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man-at-mic.jpgThis OTN ArchBeat Podcast started with a brief conversation with Oracle ACE Mike Riley as he passed through the OTN Lounge at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. It was then further pushed along by a suggestion from Oracle ACE Associate Phil Wilkins (PhilWilkins), who was interested in a learning about the role of user groups in the Oracle community. Finally, that idea has fully percolated.


With more than 900 Oracle User Groups worldwide, the chances are very good that you’re already a member of one of these organizations. But whether you’re an active member, or just pressing your face against the window, wondering what’s going on, you’ll want to listen as we explore the user group experience from the unique perspectives of four people whose participation has evolved from that of noobie members to leadership roles within their respective organizations.


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The Panelists

In alphabetical order



Oracle ACE Director Gustavo Gonzolez

Chief Technology Officer, IT Convergence

President, Latin America Oracle User Community (LAOUC)





Oracle ACE Michelle Kolbe

Consultant, Red Pill Analytics

Associate Professor, University of Utah

Director, Community Partnerships, Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)




Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley

Vice President, Cloud Solutions, Certus Solutions

Member Advocate on the board of the United Kingdom Oracle User Group (UKOUG)





Oracle ACE Mike Riley

Project Manager / DBA, Hortica Insurance

Director, ODTUG