• java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Session: null does not exist

    These days I am getting an exception (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Session: null does not exist) when I restart the weblogic managed server. I have a work around to get away with this error. I completely delete...
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  • Create a physical data service to a REST Web Service

    Hi I'm using the Eclipse with the ODSI plugins as development guid, and I would like to create a physical data service to a REST Web Service but I only can create a SOAP Web service through the wsdl...my question is....
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  • How to implement File to Oracle using ETL approach

    Hi,   I'm new to Oracle ODI.  I read that ODI can also support traditional ETL approach as well as ELT.  My requirement is I need to load bulk data from flat file to Oracle database. I would like to im...
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  • Need ODI artifacts for the ODI cook book

    Hi, I am new in Oracle Data Integrator(ODI).I downloaded ODI cook book I started working on them i need the artifacts. I am unable to find out. can anyone help to get the location of all ODI artifacts.   Thank...
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  • Run ODI scenerio every 10 min

    Hi Gurus,   I am new to ODI development and administration and currently require some expert's advice. I am using startscen/startcmd command to run a scenario. Although the script works fine and it triggers the ...
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  • Value too large for SNP_SESS_STEP_LV.START_SHORT_VALUE

    Hi All,   I am using a variable for which the value is given by users in the additional variable tab of scenaio. the process runs successfully sometimes and sometimes it fails with the below error. There is no c...
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  • Configuring Memory Managed Operators

    We are looking to tune our LYNXX ODSI production instance to accommodate some memory managed operators threshold we saw this morning.  Basically we were getting errors in the logs indicating that “10 memory...
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  • Join multiple tables in odi interface

    Hi All,   I am new member to Oracle to Data integrator. This is a simple question but i haven't figure out.   I have four source tables and i need to apply joins (left, right and inner)between the table s...
  • ODI Work Repository Creation

    Hi,   We have one master and work repository created for our environment which uses a single schema user ODI_REPO. If I want to create a new Work Repository, could you please let me know the steps.   Thank...
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  • Generate a SQL "IN" clause using ALDSP

    Problem Summary --------------------------------------------------- ALDSP: Generate a SQL "IN" clause   Problem Description --------------------------------------------------- I would like to know if there i...
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  • NTLM authentication in ODI topology

    Is it possible for the ODI agent running on Unix to connect a MS SQL 2008 server using windows authentication. I have added a property in the JDBC URL as jdbc:weblogic:sqlserver://;AuthenticationMethod=...
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  • Getting Pool connect failed : java.lang.SecurityException in ODI Agent

    Hi All,   I am getting below error and i tried lot googling but not able to find proper solution.   Scenario i am try is :   To post the JMS messgae from ODI weblogic domain to the queue on another w...
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  • Re: Oracle Data Services Integrator Vs Oracle Data Integrator

    ODSI 10gR3 (10.3) does it work with OSB 11gR1 ( Release? ODSI 10gR3 (10.3) can it be deployed to WLS 11g?

    HI all,   i want by ODI to run a report on obiee, is that possible????   KR.   FC
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  • Mapping from source to target(An issue) in ODI

    Hi Folks, I am trying to map source table with target table in my interface.I have imported KM's (LKM and IKM) required in mapping.This is a particular flat file to flat file mapping.Whether flat file to flat file ma...
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  • While the session got started in ODI,but still showing me errors in Execution

    Hi Folks,   Session got started in ODI but it is still showing me errors in execution:-   Errors are coming marked in red   Errors are like:-     1)       ODI-1217:Session ...
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  • Migrate ODI Topology Physical connections

    Hi, We need some help on migrating ODI Topology Physical connections. After migration (import), we have to go to new environment's topology manager to change the connection details.   Could you please suggest ...
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  • Oracle Data Services Integrator Vs Oracle Data Integrator

    Hi All, I have an ODSI Project in ODSI 10g R3. I want to migrate it to 11G as we are migrating from 10G to 11G in all other components. Is there any upgrade version of ODSI available? Or What is ODI(Oracle ...
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  • cursor is closed issue

    I am using below procedure.But on execution I got cursor is closed exception.Please help. ( c1 out SYS_REFCURSOR, inDateFromDate IN VARCHAR2,      inDateToDate IN VARCHAR2, inVarTabType...
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  • Load HCM Data in fusion

    Hi, When we try to load the data from ODI staging tables to fusion base tables we use "Load HCM Data" process . If we select the Loader Run Type parameter as only "Import" .. it will load data from from ODI staging t...
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