• Problem with extension.xml rule.

    Here is a snippet from my extension.xml document.       <trigger-hooks xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/ide/extension">         <triggers>  &nbs...
    Simon Greener
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  • Porting a 3.x extension to 4.x.

    I am trying to port a 3.x extension to 4.x.   The project is GeoRaptor.   I am looking for someone who can help me in the port as I am struggling. If I used this forum to air my problems it would generate ...
    Simon Greener
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  • add condition when merge?

    can I add if   flag='A' before the insert ?   merge into A j     using ( select * from B where flag='O') csl     on (nj.appno=csl.appno     AND nvl(j.exa...
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  • Script output not displaying correctly

    I have just started using SQL (I am doing a unit on it at university) and my script output is not displaying correctly. On certain scripts selected data from tables will be on the wrong line (not matching up with the ...
  • ORA-01017 in SQL Developer when using complex passwords which would be enclosed by "" in sqlplus

    We are testing out adding support for complex passwords in our application and a developer is trying to create a connection using a "complex" password in sqldeveloper but cannot connect.   The password is very s...
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  • Sql Developer 4.1.19 (Data Modeler - Browser does not launch)

    Just starting to work with SQL Developer, I've used many other db clients in the past.   So far so good for my purposes, until today, I am trying to generate an ERD for an existing database that I am starting to...
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  • SQLcl raises Exception on startup and shutdown when run within scheduled task

    I'm on Windows Server 2012 R2 running a TakeCommand (jpsoft.com) script as a scheduled task using SQLcl- The script is invoked, when the account (with administrative privileges) which runs the sched...
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  • Any movement on resetting expired passwords with thin JDBC?

    Most of the links for this are quite old and say that you need an oracle client to be able to reset expired passwords, due to limitations in the JDBC driver.   Has there been any movement on this (or any prospec...
    Jim Smith
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  • SQLDeveloper issues

    Hello People,   I'm running on OSX Yosmite and  I downloaded and installed Oracle SQL Developer . I've already installed java version "1.7.0_79"   But whenever i try to start the SQLDevel...
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  • Bug: SQLFORMAT INSERT uses incorrect quoting

    SQL Developer 64-bit   When using sqlformat insert, SQL Developer (and sqlcl) will put quotes around the target table name if it's no upper-cased e.g.   set sqlformat insert select * from dual; &n...
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  • An error was encountered performing the requested operation:  IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection  Vendor code 17002

    I'm a student trying to learn SQL and I can't even get past this point on my laptop to continue with the class work. What do I need to do?

    SQL> set sqlformat ansiconsole SQL> select 1200 from dual   1200   1�200   Why this character adds between number? How to solve this problem?   Thanks
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  • BUG - SQLcl- ansiconsole ignores NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS

    The SQLcl seems to ignore NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS for ansiconsole sqlformat   Tried this ... SQL> set sqlformat ansiconsole SQL> show nls ... NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS ., ... SQL> select 1234.56 from dual...
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  • sql developer showing unsupported verifier type error for one connection not others

    Hi,   OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit Oracle client: didnt download JDK/JRE:  NA SQL Developer:  Version  Note :- I am using sql developer for few other prod and dev connectio...
  • Not enough quota is available to process this command

    I'm trying to export a table it has about 200k rows in it and I noticed it was getting truncated when I did it in TOAD. So I tried it in SQL developer and I got the following: "java.io.IOException: Not enough quota is...
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  • Statements log does not display in SQL Developer 4.1

    I noticed under 4.1.1 i was not seeing the detailed statements log anymore that was visible under 4.1.0. I think the issue is similar to what was discussed here. But completely counter-intuitively, I am getting the ...
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  • How to install SQL Developer 4.1 on Win10?

    Hi guys,   today I tried to install the SQL Developer 4.1 on a Win10 machine. First I tried with the version which contains the JDK and afterwards I installed the jdk1.8.0_51 manually and used the normal SQL Dev...
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  • Run SQL Plus in SQL Developer problem

    I want to execute SQL Plus from SQL Developer (Version I added it as an external tool using the following command line for the Arguments box.   /K start cmd /k sqlplus.exe ${sqldev.dbuser}@${sqldev.c...
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  • Import/Export

    Is there any way, inside SQL Developer to save an import or export "specification", i.e. a group of settings that you can reuse for the same operation over and over again? This would be something along the lines of a ...
    Earl Lewis
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  • how to delete a reporting schema

    how do you get rid of a reporting schema in sql developer. i accidentally created on under a user that i cant drop. The user now has all the DMRS, DMRV etc. tables and views.. how can i get rid of them without droppin...
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