• Oracle Service Bus - Deployment error

    Hello!   I'm trying to accomplish the deployment of a ServiceBus Project and I'm not getting .   The error reported in the log below:   [ 2:17:53 PM] ---- Deployment started . ---- [ 2:17:53 PM] Tar...
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  • Unable to create Cloud Operation and Unable to find username in credential store

    I have a requirement to integrate salesforce cloud to some on-premise application using OSB12c( I generated outbound business service for query operation under SOSL/SOQL operation category of Salesforce A...
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  • Integrate Oracle Retail Point Of Service with web application through ESB

    Hi All,   We are integrating our web application with ORPOS DB/ interface through ESB. Can someone guide on how the services can be connected in ORPOS?   Thanks
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  • How to do webservice for journal import in fusion.

    How to do webservice for journal import in fusion.   I created a payload for UCM but i am not able to upload it.please provide a documentation to do web services in journal import and financial service utilities....
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  • Messages not satisfying the message selector

    Inn OSB, we have a scenario, where there are 2 proxy services, listening to a common topic.   Each proxy has a different message selector. What happens to the message which doesn't satisfy any of the message sel...
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  • SOA Cloud Vs Oracle Integrated Services Cloud (ICS)

    Hi , We have implemented one SOA Based solution. We want to integrate/Host( watever best suites) using ICS or SOA Cloud. Any one has idea about these two ?? and which is best to use?? Any documentation on it will he...
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  • Not able to test Interaction from Oracle Studio for Legacy adapter

    Hi,   I am able to Create and TEST the CICS adapter from the Oracle Studio for legacy adapter. But While Testing the Interaction from the Oracle Studio for legacy adapter. I am getting the below error Message. ...
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  • Save Attachment from WebService Response

    Hi,   I am calling FinancialUtilServices -> downloadESSJobExecutionDetails to download the output file and get the below response. I would like to know as to how to save the file pointed by the tag <xop:In...
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  • Magento e-comerce integration with Oracle e-Business Suite

    Is there best practice reference guide to integrate 3rd party e-commerce with Oracle e-Business Suite?   best regards, Roman
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    We are upgrading to as a fresh install. We currently use the COMPOSITE_INSTANCE.ID column in some of our integrations. We would like to update the sequences to keep the range so that we do not have overlap. ...
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  • SOA composite giving authentication error - used in Oracle Identity Manager

    SOA Experts,   This is my first post to this soa forum. Reason I am posting in this soa forum is because OIM (Oracle Identity Manager) uses SOA to run its workflow. Normally the composite is called to run a work...
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  • Cloud Financials Util Service Integration using BPEL

    I need some help with integrating to the cloud using BPEL - So far following the Cookbook I have been able to Integrate to the cloud Financial Util Service using Java JaxWS and also using a testing tool like SOAP-UI. ...
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  • OSB MFL UTF-8 Issue

    I'm having a similar issue as in the discussion linked below: https://community.oracle.com/thread/3554623   I have a Binary to XML MFL setup, with UTF-8 codepage set for each field and as Default MFL Encoding (...
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  • Service Bus 12c Class not found 'oracle.tip.pc.services.functions.ExtFunc'

    Hi,   Did anyone came across this issue with Class not being found for XSLT Function used in transformer on 12c OSB.   I'm using oraext:sequence-next-val and have configured as below: namespace-uri:http:/...
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  • OSB to MQ, using Foreign Server

    Hi All,              I am working on OSB to MQ connectivity, using Foreign Server. I was able to establish the connectivity using Sun JDK 1.6. However when I JRo...
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  • Issue while exporting data from SOA MDS

    Hello, I am seeing a strange issue while exporting data from SOA MDS.  Unknowingly we imported the SOA MDS export from EM console and that created a extra folder in MDS directory named as "soa-infra_metadata" wh...
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  • Provide authenticated username as parameter to a business service in OSB 12c

    Dear OSB/OSB experts,   I have the following issue: 1. I have a web service that would accept username as a parameter in the SOAP request in order to do some internal authorization checks (filtering database ro...
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  • Oracle ADF 12c SDO :- Failure in SDOSerializer.deserialize

    Hi,   I am working on ADF 12c  and I have created a SDO service. while testing the SDO service from SOAP UI, I am getting below error           <env:Fault> &...
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  • In OSB , xquery issue with large volume data

    Hi , I am facing one problem in xquery transformation in OSB.   There is one xquery transformation where I am comparing all the records and if there are similar records i am clubbing them under same first node...
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  • Create XML File in  HIPAA 834 file structure

    Hi ,      We have to create XML file in HIPAA 834 file format , Do we have any build in component/Adapter for this . It something like calling that build in omponent and map the XML elements to the sou...
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