• Problem: use assets in my JDeveloper Project

    Hi all When I drag a Web Service from Component Palette and click on the Find existing WSDL button, the window does not enable the OK button, why? I'm using OER and JDeveloper   Thank...
  • Add custom metadata tags that describe the service while harvesting to OER

    Hi All,   We have installed OER 12c and successfully harvested assets from SOA11g and OSB 11g using harvester pack (osb_harvester, harvester) harvester.xml.   These assets carry the standard metadata tags....
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  • OER Migration to 12c

    Hi experts,   Someone knows about a documentation or guide to migrate a older OER to new 12c version?    The migration is possible or my only option is a fresh install of OER12c?   Thanks in...
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  • Can i use OER to store the data from a excel sheet that pertains to the entire integrations ?

    hi ,   i know that the OER can be used to view the entire landscape for the SOA composites and how they are related with each other. However we have a requirement wherein we need to store the data for the entire...
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  • OER - Restrict the access control ( View , use, Download, Create/Submit) of Assets of a Project

    Hi,   I am trying to run/setup a simple use case that restricts the access to external service providers ( ESP/consultants) to only those assets that are associated to the project that they are assigned to. In o...
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  • OER - Asset Navigator doesn't open with an Error - Missing Required permissions attribute in main jar

    Hi,   I have installed OER-11g version and am successfuly able to open Asset Editor , ImpExp utility and also could harvest SOA and OSB components.   Issue 1:   However while trying to open ...
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  • OER 11g - OBPM 10.3.2 installtion - ant error

    Hi,   I was trying to install OBPM 10.3.2 ( to support OER pre-built Asset workflows) as mentioned in the document -http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/admin.1111/e16580/oerwf.htm -->Step 9.3. While running an...
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  • How to download wsdl with xsd:include on one click in OER

    hi Experts,   I am using oer11g, I already harvested assets from osb, including wsdl, xsd, biz/proxy svc, question is when service consumer need to download a wsdl which uses xsd:include for other xsd files, ser...
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  • Question about upload directory for oer11g

    hi Experts,   I am a newbie on oer11g, I am preparing a poc for my customer for oer, when I use oer to upload an attachement for an asset, I found oer automatically generate a directory for storing that attachem...
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  • OER 12c(OER111170_generic) Installation on Windows7

    Hi,        1) Followed the steps and installed Oracle 12C DB.      2) Created the needed database with OER user (success)      3) Create the tablespa...
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  • Can we reverse engineer or harvest from SOA platform to OER

    Hi,   I am working on maintaining the OER, which was not previously maintained in our environment. I wants to know is it possible to harvest assets from production environment back to OER? or one has to do it ma...
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  • OER & Solaris

    Hi, can I install the OER 11G on Solaris operating system? thanks Ricardo
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  • Unused assets clanup in OER

    Hi all,   is there any way how to delete all assets from the Oracle Enterprise Repository?  I know that there is logical delete of an asset (Asset is marked as deleted but still in DB) but it not enough. I...
  • JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate error

    We are running Weblogic 10.3.6 and OER   First, we had the problem of not being able to open any of the Java Web Start pages under Java 7. I found that this was a bug and applying patch 17634436 fixes t...
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  • OER

    Hi All   I have installed OER successfully and harvested the assets form IDE.   We  tried to integrate with the Enterprise Manager   We import the EM integration .zip it was unsuccessful and a...
  • how to harvest a soa composite deployed on server to a remote server having OER installed on it ?

    I have SOA composite deployed on Server A and OER running on server B. how to harvest the services deployed on server A to OER running on server B.
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  • Is OSR supported in same domain as of SOA

    Hi , Can anyone confirm me if  OSR is  supported in same domain as of SOA Is there any document that states & a can coexist in same domain. Thanks in Advance, ...
    Vijaya Moderator -Oracle
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  • OER Use

    Hi All,   I am pretty new to this Governance stuff. But I am curious to know about this OER Functionality and why is this used   Below is what I understand   1.  OER is used to store the artif...
    Sandeep Oracle
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  • Java web start error running Asset Editor or any jnlp page

    When I try to launch Asset Editor or Import/Export or any of the jnlp pages that runs using Java Web Start, I get an error. Java 7 Web start starts but It throws “Could not connect to Server. Please check your J...
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  • Unable to run OER console after installation

    Folks,   We have currently installed OER on WebLogic 10.3.6. We are running IBM JDK on an AIX box. Install went fine and the OER server startsup without a problem. We can see this in WebLogic console. B...
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