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Hello, I’m used to Ctrl+Ins for copying and Shift+Insert for pasting . Unfortunately in sqlcl running inside windows 10 console Shift+Insert doesn’t work. Instead of copied text I get “~” sign… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Is there a way that I can create a connection in SQL Developer and use it in SQLcl? So instead of "username/pw@tnsconnectstring", I use SQL Developer to create "username_dbname" as a connection with… (Show more)
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Hi, I've installed sqlcl 17.3 on SuSE Linux and get this infos at startup:   [INFO] Unable to bind key for unsupported operation: backward-delete-word [INFO] Unable to bind key for unsupported… (Show more)
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Hello,   I use a windows  7 workstation. Can SQLcl be utilized to schedule a task that can be run hourly to export the results of sql select statement to a text or csv file?     Thank you,
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Anthony Sorace
I have a bunch of .sql files created in SQL Developer, where they work fine. When I try to feed these to sqlcl, either on stdin or using @ /My/File.sql, ones with blank lines in them seem to be… (Show more)
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Just noticed two differences how sql*plus and sqlcl handle substitution variables. First, definition: sql*plus: SQL>define var1 = "1" SQL>define DEFINE VAR1            = "1" (CHAR)   sqlcl:… (Show more)
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Hi Everyone,                     I just want to know clearly about Table Partitioning. My Questions regarding table Partitioning are as follows:   1. At wt basis we need to partition the table?… (Show more)
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Hello,   SQLCL is exactly what I need, but I've a big difficulty on one little thing : I want to make a script (batch file) with Auto connection and just after an EXPORT CSV (on a remote desktop :… (Show more)
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Hi, Can someone help me with this?   The issue is with SQLDeveloper version Build 188.1159   “trying to run sqldeveloper report from command line . it errors with:… (Show more)
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