• FTP Adapter error for SFTP-BINDING.JCA-11445

    We are using a FTP adapter to connect to a SFTP server hosted on Cloud environment  but getting the below error. I have rechecked  the below settings: Host:provided username:provided Password:provided ...
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  • Oracle SOA 12c for-each loop

    Hi, I created a for-each loop in SOA 12c bpel but its counter is not getting incremented. Should I need to increment counter manually? I did this too but it starts giving exception of null values. This is how I creat...
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  • Transform activity source type is wsdl instead of xsd

    When creating a transform activity my source and target type are set to wsdl instead of xsd and i doesn't transform that data that comes from the source variable to target variable;   See below example:   ...
    Ernest Mafuyeka
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  • OutOfMemoryError: allocLargeObjectOrArray: [C, size 12221432

    Hello, This is similar to the following question:   OutOfMemoryError: allocLargeObjectOrArray   The stack trace are as follows:   Caused by: weblogic.servlet.jsp.CompilationException: Failed to comp...
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  • Security Policy on REST Adapter

    I am working on adding Security Policy (Authentication & Authorization) to a REST Adapter in my composite in SOA Suite 12c.   I noticed when creating the Application Policy for my group, in adding the Permis...
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  • Debug with Jdeveloper 12.1.3

    Hi guys,   I'm developing and application for SOA Suite using BPEL and OSB 12.1.3 with weblogic 12.1.3 and Jdeveloper. I need to debug a couple of OSB proxy's.   After restarting the weblogic by changing t...
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  • JMS deployment plan.xml issue in updating JNDI names

    Hello All, I am working on Oracle SOA 12c on a cluster environment with 2 nodes. I am facing issue in updating deployment JNDI name for jms adapter. I have created jms servers ,jms module and Distriubuted queues and c...
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  • SOA 11g integration with rest API

    Does SOA 11g support integration with rest API ? If yes, any documentation on the same. We are trying to build integration with SFDC API   Thanks.
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  • OSB中使用JAVA CALLOUT,读取数据的JAVA文件返回内容要求是什么样的?

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  • Oracle Service Bus Execution Context

    Hi guys,   I'm developing a solution using 12c (BPEL / OSB) and I'm trying to include some message tracking using out-of-box features, but I'm not being able to get the ECID (Execution Context ID) in a proxy ser...
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  • SOA 12c Resequencer

    Hello,   I have a service that dequeues from a JMS ant then goes to a mediator configured as a FIFO resequencer and then to a bpel. Everything goes smooth most of times, but sometime the groups go to a state 7 i...
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  • SOAP binding over MQ transport support

    Hi All,   I would like to know if the OSB and SOA Suite 11g products support SOAP binding over MQ transport. If yes, how should we do it?   Regards, Aditya
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  • WLSTException: Error occurred while performing activate

    HI All   I am trying to do some changes using wlst , but while activating I am getting following error:   WLSTException: Error occurred while performing activate : Error while Activating changes. : [Manage...
    Nitin Rana-OC
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  • OSB 12C - new Rest Interface

    just sharing some impressions about this new version, 1. i think move OSB from OEPE to Oracle Studio was a great change 2. now we have a real contract decoupled from solution logic 3. the new Rest component has ...
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  • Human Workflow - Unable to retrieve attachments

    Hello,   Am able to successfully add an attachment using the Workflow webservices (addAttachment operation). I logged onto the SOA INFRA DB and checked the 'WFAttachment' table, and confirmed that the BLOB is i...
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  • Error While executing the SOA Composite application.

    Hi Gurus,   I have recently installed the VM box "oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ovi" for Learning the SOA and also gone through the SOA Oracle training so i have the lab exercise documents with me. So i was ...
    G Vijay
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  • SOA weblogic jms issue

    We have deployed the application in cluster, JMS servers are created for each managed server and Uniform distributed queue is created which is common to both the servers.   SOA is not able to read the messages f...
    Ernest Mafuyeka
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  • SOA 12c Composite Build using Maven

    Hi,   I'm trying to build SOA 12c Composites using Maven 3. using command mvn install , so that i can build my composites and place jars in local maven repository. But it is doing the following things: 1. Comp...
    Chandra ReddyK
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  • SOA Messaging Reliability through JMS and Oracle Service Bus

    by Sebastian Lik-Keung Ma This article describes the design of a reliable messaging solution for SOA integration projects. It uses concepts like canonical schemas, durable POJO (Plain Old Java Object) messages, publ...
    Bob Rhubart-Oracle
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  • Not able to create BPMN process in Jdeveloper 12c

    Hi All,   Need your assistance, i am getting "java.lang.nullpointer" exception when i am trying to create the BPMN process. Everything else is working fine (so fa whatever i have tested, like OSB or SOA-BPEL). ...
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