• Is ADF login inside BAM integrated with BAM authentication?

    Hi guys,     I have a very basic question about Oracle BAM and I just need a confirmation if this is possible. If I understood it correctly, inside Oracle BAM I can create a panel showing an ADF application...
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  • JMS Queue Not Appearing in JMS Adapter

    Hello All,   I have just started working with Oracle SOA Suite 11g. I have created a new JMS Queue in "Enterprise Console". I have created new "ConnectionFactory and Queue" and deployed them. However, in SOA Com...
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  • BAM Connection in 12C -  Failed to establish a connection to localhost at port 7004.Please verify the Bam server host and JNDI port.

    Hi,   BAM server is running on 7004 in our local system.   We need o connect to BAM server from OSB service.   We tried to use the BAM adapter in the pipeline in 12c, We received Failed to establish ...
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  • oracle BAM, getting error while running ICOMMAND

    oracle BAM   unable to load configuration from file: BAMICommandConfig.xml   [ErrorSource="java.lang.Exception: unable to load configuration from file: BAMICommandConfig.xml"]   Any sugg...
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  • BAM Dashboard is not refreshing when we click on Reprompt button

    Hi   BAM Dashboard is not refreshing when we click on Reprompt button.Data has been changed in the underlined data object (External object) , but when we click on reprompt button dashboard is not showing the lat...
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  • Does anyone know the steps to re-install BAM

    Hi All,   Does anyone know the steps to de-install and re-install BAM without removing the SOA installation?   Even after deleting the managed servers and bam folders, running the installer does not give m...
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  • Publish List of Vales from BPM 12c to BAM 12c

    Hi,   I have a requirement to publish a list of data objects in BAM and process metrics for custom reports. I could not find the dimentions, measures to assign it to a project or process data objects. I could fi...
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  • Calling stored procedure From Oracle BAM 11g Reports ???

    Is it possible to pass user prompt value from oracle bam11g report  to the stored procedure  as parameter and get data from database and display report on that?  Reagrds, Ravi yadav
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  • BAM 12c: Show human task information

    I've created a BPEL process with human tasks. Added some metrics to the process and enabled process metrics and analytics.  In the standard Process Analytics dashboards the process instances are visible in the pr...
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  • Problem using BAM 12c with BPEL

    Hi All, i have created a simple BPEL process in 12c. In this process I have defined business indicators ( 1 dimension and one measure). When I deploy the process I can see the data objects <CompositeName> Proj...
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  • BAM 11g start fail - BAM-00533 - systemobjectnotification

    Hi Experts,   I am facing an issue in starting the BAM server. The environment is clustered. For BAM we are using only one single server in it. It was working previously however some one has changed something o...
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  • Destination unreachable - no t3s protocol in the URL - Oracle BAM

    Hello,          I am using sensor activity which writes to BAM, but whenever the activity is triggered i get the following error. SSL is configured on BAM server. The error sa...
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  • BAM 12c iFrame in WebCenter Portal

    hi All,     We are not able to embed BAM 12c dashboards as an iframe in ADF as our ADF application is deployed on different origin (server). Is there any way to embed the BAM 12c dashboards in applications...
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  • Can't extend a domain to add BAM

    Greetings,   I installed a WLS 12c domain having an admin server, a soa/bpm one and an OSB one. I'm trying know to extend it such that to have a BAM managed server as well. I'm using the BAM_MGD_SVRS template. W...
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  • JNDI Connection keeps running

    Hi,   While making BAM Connection through "BAM Connection Wizard (Jdev)" I get the following after clicking Test connection   Testing HTTP connection ... success Test Data Object browsing  &nb...
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  • DO values getting wiped out

    Hi Experts,   I am using BAM sensors in BPEL to update the values in the DO. My DO has 3 fields pk_id, object_name and object_age. In the BPEL, i need to update the value of object_age based on different act...
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  • Exporting Bam object into Excel or csv files?

    Hi frds, i have query, i want export in Bam one dataobject to Excel and csv files can we export ?? am trying create Excel report in Bam Active studio but its asking Oraclebam.cab but unable to install that its giving ...
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  • Backup a BAM Report Oracle

    Can we backup a BAM Report  ???? How ??
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  • Sample payload to include multiple Data objects in BAM

    Hi,   We are using BAM 12c in our project. We have a requirement to insert/update data into multiple data objects as part of an EMS [Enterprise Message Source] request. As part of the request, I have some Dimens...
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  • Oracle BAM 12c samples

    Where can I download BAM 12c sample from?  OTN points to https://www.java.net/search/node/oraclebam12c but there is nothing available to download.
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