• Mix of Java and C in the same Tuxedo 12.5 Server?

    I'm running a big Tuxedo application that run a mix of Cobol and C calling each other within the same service.    Will it be possible that I will convert the Cobol code into Java, so I will have a mix of C...
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  • Reduce Tuxedo retry interval

    We are trying to reduce the retry interval of WTC connector and Tuxedo. It was set to default 60 secs. We have set it to 5 secs in both weblogic and Tuxedo end, but it is not working. The background of the issue is i...
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  • Hello, i've got problems with questions marks on the returns of a DB2 mainframe with tuxedo, the marks disappear. No problems encountered with IMS. When a request with "??" in the text in send with tuxedo, the marks have disappeared when we ask the DB2 ab

    Hello, i've got problems with questions marks on the returns of a DB2 mainframe with tuxedo, the marks disappear. No problems encountered with IMS. When a request with "??" in the text in send with tuxedo, the marks h...
  • Tuxedo server crash details in ULOG

    Hi   Is there any way we can add more information like PID to be added in ULOG when a tuxedo server crashes.   e.g. we get this message in ULOG.   143356.abcd12!TMSYSEVT.22073.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:1477: E...
  • SSL Support in Tuxedo 9.1?

    Hi, Firstly apologies if these are 'obvious' questions but I'm a newbie to Tuxedo!! I've been asked to look at the viability of enabling outbound SSL from an old legacy 9.1 Tuxedo system for which we (unsurprisingly...
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  • tracking transactions withinTuxedo TXid/Call id

    Hi,   I have this output in an audit log of the gateway domain :   TUXSV1_AUDITDM_GWS5:786560:DPTUX1S1:DPMOLIRTAGE:BASE_POL:x0 x559364f3 x1868f45::IN FROM TUXEDO :Fri Jul 24 11:30:58 2015 TUXSV1_AUDITDM_G...
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  • Tuxedo mkfldhdr32 command for C++

    Can I get some implementation to use this command (mkfldhdr32) with my C++ program or just an algorithm, how does it works ? I need to have it in my desktop program but I cant connect to tuxedo for this.
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  • Unable to start BBL, new server

    Hi all,   New server setup .. RHL 6.6 w/ Tuxedo 11gR2 (no patches)   ULOG says:   114748.DEVTUX!tmadmin.5433.3078424784.-2: TMADMIN_CAT:1330: INFO: Command: boot 114752.DEVTUX!BBL.5435.3077708384.0:...
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  • tuxedo application memory leak

    i have found that one tuxedo application had memory leak problem are there any ways to discover which part of the program cause this problem like heapdump for java? thank u !
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  • Automatic Group migration and TLOG

    Hi,   is there any best practice regarding automatic group failover (using the SGRPFAILOVER parameter in UBBCONFIG *RESOURCES) in conjunction with the TLOG (i e running dumptlog/loadtlog/logstart)? Or does one n...
    Per Lindström
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  • Tuxedo 12cR1 SSL cipher suite selection

    Hi all,   After migration from Tuxedo 10gR3 (Linux 32-bit) to Tuxedo 12cR1 (Solaris SPARC 64-bit) during SSL negotiation SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 cipher suite are selected. Before on Tuxedo 10gR3 it has alway...
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  • erwhere can I found the Error log for tpalloc memory creation exception??

    My program code as follows: printf("test before"); "(char *)tpalloc("STRING",NULL,(strlen("test")+1))" printf("test after");   While executing above block of code, in the log am getting "test before", second ...
  • TuxJES User Substitution

    Hi,   We pretend to enable the User Substition in TuxJES to associate to the Job submission the OS user credentials.   We followed the following steps:   1- Configuring JESCONFIG in TuxJES:   PR...
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  • When I am loading data from a VB file

    I am trying to load data into a GDG file with VB format but i am getting an error mi_FileAssign : The record length (10-296) as a bad format.  Here 10 is min length max length is 296  . Does any one has any ...
  • ARTIMPP_ORA CMDTUX_CAT:819 INFO : assumed process id=xxxxx started (pipe)

    While in one domain this service is starting successfully, it does not in other domain and fails with CMDTUX_CAT : 819 error. Help is required and thanks in advance. OS Linux Tuxedo
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  • service time out while tmshutdown -yc

    One of the service is taking time to shutdown and timing out eventually. ULOG doesnt give much information. what could be the possible reason to time out? Only this service is timing out.   Server Id = 309 Group...
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  • tuxedo的某个server died,怎么分析died的原因

    在tuxedo的ULOG中出现如下报错: 010516.qmvc1!BBL.11338268.1.0: CMDTUX_CAT:1836: WARN: Server(6489366) processing terminated with SIGKILL after SVCTIMEOUT 010516.qmvc1!BBL.11338268.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:541: WARN: Server G_HEBYYD1/23...
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  • DOMAINS connections through Load Balancers

    We have a situation where we connect 5 Tuxedo application servers (APP1_1-5) to 7 other Tuxedo application servers (AP2_1-7) using  DOMAINS.   We achieve a form of load balancing utilizing the following...
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  • > psr TMADMIN_CAT:116: ERROR: Memory allocation failure.

    Hi,        tmadmin return TMADMIN_CAT 116 for command psr when MAXSERVICES is equal to 300.000. In documentation put "Maximum number of different Oracle Tuxedo services that can be advertised...
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  • Memory leaks from tuxedo library(tpreturn/tpcall)

    We are getting around 130KB of memory leaks per API call which can be seen by ps command as well. This continues to grow till 7 GB and server crashes.   We ran valgrind tool twice(once with 1 call and secondly w...
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