• How to use AutoCAD 2D diagrams into OBIEE and Map Viewer

    Hi All, I am suppose to add custom maps of floor plans designed in Auto CAD -Dimension Model. I need to export these diagrams into Map Viewer and use it just like we have in examples of Arena and Non-Geo spatial in OB...
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  • Mapbuilder 12.1.3 and PDB 12.1(Pluggable database) does not connect

    Hi there, I use Mapbuilder 12.1.3 (Build: Ver12_1_3_0_0_B140430) and like to connect with a PDB 12.1; I used the connect string jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:1521:SID (which does work well with SQL-Developer) - but Mapb...
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  • Somebody know how to configure step by step oraclemaps for uim?

    I need configure the oracle maps in uim i have done everything the guides says but i haven't had success. if somebody has a manual step by step how to do this. Thanks
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  • How to resolve  MAPVIEWER-05523 error i'm getting for Google Map

    Hi,     I'm facing the following issue after i create Map Tile with Google Map in Oracle Map viewer, can anyone please shed any light on how to resolve this issue,   [MVGlobalVariables.getMapCacheConf...
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  • mapviewer

    I am using oracle 11.2.0, Application Express, and MapViewer Version: Ver11_1_1_7_2_B131022.  I have an apex app that uses the mapviewer javascript api to display a map.  Everything worked fine u...
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  • Map Cache Auto-Update

    Hi,   I'm running MapViewer 12.1.3_B140430.1010 in Weblogic 12.1.3.  I am trying to implement the new "Map Cache Auto-Update" feature as documented here: http://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1213/core/JIMPV/vi...
    John OToole (Dublin)
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  • How to Draw custom lines in OBIEE Maps ?

    Hi All,   I need to draw custom lines on the obiee map (obiee 11g) shown as below (eg: electricy and water lines , metro lines etc). I am using sample data (world sample) and have map viewer installed . i an i ...
    Sandeep Venu
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    I'm running MapViewer 12.1.3_B140430.1010 in Weblogic 12.1.3.   On startup, I get this error:   May 19, 2015 12:55:56 PM oracle.lbs.mapcache.storage.DBThemeCacheStore getTiledThemesFromDataSource FINEST:...
    John OToole (Dublin)
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  • Support notes on Oracle background maps/tile layers in OBIEE (11g)

    Just an FYI. There are two support notes one using maps.oracle.com background maps with OBIEE. Both discuss how to update or insert tile layer definitions in user_sdo_cached_maps in order to use the elocation_mercato...
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  • Oracle Maps Tile Layer moved after database upgrade to 12c

    Hello, We use MapViewer Ver11_1_1_7_1_B130528 together with Oracle Business Intelligence  We have vector data stored in SDO tables and user Oracle Maps as a tile layer. After database upgrade fr...
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  • How to load data into MVDEMO Sample App Schema

    Hello Everyone,   I am doing a POC on Oracle Mapviewer and trying to build some reports in OBIEE using MApviewer. For this POC, I am using Oracle's MVDEMO Sample Data(11g). I think this Sample data covers few c...
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  • java Mapviewer : display a marker instead of a circle

    Hi, how to display a marker instead of a circle for live features in mapClient of mapviewer. I used drawLiveFeatures and highlightFeatures for a clickable theme 
    SAADI Riad
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  • mapviewer with java api : draw marker instead of circle

    Hello, how can I draw a clickable theme with marker,. I use drawLiveFeature and HighlightFeature which draw my theme's features with circles, I want to use a marker instead. Thank you
    SAADI Riad
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  • Map-Theme association issue

    I am using the mapviewer to build OBIEE maps,   I am using Oracle's eLocation service as my tile layer/background map.   When I build themes and associate with Oracle's Tile Layer the mapping is slightly o...
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  • Problem with dynamic theme

    Hi.   I need to recover a code(pk) of a geometry and I'm not getting, the alert returns with the null value.   method onLoad showMap: vectorlayer = new OM.layer.VectorLayer('temaG_AREA_ESTUDO', {  &...
    Marcos Vizine
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  • Mapviewer 12c supported J2EE servers ??

    Is Oracle planning to update the page with Mapviewer supported j2ee servers to 12c ???   http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/mapviewer/overview/j2ee-server-support-097757.html   Or they would just...
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  • Unable to communicate with Oracle FMW Mapviewer Server  Bad XML Request.

    OBIEE --> Administration --> Manage Map Data   When I click the button to Import Layers or Import Background Map, I get the following error:   Unable to communicate with Oracle FMW Mapviewer Server ...
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  • Navteq vs MVDEMO sample app data

    Hello Everyone,   I have been using OBIEE 11g from last 4 years but this is very first time I am going to use and configure OBIEE Maps in our environment. We are using OBIEE version and planning t...
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  • Oracle maps API v2 caching

    Hi, I was under the impression that with he v2 api a vector layer would be loaded into memory and then no trips to the server required for zooming etc. This doesn't seem to be what I am getting though. I have a laye...
    Jon Owen
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  • Custom US Map

    Hello,   I am looking for a custom US map in Albers projection with HI and AK resized and positioned below CA and AZ for use in OBIEE.  Could someone point me a Shapefile or GeoJSON file?   Thanks
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