• SOA integration in OBIEE11g

    Hi Team,   I am trying to enable SOA integration in OBIEE11g. But facing issues with it. I have done some configuration changes as per define in the Oracle document "http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/bi.1111/e1...
    Anand K.
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  • StackOverflowError in XSLT

    Hi, I am seeing the error below in XSL in the mediator. Have used sort function in the xsl which sorts over 600 Complex type elements in the XML based on a dateTime element field. While making the call, checked the h...
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  • Issue while invoking EBiz API, if X_MSG_COUNT is > 1 then X_MSG_DATA is empty.

    Hi,   I'm using Oracle applications adapter to call EBiz API, after invoking OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER API I'm getting reply X_RETURN_STATUS='E' and X_MSG COUNT=3 but not showing any error message in X_MSG_DA...
  • Error during import.py

    Hi Team,   i am deploying an OSB project using ant script, i am getting the below eror at the very last step i.e while running the command ant import, it executes import.py file   the error occured is: &nb...
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  • OWSM Policies

    Hi,   Will an OSB service configured with an OWSM policy function during runtime when the corresponding database hosting the policy is down/unavailable?
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  • RUL-05721: The result type of the expression is String but should be JAXBElement

    Hi,   How to convert String to JAXBelement. I am getting the below error in Business rules   RUL-05721 : the result type of the expression is "String" but should be JAXBelement   Please help.   Reg...
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  • SOA 12c, SAML and Ebusiness

    We have installed soa 12c stand alone on its own box. The developers want to integrate this with our ebusiness applications. From what I understood, they are going to develop an SOA application that would work with ou...
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  • Error "Command error: <rc> = 256" while  running txkrun.pl

    I am implementing EBS integrated SOA gateway. (R12.1.3)   I have applied all required patches patches as per 556540.1 and try to Run TXK development script to install Oracle Application Server Adapter $FND_TOP...
    Santosh Pradhan
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  • OSB Split-Join For Loop Counter Issue

    I have implemented a split join with two for loop one inside other and the final value of the counter of the child for loop needs to be assigned to a third variable (which is of int type). New variable to be used some...
    Praveen Dixit
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  • Configure ftp adpator in soa for 2 way authentication

    @Hi,   We have soa version. We are configuring it to do SFTP to a windows machine and copy some file. For same an adaptor is created. On Windows SFTP server there is 2 way authentication. 1 step is t...
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  • Could not find added field of Xsd in output Ebm file

    hi,     i have to update a new field in the salesorderfulfillment composite. so i added a new field in schema saved it and updated it in mds. after that done with xsl file mapping for ABM and then deployed a...
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    We are configuring Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway.     When running "ant -f txkISGConfigurator.xml configure" in SOA Server the following error occurs:   Error occured while performi...
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  • SOA-- Invoking OSB Service Getting Error :ORA-00084: global area must be PGA, SGA, or UGA

    Hello Friends,   Really appreciate your help/inputs on the below Error Message encountered while running a Concurrent Program--using SOA:Same encountered in recently refreshed DEV instance, Can it be related to ...
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  • Information req. for SOA eBS integration for concurrent program  ..

    Hi,   Can Oracle SOA support following activities in R12 via oracle business event (specific to concurrent program)? 1. Call and R12 concurrent program. 2. After completion concurrent program, get log and outp...
    Subir Dutta
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  • Polling Two or More Tables using DB Adapter

    Hi,        Is it possible to poll two or more tables using a db adapter at a time?
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  • EDN not available throws runtimeFault - Fault Policy Framework unable to catch it

    Hi Team,   I have been working on some error handling scenarios for EDN . From my observation if BPEL is used to publish the event, BPEL Fault policy cannot catch EDN errors (e.g., EDN unavailable) but BPEL ...
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  • OSB Routing (static) changes

    Hi ,   Some time back i had upgraded from osb patch set 3 ro osb patchset 6. In patchset 3 we saw some limitation of routing node which does static routes, because of which we needed to have all the dependent ...
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  • OSB - How to know if the pipeline alert is active

    Hi all,       I would like to ask you if anyone kown how to get the state of pipeline alert from the pipeline action?   For example, I like to execute specific actions in the pipeline if the...
    created by Felipe
  • Cloud adapter for Salesforce

    I am just trying to test the default sample of cloud adpater provided by oracle and getting below error     An exception occurred while invoking the webservice operation. Please see logs for more details. &n...
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  • javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: Message send failed: java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException:

    Similar like Unable to invoke endpoint URI:  java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException   While invoke an https service from SOA composite to a reference WS, I got this error. I added -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore...
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