• Oracle Exadata - Automatic Index

    Hi Experts,   I was told that Oracle Exadata can create index on the fly automatically for the required columns when it seems some queries performing poor, can you please clarify if its true? if so what kind of ...
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  • ORACLE User Group Blogs about Exadata

    Attached a new ORACLE User Group initiative. It is a collcetion of three Blogs about Exadata from ORACLE User Groups Leaders.
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  • Increase sequence cache - DWH Environment

    Hello everyone, I am writing to ask a question on the sequences. We work on a RAC with two nodes.   We have some sequences, highly used by several job. The cache of these sequences is set with the default val...
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  • Exalytics check alert disk

    Hi everyone,   I'm learning about exadata, and i have some question about alerts in disks.   How can I know about disk failure?   I know about ASR, but, there is some command instaead?     ...
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  • Connect Exadata/ZFS with EMC Networker & Dell Taple Library

    Hello Fellows,   I have a quick question regarding Exadata/ZFS. What are the ways and possibilities available to connect and communicate Exadata/ZFS with EMC Networker 8.1 & Dell Power Vault TL2000 tape libr...
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  • License for EHCC

    Hi all, Does HCC on Exadata require some particular license or is it included into Enterprise Edition? Thanks Best Regards Sandro
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  • Infiniband patching and rollback

    How to perform Infiniband patching? Also how can I rollback the patch if it doesn't go well?   Thanks, Abhi
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  • Engineered System administration

    Oracle provides many engineered systems like- Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, Super Cluster, Oracle database appliance, Oracle big data appliance, Virtual compute appliance, ZFS Storage appliance and Zero data loss reco...
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  • Need advice migrating from AIX 7 filesystems to Exadata Linux ASM - Large DBMS

    We are using and 11.2.04 databases on AIX 7.1 using AIX filesystems .   We have some 2TB databases and some much smaller.  About 50 production and 200 non-production databases.   We a...
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  • Migrate Database on Exa X2-2 to 12c Pluggable X5-2

    Hi,        Today  we have a database on current version at an Exadata X2-2. Customer has bought a new X5-2 Exadata server and whats to migrate the database to this new server w...
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  • How to migrate exadata across data centers?

    How to migrate exadata across data centers? Is forklift (or lift & shift) only option for this kind of migration since we are talking about migrating appliance? Any best practices/experiences around such migratio...
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  • Can i have multiple oracle Home on Exadata X4-2 machine

    Can i create multiple Oracle Home of different database release patch set  like , , , on a Single Exadata machine ( X4-2 ).
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  • Migrate Oracle Database between Exadata.

    ways to migrate databases from one Exadata to other Exadata server.
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  • Exadata X5 Eighth Rack additional CPUs enable

    Hello,   We are purchasing Exadata 5X Eighth Rack. It has 36 CPUs. Oracle representatives told us that, if it is necessary, other 36 CPUs can be enabled by administrators(total will become 72 CPUs). Please, ca...
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  • In Memory data base

    Hello All,   I have a question. Exadata or Oracle 12c provider in memory data base. I want to understand couple of things   1)  Can I just write or store data to IMDB and dont write to physical struct...
    Vijaykrishnan Ragavan
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  • Migration option for Exadata to non-exadata system

    What are the migration options for moving a database out of exadata box? Here is the situation.   Source DB- 2 node RAC instance (11g) Running on Exadata Target DB- 2 node RAC instance (11g) on Linux+ASM stora...
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  • Exadata Forced Shutdown and Restart

    Is there a logical breakdown, piece by piece of the Exadata machine (rack) that would need to be shutdown/restarted completely for some reason. With all of the redundency and failover (standby - DataGuard) however, wh...
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  • What are the key benefits and limitations of new pricing model of X5-2?

    What are the key benefits and limitations of new pricing model that started with X5 version?
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  • Exadata upgrade with Exadata Storage Expansion

    Hi everybody,   I was reading about upgrade exadata, but i can't find any information about upgrade exadata with Exadata Storgae Expansión. In this case, does Exadata Storage Expansion require some upgrad...
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  • Flash memory usage on Exadata

    Hi,   I have a serie of bulk load inserts that despite the use of offloaded smart scans does not provide from a user point of view a saticfactory response time. Flash memories have the advantage to be "faster" ...
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