• Get the sale cloud data

    Hi, I am using jdeveloper I am trying to get sale cloud data in our application using SOAP web services for that i create one proxy client and after that i created POJO classes and for this POJO class, I...
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  • Whiteboarding Software?

    Is there any whiteboarding software available for remote meetings etc, via Beehive or elsewhere internal to Oracle?   I have seen references to whiteboard.us.oracle.com, but the link is inactive.   Thanks ...
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  • export_email_data with sizy workspaces will generate corrupt zipfile

    in case any of you should run into this issue: when you try to import a export done with export_email_data, and the file is bigger than 2GB, you will be hitting Bug 10234825 (IMPORT_EMAIL_DATA FAILS WHEN DATA FILE IS ...
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  • front beehive with something other than BIGIP

    Obviously the iAS under Beehive cannot be updated nor replaced and, alas, Oracle cancelled its work on giving Beehive collaboration server a decent Weblogic base.   Question: while there are papers on h...
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  • OBEO easier find mail message triggering virus scan

    Although Cumulative Patch Set Readme says "This release does not include any new features.", for us, the fixed issue 19353165 (NEED MAIL DETAILS IN OBEO LOG FILES FOR ATTACHMENT DELETED/BLOCKED BY SOPHOS AV)...
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  • Beehive is out

    Long awaited Oracle Beehive Cumulative Patch Set has just come out. You can find it in MOS as patch 17533510.   See also Cumulative Patch Set Readme   So far, Oracle Beehive Online Doc...
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  • Beehive IMAP and Thunderbird 31

    There appears to be some SSL incompatibility in Beehive 2.0.1.x in IMAP:   While Thunderbird used to connect without issues in versions lower than 31, we now get the message "the IMAP server does not support the...
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  • msg: permission denied Operation proceeded with warning: "User_first_name User_lastname":: cannot be invited. Access denied resources are removed from meeting invitation.

    Hello,   I face trouble when somebody tries to send me an invitation.   There is a pop-up coming with the following : " Permission denied. --------------------- msg: permission denied Operation proceed...
  • Ensure Firefox / Thunderbird ESR 31 support

    Currently, Beehive is certified to run with Firefox / Thunderbird ESR 17 release   Upcoming Beehive, being the last premier support release, should offer Firefox / Thunderbird ESR 31 support. &...
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  • Beehive sessions at Open World 2014?

    I'd like to learn more about Beehive at Oracle Open World. I can't seem to find any Beehive sessions in the content catalog. Does anyone know of any?
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  • Database Integration - Email Distribution Lists

    I have an Oracle database application responsible, among other things, for managing report delivery  This process stores a list of active recipients for a given report and uses this list as part of a security che...
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  • setCompositeInstanceTitle in soa 12c

    In soa 12c ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle('dummy name') is not setting title in weblogic server as it did in soa 11g. Any pointers are appreciated.   Checked the documentation too   these are mentioned at ...
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  • Weblogic performance issues on deployed app that takes long hour to come up.

    Hi All,   IHAC who's an @Customer Model.This customer servers are not hosted at OMCS(Oracle Managed Cloud Services) they reside on Johannesburg.   We face exteremly sluggish performance issue when we try t...
  • External Access to Team Workspace

    I have set up a team workspace in Beehive and want to share with external clients to keep shared documents up to date between teams.  However, when I create a dummy Oracle user I cannot add it as a participant.&n...
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  • Stbeehive oracle emails for IOS

    Hi,   I want to configure Stbeehive oracle emails to my iphone.   How to do this. Is there any app for this?   Thanks
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  • How can I open chat room on iphone beehive?

    How can I open chat room on iphone beehive?
  • Remove the "Beehive Extensions for Explorer" icon from desktop

    It's incredibly annoying. It isn't treated like a normal file, directory, or shortcut. There's no clear way to delete it. I don't see any options in the menus or registry. I don't want to uninstall the software, I jus...
  • Sharing emails in workspace for Thunderbird users

    Hi, We have created a common workspace where we store common documents/Wiki & emails. It is very much possible and easy for MSOutlook users (with OBEO) to access shared workspace and review documents & emails...
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  • unable to sort column properly

    Hi all,   I got a table created in a beehive workspace. The first colunt is the item number and is set as "numerical" and "sortable". While editing the table the order is correct (meaning i.e. 100 comes after ...
  • REST API - How to reply to an email?

    Maybe I'm just missing it in the REST API documentation, but I can't figure out how to reply to an email using the API.  Can anybody point me in the right direction?   Thanks, Jon
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