• MessageQ: start OMQ from userA and read messages from userB

    Hi, I've problem using MessageQ 5 on RHEL 6.5 platform but the same problem occurs also on TRU64. I start OMQ from userA and read message from another custom process (C code) start from userB; the function pams_get_m...
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  • TCP/IP Timeout setting when using CLS

    G'day community,   I'm in a project where we need to change the link-loss detection for DMQ connection using TCPIP, independent of the systemwide TCPIP/IP settings (we're talking DMQ v5.0-RP47 in OpenVMS 8.4). &...
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  • Options for integration with BMQ

    Hi,   In our current environment we have the need for connecting on some BMQ queues to integrate with other systems.   One of the possibilities for this would be to use the Tuxedo OTMQ or using an older C ...
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  • initialization failure - qe, caught signal 15

    Please could you help me ?   The OMQ is not running any more.   Now when I try to start the group, It has got a error 'signal 15'   The OS is $ cat /etc/redhat-release Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server...
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  • MessageQ keep-alive. Info about client disconnect

    Hi,   I'm using BEA MEssageQ to recieve messages from clients. But i need information if client is disconnected. Is there any keep-alive mechanism which tell me if client disconnected. Or maybe there is a messag...
  • Oracle Discoverer Language format problem.

    Hi, We have Discoverer BI downloaded on several pcs that got winxp installed. We upgraded these pcs to win7. however when we downloaded the discoverer, some win7 pc discoverer reports have expressed a format problem ...
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  • MessageQ for OpenVMS Alpha V5.0-22(RP9)

    hi any gurus out there who knows the above topic version MessageQ for openvms alpha, can you share me a simple to understand or not so complex openvms script that can send me alerts whenever there are connection probl...
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  • Configuring BMQ

    hi All, We have a messaging application that uses Bea MessageQ for message transfer across the network. The application is currently hosted on an infrastructure with below specifications. OS : Solrais 9 Oracle...
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  • MessageQ API in C#

    Hello, Does anyone port MessageQ APIs successfully to C# 2005? For example, pams_attach_q in C# can be defined as below... [DllImport("DmqCl32.dll")] public static extern int pams_attach_q(ref int attachmode...
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  • PAMS__RESRCFAIL on pams_cancel_timer only with message on the queue

    I'm using Oracle MessageQ on RedHat 6.2 as we are migrating from OpenVMS to Linux. Seemed to work pretty good until now we have discovered the following: When our programs calls pams_cancel_timer we get a returnsta...
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    hi All, I get the "PAMS__RESRCFAIL, Failed to allocate resource" error in my UNIX operating system. I have the following BMQ processes running on the server. Pid Process Name State Prio Time CPU User 12956 dmq...
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  • Gathering Buffer information

    Hi All, I'm writing a monitoring tool that should run in the background and gather information about the amount of messages sent and received, number of buffers used and available, quota's etc. I know all this inf...
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  • Configure HornetQ with weblogic server

    Hi I am new to SOA as well as HornetQ. I want to configure WLS with remote HornetQ. I know JMS adapter in BPEL will help me to make a call. But how will I get the JNDI name for the HornetQ? And Do i also have to do an...
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  • MessageQ for RHEL5

    Hi, we are investigating the possibility to migrate our OpenVMS Alpha applications to RHEL5. These applications rely heavily on the use of BMQ, so we want to use Oracle MessageQ on RHEL5 too. We have downloaded Mes...
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  • chk files in BMQ server workdir

    What do the dmqcls_<clienthost>_<number>.chk files in the BEA MQ server workdir mean? They are getting more and more. Can they be deleted? Regards Herbert
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  • attaching MOTs to queue fails

    I'm using BEA MQ 5 connecting from a Windows client to a HP-UX server. Sending and Receiving with queues is OK, Whenever I want to attach a MOT to a queue, there is an error on server side: sbs, Invalid version nu...
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  • Oracle MessageQ 5 what is latest RP available for Red Hat Linux 6.2

    What is the latest available patch for Oracle MessageQ 5 for Red Hat Linux...as is Red Hat Linux 6.2 supported We currently run MessageQ 5 RP41 for Red Hat Linux 5.4 but are looking to upgrade OS to Red Hat Linux 6
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  • Running MessageQ on new Windows versions - when is the support coming?

    We've been running MessageQ for 10 years on Windows succesfully from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. It's been working well. We are also running MessageQ on OpenVMS Itanium and before that on Alpha &a...
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  • XA exception in Websphere

    Hi, I am getting this exception. My environment is WAS 7, Websphere MQ and Oracle XA. I would appreciate any explanation on why I am getting this exception. Thanks!!! An exception occurred while invoking end ...
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  • Error - ipi, message queue operation failed

    we are trying to startup bmq but its finished with error. Please could you help us ? BEA MessageQ, V5.0 RP8, Wed Mar 29 13:13:49 EST 2000 Copyright (c) 2000 BEA Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. *********...
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