• sftp configuration in OSB

    We are configuring the sftp in OSB, but we are not able to poll the file from the desired location. The URL and port enetered are correct , service account also has been created but still the file is not polled. If we...
    Arun Ku Singh
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  • Unable to pass data to Rest Service POST method through OSB 11g

    Hi All,   We have developed a Rest Service with Post method which is as following   @POST @Produces({MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON}) @Consumes({MediaType.TEXT_PLAIN}) @Path("/employeedetail/textform") pu...
  • osb 12c jenkins/maven build/deploy oracle_home needed

    Hello   I'm implementing a continuous delivery solution to build/deploy/test osb12c projects via jenkins/maven/nexus.   I'm using the new oracle maven respository to do this, but it seems that it's still n...
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  • Oracle sap adapter in osb 12c - Not returning complete error

    Hi..I have noticed a difference in the way how errors are handled in oracle SAP adpater 12c in osb 12c. Business/Application Errors are being thrown as JCO exceptions where as in older version those were returned as p...
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  • How to process all records with fault handler when using DB Poller and retry fault policy?

    Using JDeveloper 12.1.3 for a SOA composite with BPEL 2.0, I am using a DB Adapter to poll records from a database that are retrieved all at the same time and then sent to BPEL one at a time (DB rows per transaction i...
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  • oracle service bus 12c ws-addressing doesn't work when using owsm-security policy

    My (soapUI) testclient sends a request to an osb12c proxyservice.  The client adds a WS-addressing MessageID to the header : <soapenv:Header xmlns:wsa="http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing"> <wsa:Mess...
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  • UDDI Registry -weblogic&oracle service bus

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  • Trying to deploy a SCA composite from Jdeveloper version

    Hi , Getting the below error when I try to deploy a composite from the Jdeveloper which is migrated from version.     [10:53:48 AM] Deployment cancelled. [10:53:49 AM] ----  Deployment inc...
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  • Not able to deploy soa application on local host

    I am not able to deploy my soa application on localhost. Below is the error stack. Please help me.     oracle.rc.asadapter.connection.ConnectionException   at oracle.rc.asadapter.weblogic.connection...
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  • Integrate workday to Oracle Apps

    Hi,   I have one requirement integrate Workday to Oracle Apps   1)Data is coming from csv files means .txt 2)we need to use FTP Adapter 3) Target is Oracle Apps Database(Using E-Business Adapter) 4) Fir...
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  • Handling Fault in Mediator

    Hi,      I've to read messages from MQ using Mediator and update the data into Oracle table. I want to handle validation (xsd) error, runtime error (SQL Error, XPath and etc). How do i catch the below ...
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  • mvn package not working on linux for composite with embedded java (compilation errors)

    I have the BPEL with the simple embedded java code in composite application:   String instanceTitle  = (String)getVariableData("InstanceNameString"); setFlowInstanceTitle(instanceTitle);   When i pac...
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  • Java embedded code compilation error in OIM11g and SOA

    Hi,   I am having same issue. My Java embedded code is working fine when i hard code connection credentials for OIM. But its throwing error when i have added below code   ----- String oimUserName = ""; S...
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  • vlan for middle tier and db

    Hi,   For the middle tier(soa) and DB is it recommended to run them on separate vlan or have them on the same one?   Our environment is ODAX4-2 and we plan to deploy SOA and DB on its individual VM and any...
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  • Schema for .docx file extension

    Hi I want to produce my .docx file to JMS queue. I am having schema of the .docx file as: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?> <xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"  &...
    Himanshu Sethi
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  • OSB 12c proxy server error - BEA-000903

    Dear All,   I used JDeveloper 12c to create a new OSB project that consuming REST service, that REST require proxy server to be accessed I added this proxy server to proxy server resources, but when test the bu...
    mohamed abd ellatife
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  • wsdl 2.0 supporting

    hi all   i can not find any useful information about wsdl 2.0 in soa suite looks like soa suite use only wsdl 1.1 may be i missed something somewhere, but where ?   but what about plans, ideas of using w...
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  • getting NL Exception was generated from SOA platform

    hi,   We are not able to connect to application( on 11i RAC database) from SOA, getting NL Exception was generated error, please help.     regards Gopal gopala.kalle@ge.com
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  • Sorting in xslt mapper with current() function

    We have a project where we have a mapping in which we have to sort on a value with is retrieved from another branch by using a reference (kind of foreign key). To be able to make the association, the current() functi...
    Emiel Paasschens
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  • Impossible to deploy BPM Process by Enterprise Manager.

    Hello,   It is not possible to deploy bpm process in Enterprise Manager. When I try to deploy the file, the error below is presented:   Implantando na partição "CPLLoadTest" de "/Domain_soa_d...
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