start the extract process , getting below error message ,   GG version   ERROR ...
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  • ggsci prompt

    Does any one know how to customize GGSCI prompt? By default when I start GGSCI,   my prompt is GGSCI (hostname) >   how do i replace hostname in the prompt?  I have 3 instances of OGG running ...
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  • How do I generate extractor lag?  I want to test a scenario in my testing environment.

    from documents:   Example 1   LAG EXTRACT * Example 2   LAG EXTRACT *fin* Example 3   The following is sample output for LAG EXTRACT. Sending GETLAG request to EXTRACT CA...
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  • How to migrate DB2 LUW or DB2 Z/os to oracle using Goldengate

    I am planning to do POC from DB2 LUW or DB2 Z/os to Oracle using goldengate. Also can we replicate the video data also from Db2 to oracle using Goldengate, If yes please help me to get step by step for this.
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  • time since chkpt keeps increasing

    Hi,  My environment is oracle and ogg I have three EXTRACT processes using downstream logmining (Yes, they look at the same standby redo log and generate 3 identical trail files). Info all re...
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