• Tuxedo MQSeries adapter

    Hi,   Someone could you please provide some docs or explain about Tuxedo MQSeries adapter for Tuxedo 12c? TMSNAME=TMS_MQS--> How to build this TMS and how is it different from other Tuxedo MQ adapters?  ...
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  • Calculate kernel parameters

    I'm trying to clean up our configuration and make it more 'generic'. The goal is to make it possible to automatically configure limits for shared memory, ipc, semaphores, etc on a machine depending on amount of RAM an...
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  • tuxedo ping client.

    Hello,   I am trying to build a ping client in tuxedo. I want to be able to ping a service from one machine to another. completely separate machines but both with the same tuxedo instances. Is that possible?&nbs...
  • How are requests enqueued

    Dear experts of Tuxedo,   may a request to a server be enqueued despite being busy ?   The reason we ask this is that we (perhaps unfortunately) do have a server with a service that have dependency to anot...
    Kristian Ivarsson
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  • Building SALT SIMPAPP fails with Tuxedo 12cR2

    I get the following error during the build.  I am using: export TUXDIR=/u01/tuxedo12_64/tuxedo12. export JAVA_HOME=/u01/java/jdk1.5.0_22 export ANT_HOME=/u01/java/apache-ant-1.6.5 export WL_HOME=/u01/w...
    Harvey Flinn
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  • Documentation error in Tuxedo 12.1.3 for 'jsimpapp' ...

    The 'jsimpapp' does not work if you do not install a JDK.  This does not seem to be explicitly stated in the README file.  The java compiler (javac) is not present in the Tuxedo installation.    ...
    Harvey Flinn
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  • Tuxedo 12.1.3 webgui  console startup fails

    I am trying to get the Tuxedo Web Console up and running in a Linux environment.  I can start 'wlisten' and then 'tuxwsvr' ( port 8080 ).  These processes come up.  I then bring up Firefox and I do get ...
    Harvey Flinn
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  • 提交的sr(case)无法查看oracle的答复

    上周提交的一个oracle的tuxedo问题,但是无法查看oracle的回复,如何解决这个问题?oracle的工程师能直接给我们打个电话吗? sr编号:3-11510930931 在面板中的,无法查看。
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  • tuxedo tmshutdown error

    hello, I meet some problem on tuxedo application, tmboot is ok but tmshutdown err   tmshutdown  -y Shutting down all admin and server processes in /fmapp/trade/bin/tuxconfig     tmshutdown: in...
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  • Tuxedo Installation Error

    Hi all, I use  .Net Framwork 4 and When I install Tuxedo . Log file   --   installed Tuxedo at C:\Oracle\tuxedo12.1.1.0_VS2012 . Bu...
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  • Tuxedo installation error

    Hi All When I install  Tuxedo I got the following error :   Log File: 120649 xx.-PC!slisten.exe.3104.356.-2: 10-06-2015: client high water (), total client ()       &n...
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  • Tuxedo 10 to 11 hot upgrade and symbolic links ...

    The Tuxedo 10 (32-bit) to 11 (32-bit) hot upgrade appears to fail if TUXDIR is a symbolic link, and the symbolic link is changed between tlisten restarts.  Has anyone else seen this before?    I am tr...
    Harvey Flinn
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  • UTF-8 support with jolt.

         I am trying to get a UTF-8 encoded FML32 buffer from a weblogic 12c client (via JoltRemoteService.call()) a tuxedo 12c server in a windows environment.  the field is being read by CFfind3...
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  • Configure Tuxedo 12c with Oracle Wallet - encrypt WSL traffic

    Hi All,   I would like to encrypt connection between end user application based on ws client which is connecting to WSL on my tuxedo server. Unfortunately I do not know how to  prepare this kind of configur...
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  • Tuxedo Hot Upgrade issue with mutual authentication

    See Upgrading the Oracle Tuxedo System to 11g Release 1 (   I am trying to set up a "hot upgrade" example on my PC with 3 Linux VMs.  I am trying to upgrade from Tuxedo 10.0 to Tuxedo 11gR1 (11.1...
    Harvey Flinn
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  • Multiple Inbound Service using Same GateWay Instance

    Hi, Is it possible to configure multiple inbound services under same gateway in SALT? In other words, is it possible to support multiple WSDL files (app1.wsdl and app2.wsdl) using same port. Example: http://<we...
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  • tmadmin psr response : can't get temp file for writing

    Hi,   i've got a problem with my local tuxedo instalation. My servers and services works fine but when i try to list them using psr (printserver) or printclient tmadmin response: pg: Can't get temp file for wri...
    Bartłomiej Jarosiński
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  • DB instance used

    How to determine the database instance which is is being used by any application server?
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  • ETIME not logged in file stderr

    The probem occurs on a server Windows W2008 with tuxedo 10gR3 and TMA for TCP 10.0. To produce log records of service requests of a GWIDOMAIn server, I'am using the -r otption of servopts in the argument of the ser...
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  • Tuxedo MP config load balancing

    I have a Tuxedo 10.0 MP config with two machines and a GWTDOMAIN on each.  If I bring down the GWTDOMAIN on one of the machines then ALL of the request are sent to the remaining machine with the GWTDOMAIN still u...
    Harvey Flinn
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