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Quanwen Zhao
Hello, experts   Recently I use SQLcl 18.1.1 to easily and conveniently generate CSV data, so I feel I gradually love this developer tool.   Till now, I meet some issues when using it. The… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Hi.   (Using sqlcl 18.1 on   In sqldev I can compress a json 'export' of a table. In sqlcl I can set the sqlformat to json - which is awesome. I can't see how I can also compress. I want… (Show more)
in SQLcl
from the oracle web site: 06e6c5c7c486b1131509874b33d387f4   actual: 637be9c4311161310bd8fdfbcbaa8888
in SQLcl
Olivier Heurtel
On Linux, when I set the LANG environment variable, I can change the language used for the messages in SQLcl.   Linux $ echo $LANG en_US.UTF-8   $ sql SQLcl: Release 18.1.1 Production on Wed… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Ron Fancher
Is there a way to run a database diff from SQLCL? I haven't been able to find it in the documentation and didn't come up with much googling it. Today we load a schema with our current DDL and a… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Hallo,   I tried to upgrade sqlcl from 17.4 to 18.1 on Solaris 11 and I get now the following error:   #export JAVA_HOME=/usr/ #java -version java version "1.8.0_131" Java(TM) SE Runtime… (Show more)
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Earl Lewis
Just downloaded SQLcl 18.1.1 today and can't get it to connect to my databases. The database is an Exadata cluster and I have production and development instances setup in tnsnames.ora. I'm… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Hi, I have downloaded new SQL CL 18.1 on windows. when I try to launch it shows a message "This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0_150" and redirect me to Java Download Page. How… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Hi I have a the problem, that we have an older java version installed and cannot switch to newer one. So is there a older SQLCL version available, which will be working also with older Java?
in SQLcl
I used to work with SQL*Plus. After each DDL for packages I put a Show Errors and it wroked fine in SQL*Plus, but the same script in the same environment with the same user but ran from SQLcl Does… (Show more)
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