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It has been a good year for the OTN ArchBeat Podcast.


See that rogue's gallery at the top of this post? Those are the 44 people who served as panelists in this year's collection of podcasts.Most are members of the Oracle ACE Program. Many of the rest are members of various product teams. They're all way smart, and without them the podcast would consist of me talking to myself. Not nearly as interesting.



In 2015 eleven new series were published, for a total of 44 individual podcast episodes, bringing the overall total to 319 episodes since the podcast launched nearly seven years ago. The best part is that the OTN ArchBeat Podcast remained the #1 most downloaded of all Oracle podcasts for the year. Big thanks to the panelists for keeping it interesting, and especially to listeners for tuning in.



Since we'll be ringing in the new year in a few weeks I thought it would be interesting to dive into the data to determine which of those 44 individual episodes was the most popular. So this month the podcast presents a countdown of the top three episodes from 2015. Each of the three segments in this series features a replay of one of those top episodes. Part 1 features the episode in the #3 position, and then we work our way to Part 3 and the #1 episode. Get it?



I could just mention which episodes came out on top here in the show notes, but what fun would that be? Take a listen.



Have a safe and happy holiday season, and healthy and prosperous new year.

  • Listen to part 1:  What were the most popular OTN ArchBeat Podcasts for 2015? The countdown begins with a replay of the #3 most downloaded episode.
  • Listen to part 2: The countdown continues with this replay of the #2 most downloaded episode from 2015.
  • Listen to part 3: The envelope please! The year-end countdown concludes with this replay of the #1 most downloaded episode for 2015.