• Exadata X-5

    Does Exadata X-5 support Oracle Standard Edition (SE) in the virtualization Environment?
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  • lldp es1-24 switch

    So I enabled LLDP on all Oracle ES1-24 switches using "(config)# set lldp enable"   But the master switch's "show lldp neighbors" doesn't have id information.   How do you set one for the LLDP to present i...
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  • Active-Active database implementation with two Exadata half racks

    We have an OLTP system running on an exadata half rack. There is active dataguard running between this primary site and the standby site which is also a half rack exadata and the databases there are in read only/mount...
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  • Upgrading the 18th RAC DB from to on Exadata and getting first-time DB Upgrade PreReq Check errors stating that ASM Data Disk is not found and that ASM first needs to be upgraded to - which it has been for over a year.

    Hello.   I am attempting to upgrade a 2-node RAC DB from version to on an X3-8 Exadata.  I have previously upgraded over 18 DBs from to w/o issue.  We are currently ...
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  • Is it a problem to install rsh,rcp,remsh on the exadata?

    We are newbie to Exadata. My system admin is asking if Oracle has any objections to install rsh,rcp,remsh on the exadata?
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  • Unknow IPs outputed from /var/log/message (102.x.x.x)

    From customer's DB server (/var/log/messages),below messages outputed , there are no IPs of 102.xx.xx.xx in customer's environment, what are these IPs used for? Are these IPs encoding into somewhere for Exadata? H...
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  • Disabling mirroring in ASM

    All,      I have an Exadata X2 hosting a development and test environments. We’re running out of internal storage. There is a single ASM data disk group which is nearly full. However, this ...
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  • WriteBack & ASM redundancy

    Hello,   My understanding is that, when enabled, Write-Back will use the same redundancy to which ASM is configured. So for example, in normal redundancy, we will have 2 copies of the data in the Flash Cache. ...
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  • ILOM quick reference

    Hi, does anybody have something like a ILOM quick reference for every Exa component (IB, Cell Server, PDU, KVM, ...)   I know the following note from the ODA 1446274.1 – ILOM command reference (startup a...
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  • How to learn Exadata? Any pointers to useful study materials and practical hands-on?

    Many times I have been asked this question on best way to learn Exadata. Want to get expert opinion around this. Please comment.   Thanks, Abhi
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    Does DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER have limit io bandwidth?   I want reporting group to be limited to some mbps. During peak hours our database disks are 100% loaded, because reporting groups are selecting many rows.. ...
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  • EBS RAC database upgrade to 12c Exadata

    Dear Friends,   We have a requirement as below, Please provide your valuable suggestions, approach (mainly), comments, docs and notes   Source :   2 -Node RAC Database on Exadata server. (...
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  • ASRExachk Script Invalid Zip file

    Hi,   I am looking a ASRExachk Script from the note 1450112.1. However it seems like the file is not a proper zip file. I am unable to open the zip file. Does everyone have same issue with this file?   Reg...
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  • Can/Should YAST rpms be used with Exadata systems?

    The YAST rpms need to be installed to allow OEM to interact with the host hardware and operating system.  This allows OEM access to look at items such as /etc/passwd and /etc/group along with network cards and ne...
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  • Migrate ebs (R12.1.3) from single node linux to exadata X4-2 machine?

    Hi All,      I wants to migrate ebs (R12.1.3, 11gR2(database)) from single node linux to exadata X4-2 machine(11gR2(database)), Kindly share your experiences. Do i needs to first move the database as...
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  • metro exadata stretch (10 km)

    Hi Guys,   just one maybe odd question. is it possible to Stretch a exadata in Metro style? not haveing Takeover of rac if i Switch datacenter?   question i am asking:   some applications really do...
    Christian Brenn.
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  • Git version control on Exadata

    I need some help in setting up Git on Exadata X4/X5. Has anyone been able to set it up?
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  • Performance issue after switching to Exadata from oracle 10.2

    Hi All   We recently switched from oracle 10.2 to Exadata platform [11g]. When running a very simple query like 'SELECT /*+MONITOR */ * FROM key_incident' takes 40 minutes to complete. the table has 70687 rows. ...
  • import data to exadata with archivelog

    Hi Oracle Members,   I will migrate oracle 10G R2 data into Exadata oracle X2-5 . data volumn around 4TB. im thinking to useing import export method and transportable tablespace methods.   Here to seek for...
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  • celldisk/griddisk errorcount>0: Should I be concerned

    Recently we've noticed that 2 cell/grid disks have started reporting errorcount>0. Nothing on the physical side and the disks still show as normal. We've have bad physical disks before and it's easy to deal with. J...
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