• OSB: To Proxy or not To Proxy?

    Hello OSB experts,   I have a question on how to design the artifacts in OSB.   We followed the Oracle design guidelines in dividing the services in Connectivity, Data, Activity, Process and Utility Servic...
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  • Push notifications through OSB

    Hi,   what are the parameters or operations which can be added to a web service in order to support push notifications via OSB from the client application. How it is beneficial compared to or over the SMS or em...
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  • Publish EDN event from OSB Business Service in SOA Suite 12c

    Hi everyone,   Is there a way that we can publish an EDN event directly from OSB Business Service in SOA Suite 12c ?   Thanks in advance !!   Kind Regards, Prateek
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  • SOA Suit performance Tuning

    Hi, Could anyone suggest me where I can find more real time scenarios about the Oracle Soa11g performance tuning rather than cook book.     Thank You In Advance..
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  • patch 20423535 failed for

    Hi,   I tried applying the bundle patch 20423535 in order to upgrade to from but it failed:   Oracle Interim Patch Installer version Copyright (c) 2012, Oracle Corporation...
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  • Mediator container ID's  corresponding to node is not dropping even after the node is shut-down in MEDIATOR_CONTAINERID_LEASE table

    Just to summarize the issue 1.When we shut down the managed server the MEDIATOR CONTAINER_ID present in MEDIATOR_CONTAINERID_LEASE table should drop based on the Container ID Lease Time-out(sec) value specified in EM...
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  • OSB 12c - Deployment structure

    Hi all,   I'm facing an issue where the reference to my schema  files are invalid after deploying to the OSB server.   Here is the structure of my project on SVN:   \Rel1\OSB\Customer\trunk\WEBS...
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  • update Unable to notify adapter of property changes>>

    Hello All,   When i do database polling ,records are not polling  from database getting below error.   <simtcvad4029> <soa_server1> <ReplicatedCache:soa_domain_soa_clusterCacheService:E...
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  • B2B AQ IP_ENQUEUE how to set the eb:ConversationId?

    Hello,   we are currently developing a B2B connection using the AQ method, instead of the default JMS. In the default JMS we can alter the eb:ConversationId.   Can this also be done in the AQ method using...
    Dwight Looyé
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  • Initialize option in WS Debugging in SOA 12c is grayed out

    I have installed 12c SOA suite locally on my machine.  Initialize option in WS Debugging in SOA 12c is grayed out Could you please advise ,i i saw a post in forum but there was no fix for it.
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  • Oracle RightNow Adapter versus Service Adapter

    Hi All,   I have oracle j develper 11g and I need to integrate with OracleRightNow system. One way is to upgrade to 12c and use RightNow Inbuild adapter. My doubt  is, is it possible to use a Service adapt...
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  • SOA 11g healthcare integration Version

    Hi Gurus,   We are in process of install and configuration of SOA 11g healthcare adapter. The requirement is to process HL7 ADT, ORM, SIU messages using healthcare adapter. The source sends XML messages to SOA a...
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  • Oracle SOA problem with transformation inside mediator

    Hi, I have a problem with transformation inside mediator.   Case: 1. Mediator invokes several services. 2. Every service has a response. 3. I want to join several responses to one (mediator response)   ...
    Sameh Saber
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  • Enabling Cloud for Oracle SOA Suite 11g/Oracle Service Bus

    Hi, We have middleware environment running both Oracle SOA/OSB 11g with 4/8 managed servers each in the VM's. Is there a case study/use case for cloud enabling such a middleware ecosystem?   Thanks
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  • soa-infra deployment down - PS6 - Cluster

    Hi All,   The soa-infra deployment in our production environment is down and displays below error when try to start it from em.   Invoking Start Up operation for application soa-infra on target soa_server2...
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  • How to configure Endpoint URI in osb's ProxyService?

    usually  jms://(host:port)/FactoryJndiName/QueueJndiName for example  jms://, And I found that such a configuration like jms:///CF-IN/QueueIn i want to know wha...
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  • JAX-WS: Encrypting Username and Password Token in the request Header

    Hi,   I am using JDev and Weblogic 10.3.   I have developed a service with oracle/wss_username_token_service_policy OWSM Security Policy.   When the request is sent, the username and the p...
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  • OER 12c: After creating domain weblogic console does not recognize password

    Hi   I've recently installed OER 12c:   1.- I installed Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure. 2.- Installed Oracle Enterprise Repository 3.- Runned rcu.bat and created the DEV_OER schema 4.- Created ...
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  • OSB: Where is the test XQuery functionality in SOA QuickStart

    Hi   I'm trying the new SOA QuickStart and I can't seem to find the test xquery functionality that existed in the Workshop in earlier versions.   Regards,   Néstor
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  • OSB: How to wait for a incoming message in a Proxy Service

    Hi   Is there a way for a proxy service to wait for an incoming message like the Receive activity in BPEL?   Regards,   Néstor
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