• enable oracle soa service with CORS so that JET can call them

    Hi All,   We are trying to call REST service implemented in oracle SOA 12c in JET. We are getting No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. What is the best way to implement th...
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  • bpel correlation multiple instances

    I am looking into the idea of using bpel instance as cache by using bpel correlation. It is working but i want to make one thing sure. Every mid process receive activity which has createInstance unchecked and correlat...
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  • Issue while invoking oracle DB stored procedure from BPEL

    Hi, I had one issue in my BPEL process, its a road block for me.   Issue as below: Oracle soa suite, BPEL process invoking Oracle stored procedure. This procedure has only IN params. My expectation i...
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  • xslt for-each repeated for first item. Same element repeated for all nodes.

    Source XML:                   </top:lineUnitPrice>
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  • BPEL Output Aggregation

    Hi Team,          I have a scenario, where I am invoking a web service in a loop. The response for each call will be an message type xml as given below with namespace   <Respons...
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  • TransportException: com.maverick.ssh.SshException: Failed to negotiate a transport component [aes192-cbc] [arcfour]

    Hello I have a problem with a application of weblogic When the aplication try to do a SFTP connectión, appear the next error inside application log: ####<Apr 18, 2016 1:10:16 PM CEST> <Error> <...
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  • FTP archive filename

    soa version: 12.1.3   When the FTP adapter archives the file in local server, it generates archive filename with random character as follows.   hZNn3diQSb10EVh+n2qNGEGmvfr7g0acpMr5xyJqZHY=_20160412_154731_...
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  • How to read a email attachment in Oracle SOA BPEL 12C

    Hi,   My requirement is to read a email attachment and the attachment should write to any File/FTP location, I am using UMS adapter to read a email attachment but it is not working. My service should invoke on a...
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  • Unable to invoke a bpel endpoint via mds

    Hello, I have created BPEL1 which is deployed in server. The abstract wsdl of BPEL1 in MDS has been updated with endpoint.   I am trying to call BPEL1 from BPEL2 and in the composite.xml of BPEL2 I am using md...
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  • How to change the Poller Datasource in Run time

    Hi Team,   In Our project we have developed the BPEL process with a DB adapter on a "A" Data source. Now the Table which is being used is going to moved to "B" database on which "B" data source is already existe...
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    Hi everybody,   For creating a variable of schema element type I am doing the following steps...   Select 'Variables' after right clicking on bpel process. IN this window, go to 'Create VAriable' then sele...
  • How to create an excel report and send it via email using a BPEL process

    Hi Team,   I have a requirement to query data from DB and send the data as a csv,xml file as attachment through email. Please let me know the best possible solution
  • nXSD issue with array

    Hi,   I am reading a delimited flat file, Please find the contents below.   I created the NXSD for it in Jdev version, Please help me identify the issue in the nxsd.   N1^BY^ER^92^316000^274...
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  • Dynamic Partner Link not working after 10g to11g upgrade

    Hello All,   I have migrated a BPEL code from 10g (  to 11g ( It implements Dynamic Partner Link in one of the invokes and works as expected in 10g.   Now after migrations to 11g t...
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  • Seeing delays in dequeue of messages setup as AQ adapter in SOA

    Scenario:  SOA is reading EBS Queue (Third Party Queue) for which datasource is setup as AQ adapter in SOA. SOA dequeue from EBS queue and does some processing internally and finally sent to GTM system.  ...
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  • HTTP header not getting set in BPEL response

    Hi,   I have a requirement where i want to set the HTTP header in BPEL response. HTTP header are not getting set when I am using REPLY activity. I am able to set the HTTP header in INVOKE activity as well as rec...
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  • SAP Adapter - OSB Initialization error application explorer

    All,   I'm using application explorer for SAP packaged application in OSB and when i'm running the explorer for the OSB, i see no connections/configurations for the SAP repository.   com.iwaysoftware.iwae...
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  • DBAdapter not null constraint error throw low level error that is not catchable

    Attached here is the sample project zip plus table creation and data insertion for your reference.   The sample shows table polling and insertion to another destination table. We purposely simulate the case of ...
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  • Hi all  Oracle soa 11g installation on windows 10

    Hi,     am trying to install  Oracle soa 11g installation on windows 10 machine which is failing am getting OS issues..  Can some one please guide me what changes/modificaions i need to do on Win...
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  • Average File size for polling file as attachment by FTP Adapter

    Hi , I am polling a file from FTP Server. I am using a FTP adapter with Read operation but as per Oracle doc if the file size is more then we have to Read file as attachment and then process. As per my client , the a...
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