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In the lead-up to Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco, which is happening in a matter of days, I thought it would be interesting to get an update on Oracle middleware. Information about any product announcements that may emanate from OpenWorld is closely-guarded, and my position on the food chain is certainly far below that of anyone who might have any such information. So this program is about the here and now, the current state in the evolution of several middleware products.


The panelists for this discussion represent product management leadership for a variety of products under the middleware umbrella. Of course, that's a very large umbrella, covering more products than could possibly be discussed in one 30 minute podcast. Stay tuned...

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The Panelists

(listed alphabetically)



Dave Berry, Director of Integration Cloud Strategy, and Senior Product Manager for Oracle Managed File Transfer







Will Lyons, Senior Director of WebLogic Server Product Management

Will Lyons-Oracle






Monica Ricccelli, Product Manager for WebLogic Server

Monica Riccelli-Oracle






Shay Shmeltzer, Director of Product Management for Oracle Mobile and Development Tools

Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle





Additional Resources

The links below point to "Focus On" documents, which list Oracle OpenWorld 2016 sessions and other events covering the following products and topics:

oracle-HQ-350.pngFor this episode the OTN ArchBeat podcast ventures deep into Oracle HQ for a conversation with Vikas Anand, Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Integration Cloud Service, and Ram Menon, Product Manager for Oracle Integration Cloud Service.


This discussion was originally made available as a video on the OTN ArchBeat YouTube channel. But I thought it would be a good idea to make it available in a format you could consume without crashing into something while driving or riding a bike or walking.


Listen to the podcast!


The Panelists



Vikas Anand

Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Integration Cloud Service






Ram Menon

Product Manager, Oracle Integration Cloud Service






Additional Resources