• How to create database server in oracle?

    guys pls help, how to create database server to oracle? i cant open sql developer with no hostname. pls help
  • using sqldeveloper connection as a poor man's dblink

    i seem to recall reading (on Jeff Smith's blog perhaps ?) that sqldeveloper supported a special syntax to allow using connections almost like dblinks. So something along the lines of the query below (except it is obvi...
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  • Sql Developer - Generate DB Doc - method link no longer displays methods in package bodies?

    When I run Generate DB Doc for a connection in 4.0 and select Package Bodies only, I click "Method" and receive a display of clickable links to each procedure and function in the package body.   When I repeat th...
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  • Load error sql developer

    amigos     alguien me puede ayudar con este error , no me genera problema pero me tiene intrigado
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  • Oracle SQL Developer - UI blocks when compiling package

    The UI blocks very often when I am compiling a package when "Calculating breadcrumbs for ...<package name>".   SQL Developer gets stucked and I have to kill it and open it again.   Is this a known is...
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  • [4.1] SQL Developer can't add connection, connection panel empty

    When I start SQL Developer the connection panel is empty, no button to add new connection. If I open View->DBA there is the plus button for adding new connection but when i press it nothing happens.   SQL Dev...
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  • SQLDeveloper v4.0.2.15 (15.21) bug in updates query when binding numbers

    Hi,   I saw a bug in sqldeveloper (maybe after ?, can't find this bug with google). If you write an update query, and bind a floating number then, see theses few examples : 0.5 is binded to 0 1.5 is ...
  • HTML table to clipboard export

    Good day,   I have moved from using TOAD to using SQL Developer and really enjoying SQL Developer as a tool.   However the thing I miss the most about TOAD was the ability to export the data grid to the cl...
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  • Oracle EBS R12 + SQL Developer 4.1 MO_GLOBAL.SET_POLICY_CONTEXT execution error

    Hi all, I'm an Oracle EBS (R11 and R12) developer and I use Oracle SQL Developer 4.1. To browse data in R12 installations I have to use MO_GLOBAL.SET_POLICY_CONTEXT API but I can't manage doing that when working w...
    Loris Medici .AKTEK.
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  • Bug: SQL Developer Crashes When Displaying A Tool Tip

    For SQL Developer Windows 7 JDK 3 Monitor System with ATI and on board Intel graphics.   When the mouse is left over an item in the tool bar or connections browser long enough for a tool ...
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  • SQL Dev 4.x User Interface Question

    Hi all,   SQL Dev   I just try the new SQL Dev 4.x and notice several UI changes here. 1. Query Result background is turn to white instead of gray.     How do I change it back to...
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  • [4.1] Breadcrumbs are missing?

    I didn't notice it at first, but where did breadcrumbs feature go?   It's enabled in the preferences, but the PL/SQL editor doesn't show any breadcrumbs anymore. Other parsing-related functions like quick out...
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  • SQL Developer 4.1 VS 4.0

    SQL Developer 4.1 is executing a query with different explain plan than 4.0 and therefor it takes A LOT more time to get results (by index VS full table scan). Any ideas? Could it be a problem with the JDBC Driver?
    Konstantinos Tsividis
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  • ORA-01460 unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested

      Hi I have recently installed Oracle SQL Developer Studio V on Ubuntu 12.04. I launched the studio and connected to DB server via connection manager. DESCRIBE TABLE_NAME SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME Whe...
    Dinesh Devaraj
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  • sqlcl and environment variable substitutions

    Hello, On a linux platform, I have both sqlplus and sqlcl binaries. I have several environment variables (like TMP=/var/tmp, ...) In sqlplus, "@@ $TMP/script.sql" is OK and executes /var/tmp/script.sql In sqlcl, t...
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  • [4.1] "Data" tab, can't select autocomplete entries from Filter field using keyboard

    1) Go to any table, open "Data" tab 2) Go to "Filter" field 3) Press ctrl+space to call Autocomplete list   When the list is shown, I can navigate entries in it using up and down arrows, but I can't select an ...
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  • synchronize model with data dictionary, diagram goes weird

    I built a data model by dragging and dropping from tables in my connection list.   These tables have changed a little so I wanted to update the diagram. In the past I've used modeler to do so as described by Jef...
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  • Why is 'echo on' during spooling?

    When I execute some commands as a script (using F5) the script output is correct, but the contents of the file being spooled to is not consistent: the 'select' and 'spool off' are echoed. Can I turn 'echo off' for th...
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  • failed installation in WindowsXP_service pack 3

    When I tried to install SQL developer 4.1 in pc with WindowsXP_service pack 3 OS , message was shown including that It is needed to change OS to newer one !!!! what we know SQL developer supports WindowsXP_service pa...
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  • java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

    Can someone tell me what I've done wrong here, new to SQL/Oracle.   Here is my SQL statement:   String updateFailed_Login_Attempts_Statement = "insert into users (username, email, password, authority, f...