• invoke one-way stored procedure in BPEL

    Hi, I had one issue in my BPEL process, its a road block for me.   Issue as below: Oracle soa suite, BPEL process invoking Oracle stored procedure. This procedure has only IN params. My expectation i...
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  • OSB Proxy Service Configuration

    Hello everybody! If you activate the "Scan Subdirectories", the OSB transfers all files from subdirectories. This folder is not created. Is it possible to transfer not only files but also folders? The documentation ...
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  • SAP adapter support for SAP Hana 7.42 with rfc

    We have a current solution with a number of SAP integrations from our Oracle SOA Suite 11g via the SAP Adapter The Oracle bpel services uses the JCA files we get from the SAP Adapter application browser to ...
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  • Non-transactional Database Polling in OSB 12c

    Hi,   I"ve a scenario like this:   Success: DBAdapter>>OSBProxy>>PublishToJMSQ and Status--> P Error: DBAdapter>>OSBProxy>>OSBBusinessService(@Service Error Handler)>>DBAd...
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  • DB Adapter Polling is Inconsistent

    Hi,   I've a database table for which my DB adapter polls on a particular field, 'Status'.   Polling strategy: Logical Delete   Column name: Status Read value: Processed Unread value: New In case ...
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  • unable to connect to tibco jms from oracle r12

    I am trying to access a TIBCO EMS queue from oracle. i have the JNDI connection details for the ems queue and trying to write a standalone java to establish a connection to TIBCO from oracle. we are in R12.1.3.  ...
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  • OSB Jms Transport proxy issue (FMW

    Hello everybody, we successfully managed to configure, deploy and use as a messaging service (Jms Transport) the proxy artifact from OSB, we are using it to consume text/xml messages from an Oracle Database queue(AQ)...
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  • No Tables Imported in database Adaptor

    Hi Team,   I am facing an issue, wherein when I am importing the tables in the database adaptor, I am not able to get the imported tables and getting the message as "NO TABLES IMPORTED". Please help to resolve ...
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  • How to access the Weblogic Console from ICS Instance?

    I am trying to access the Weblogic Console from a provisioned ICS Instance. I need to import some certificates in the  Weblogic instance. How do I proceed?
    Vikram KC
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  • Consuming application/atom+xml RESTful service with REST adapter 12.1.3

    Dear Experts,   I need to consume RESTful service which response is content typed with application/atom+xml. I did a quick reseach and found this thread which says a one-off patch is provided by Oracle developmen...
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  • Problem to access BAPIs and RFCs from JDeveloper but connection works.

    Dear Community,   I have a problem while accessing SAP R3 with JCo.   We are using and JCo3.   The logging while accessing the BAPIs is the following: WARNING: SAP client Connected success...
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  • AQ adapter with XA transaction

    Hi All,   We have an OSB process which is consuming messages from AQ and publishes the message to IBM MQ. Oracle AQ is configured with max_retries = 5 and retry interval = 5sec.   In OSB we are using XA t...
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  • Issue while invoking a stored procedure in DB2 from Oracle OSB flow

    oracle.tip.adapter.sa.api.JCABindingException: oracle.tip.adapter.sa.impl.fw.ext.org.collaxa.thirdparty.apache.wsif.WSIFException: servicebus:/WSDL/Test_Project/Application/Project1/TestSP [ TestSP_ptt::TestSP(InputPa...
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  • Question about Calling Concurrent Sales Order

    Hello.   Im trying follow this instructions by Oracle.   Using Concurrent Programs   And insert records into interface tables works fine, but when i invoke the concurrent, the error and the imput par...
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  • How to consume messages from Rabbit MQ to OSB through Weblogic 11g

    Requirement: Need to consume messages from Rabbit MQ hosted in different servers into OSB service hosted in Weblogic 11g/12c environment.   Need guidance what could be done here.
    Arun M.
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  • WF_BPEL_QTAB Queue Table Is Not Populated

    Hi, I am facing issue with using Oracle Apps adapter with Oracle SOA Suite 11g for subscribing custom business events from Oracle E-business Suite. The issue is that whenever a custom event is being generated, it is...
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  • SCP File transfer in Oracle Soa?

    Hi, How to do SCP File Transfer in Oracle SOA. I have tried using JCA FTP adapter to connect to Remote server and Configured FTP JNDI (admin console)with --(port:22 and useSftp:true). But Failed at Invoke activity- JC...
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  • SFTP Put is intermittently working

    We are on SOA 11g ( We have a SFTP Adapter that we are using to send files to a vendor. It looks like the Vendor is locking the file when they think it is completely loaded. We have asked them to remove thi...
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  • DB Adapter :SOA composite instances getting stuck in RUNNING state

    Hi Guys, We have a SOA Composite which is polling on multiple tables based on some criteria. We observed instances are getting Stuck with RUNNING state and not creating BPEL instances. we have used different  opt...
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  • NPE when invoking stored procedure with NO OUT parameters

    Dear Community,   My case in brief:      - SOA Suite 12c;      - Oracle DB 11g R2;      - very simple stored procedure (table API) created in schema...
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