• Mapviewer 12c supported J2EE servers ??

    Is Oracle planning to update the page with Mapviewer supported j2ee servers to 12c ???   http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/mapviewer/overview/j2ee-server-support-097757.html   Or they would just...
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  • MapViewer Html5 API. Error with Variable Pie Chart Style Model

    Hello, I have a serious problem related to Variable Pie Chart Style. MapViewer - Mapbuilder version: [ALERT]  MAPVIEWER_9023:Cannot load style.     Source: OM.style.StyleStore.parseXM...
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  • Error while importing data from shape file in mapBuilder.

    Hi Dears,   I get the following error while importing shape file from inside mapBuilder   Feb 03, 2015 2:01:52 PM oracle.mapviewer.builder.wizard.shapefile.ImportShapefileThread importFile WARNING: java.s...
    Kashif Iftikhar
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  • Layers Added to Background Map do not Save

    I am having the same issue as: Google Map Issue in OBIEE - Subject area not getting associated   This issue is actually with OBIEE --> Admin --> Manage Map Data --> Background Maps Tab   I add lay...
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  • Mapviewer 12c Generates Error When Displaying a Pre-Defined Vector Layer

    I have a predefined vector layer which I want to display using Mapviewer 12c. However, when I try to display the vector layer, I get an Java Null Pointer error. If I run the exact same code using a Mapviewer 11g (v11....
    Wayne Blumstengel
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  • Problem with dynamic theme

    Hi.   I need to recover a code(pk) of a geometry and I'm not getting, the alert returns with the null value.   method onLoad showMap: vectorlayer = new OM.layer.VectorLayer('temaG_AREA_ESTUDO', {  &...
    Marcos Vizine
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  • Oracle Maps Tile Layer moved after database upgrade to 12c

    Hello, We use MapViewer Ver11_1_1_7_1_B130528 together with Oracle Business Intelligence  We have vector data stored in SDO tables and user Oracle Maps as a tile layer. After database upgrade fr...
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  • Oracle maps v2 bugs

    Hi Thought I'd try and get an answer with a different description as the problem (1) below is actually pretty fundamental to how we use mapviewer I'm potentially looking at migrating a number of applications from the ...
    Jon Owen
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  • How to use AutoCAD 2D diagrams into OBIEE and Map Viewer

    Hi All, I am suppose to add custom maps of floor plans designed in Auto CAD -Dimension Model. I need to export these diagrams into Map Viewer and use it just like we have in examples of Arena and Non-Geo spatial in OB...
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  • Problem Accessing Mapviewer 12c Administration Console

    I am attempting to install and configure Oracle Mapviewer 12c (v12.1.3).  The installation appears successful but after performing the installation, I am unable to access the Mapviewer 12c Administration Console....
    Wayne Blumstengel
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  • mapviewer.ear not available for download for 12c (12.1.3)

    mapviewer.ear file is not available for download for 12c (12.1.3) version. Only fmw_12. which contains fmw_12. is available for download. Please let us know when we...
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  • Map-Theme association issue

    I am using the mapviewer to build OBIEE maps,   I am using Oracle's eLocation service as my tile layer/background map.   When I build themes and associate with Oracle's Tile Layer the mapping is slightly o...
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  • mapview.getMapAsServerImage(callBack); Error

    Dears, I'm using mapviewer to develop oracle maps application using oraclemaps javascript api v2 and my website technology is ASP.net C#, the mapviewer is running on glassfish server on port x and the iis i...
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  • Oracle maps v2 questions

    Hi, I'm potentially looking at migrating a number of applications from the v1 api to the v2 version. I've hit a couple of issues that I need a bit of advice on:   1) I have been unable to work out how to displa...
    Jon Owen
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  • Oracle Maps HTML5 Javascript API Reference - getFeaturesByAttribute Method

    I am running MapViewer 11g ps6 (   I am trying to use the getFeaturesByAttribute method of the OM.layer.VectorLayer class.  I am following the API but the method is not returning what I'd expect....
    Wayne Blumstengel
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  • Rectangle Tool - OracleMap V2

    Dear guys,     I have a problem with the RectangleTool. When I'm using this tool and I didn't made a box I received a message: MAPVIEWER_9045 "The end point should not be the same as the start point." I t...
    Renan Barbalho
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  • Issue - Oracle map is opening behind the Oracle Forms (from where it’s been called)

    We are calling Oracle Maps from Oracle forms, first time maps opens in front of the Oracle form from where maps is been called, but after that if we try to make some changes in the value selection in Forms and try to ...
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  • What edition of Oracle DB do I need for Map Viewer 12c?

    Hi All,   What edition of Oracle DB do I need for Map Viewer 12c?   Thanks,
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  • Mapviewer javascript

    I need to create a infowindow in javascript with data(invoking from Vaadin Framework. basically will get the data from API) . So do help me to create a infowindow from javascript witohut getting from a table.   ...
  • Mapbuilder style with spatial join won't render

    I want to show the average spendings of customers (points) within regions (polygon), but I don't know how to formulate the query-condition in mapbuilder. The query looks something like this:   select r.geom, r...
    W. van Riel
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