• Callback Server URL Configuration

    Hi All,   In the current production implementation, we have a cluster set up with three managed OIM servers. We are using SOA for the OIM request workflow engine.   We faced an issue, where one of the OI...
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  • How to implement the "Multiple instances without priori knowledge" workflow pattern

    The description of the "Multiple instances without priori knowledge" workflow pattern is as following: This pattern allows an activity to be instantiated multiple times in a process. The number of instances is not k...
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  • Oracle BPM 12C Guide/Book for beginners

    Hi, Can anyone let me know whether there is any Oracle BPM12C Book/Training material available in the market or with any person for beginners ?? If yes , can you share the same,,,   Regards, Vinit Ahuja, vin...
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  • URI missing in Human Task Administration

    Dear All, I am using 12c environment including SOA, BPM and JDeveloper. I installed these components via V45206-01.zip file available on edelivery site.   I am trying to deploy a simple SOA / BPEL project with ...
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  • SOA rules not getting saved on disk

    Hi experts - I am trying to create a approval workflow in SOA. I am getting the following error when I am trying to  create "Rule-based " participants in my "ParallelApproval.task" Following are the steps: 1....
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  • Dynamic csf-key to Business service of OSB?

    We have created single Business Service which is getting called from one proxy service to execute different Web Service end points. For different end point execution I want to pass different authentication parameters....
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  • Working on Dynamic Stored Procedures in DB Adapter by passing table name,column name and column value at run-time in SOA

    Hello Everyone,   My requirement is to pass the table name, column name and column value dynamically. I opt for creating a stored procedure and in turn I will call the same in DB Adapter. I was struggling to cr...
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  • OSB project artifacts first time loading causing delay

    Hi,   We are facing a delay between our proxy service and business service. The proxy service is loading its WSDL and schema from a common project which is having around 2500 wsdls and 6000 schema. The delay occ...
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  • OSB callout libraries

    We are using API from REST/JAXB libraries in our Java callout code.   Are there options other than the following   Putting in server's classpath or $Domain_DIr\lib We have a callout jar that we wanted to...
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  • Two level SOA composite

    Can somebody provide me with any links or examples in creating a two level composite/workflow?. I am looking for something like for example - first approval goes to specific persons in a specific role and if this requ...
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  • Jdeveloper With BPM Performance

    Hello, I created a BPM project in my jdeveloper 12c, and unfortunately i have some problems with performance. It's dificult to explain but using the metalink noboby answer me. So let's go. In my process, i have mor...
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  • Cloud Adapter for RightNow

    Hello Everyone,   I really appreciate your help with the RightNow adapter. The problem I face with the RightNow adapter on SOA 12c. I am using the patch for Oracle RightNow Cloud Adapter I followed...
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  • JCA Adapter for MSMQ in SOA 12c

    Where can I find a good tutorial on how to use JCA Adapter for MSMQ in SOA 12c?
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  • Restricting the email notification for Human tasks associated with an Application Role

    Hi All, We are in SOA Integration project has been set up for account payable using SOA-BPM. We have implemented various user/application role specific human task. Current behaviour: For a human task...
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  • How to send transport header details in JMS queue

    Hello,   We are trying to implement a solution where a called to my service will invoke my OSB proxy service and I have to extract few transport header data from there like project name/version etc and have to s...
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  • BPM Workspace empty after deploying BPM app

    Hello,   I'm deploying a BPM app on the SOA server 12c. The deployment is successful and the application with all its projects appear in the em console. However, logging to the BPM workspace as a user having the...
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  • How to get Database functions into xquery/XSLT in OSB 12c

    Hello All,   How to make use of  functions orcl:sequence-next-val and orcl:query-database in xslt/xquery in OSB 12c. I need to do the below logic in xslt/xquery and used it in replace activity . But in OSB...
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  • write a REST service with both Get and Post Methods

    Hi all, am new to Oracle Middleware stack and am trying to write a REST service which should GET an input (viz, employee id) and POST output(viz, employee age and name). Please help me in writing the REST service. @
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  • Need strategy on DB Pollin

    Hi,   I have a requirement, where I need to Poll from multiple tables (16 different table) and based on the last created date, I need to get that specific record that was created last, need to push it to other a...
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  • SOA Connection Timeout

    Hello,   We are facing an issue while SOA BPEL process is completing in more than five minutes but the synchronous client is getting a connection reset error.   To simplify things I created a simple BPEL a...
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