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The previous OTNArchBeat program featured a conversation with three members of a team that integrated ten different Oracle Cloud PaaS services in a live demonstration before an audience at last year’s Oracle Partner Network Fusion Middleware Forum. That podcast was supposed to include Arun Pareek and Matt Wright, who had their own cloud integration story to tell about combining nine Oracle Cloud PaaS services into an innovative mobile healthcare solution as part of the Oracle Integrated Cloud Hackathon  held in Australia late last year. But thanks to a perfect storm of schedule conflicts and technical glitches, that first program had to proceed without Arun and Matt. This new program sets things right. Listen!


This program was recorded on March  8, 2017.

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The Panelists


Matt Wright

Co-Founder and CTO, Rubicon Red, Melbourne, Australia


Arun Pareek

Principal Consultant, Rubicon Red, Melbourne, Australia


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