• How to set path When Using the Enterprise Capture Text Commit Driver on a Linux System

    Hi,   The enterprise capture server is installed on linux machine and WFR in window Machine. I want to commit the invoice profile using the Text Commit driver of capture server, here I'm facing some problem in ...
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  • Clustered Vs Singlenode

    Hi All,   Please let us know whether caching works differently in clustered and single node env. We are facing a different issue:   Template-Parent(Cached)---------------Satellite:Page--------------------...
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  • javax.portlet.PortletException: doBridgeDispatch failed:  error from Bridge in executing the request

    We have converted the Webcenter Potal application into taskflows and generated a portlet. The portlet is running fine and also getting the WSDL, which can be used as portlet producer.   While integrating to Web...
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  • Error while bridging

    We have converted the Webcenter Portal application into taskflows and generated a portlet. The portlet is running fine and also getting the WSDL, which can be used as portlet producer.   While integrating to We...
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  • Webcenter spaces

    Hi everyone, Can anybody help on using webcenter spaces, what is the url for creating account in webcenter space? How to deploy sample adf protal applicaiton into webcenter spaces.?   Regards, Madhav
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  • BPM WorkSpace in WebCenter Space

    Hi,   How to configure BPM Workspace in WebCenter Space?   Pleaes help me & provide step by step configuration doc.   Thanks Dharm
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  • ADF application in weblogic server getting error out

    We are trying to deploy an ADF application in weblogic server and ended up with the following error     [October 31, 2013 3:34:17 PM IST] Initiating deploy operation ... [October 31, 2013 3:34:17 PM IST] S...
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  • How to reply to a message using Message Board REST API

    Hi , I am trying to post a message using Message Board REST API by using the following code WebResource webResource1 = client.resource("
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  • How to get all GroupSpaces name using Spaces API, irrespective of user logged in?

    Hi   Can anyone please tell me, how to retrieve list of all group spaces using Spaces API. I have used this method getGroupSpaces(null) to retrieve all group spaces, however it returns only the logged in members...
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  • SiteMinder with Spaces : SSO page presented multiple times !!!

    Hi,     We configured Webcenter Spaces application with SiteMinder by:   edit the setDomainEnv.sh script located in  <domain>/bin directory, and added the following entry : EXTRA_JAVA_PROP...
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  • Not able to authenticate Default Authenticated users into webcenter spaces

    Hi All, we are facing issue in Authenticated User log-in into web center spaces... we are using Active directory for the user authentication to the web center spaces. thats Working fine. but now able to authe...
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  • Navigate from ADF Security Error page

    Hi All, I am using JDeveloper .For my scenario I implemented ADF security in my application .I have login.jspx and Error.jspx.Everything working fine but if I try to navigate Error.jspx to NewUser.jspx...
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  • Reg : Webcenter spaces

    Hi Experts, I am new to web-center. I developed an application in adf and i converted it as port let . Now i need to deploy it to web center spaces. I deployed entire application to web-center spaces wh...
    Pramila Padam
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  • Webcenter Spaces Data control

    Hi All, I have requirement like, i have created one Data control in web center spaces using SQL query. and i want to use that data control on my page as a form (Not read only). i selected form while adding that dat...
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  • How to add a jar file into resource catalog in webcenter spaces

    Hi All, i am new to webcenter spaces. my requirement is like, i have created one adf taskflow and deployed it as a shared library.now i want to register this jar file as a resource catalog into webcenter spaces (i....
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  • Issue in rendering Spaces File Upload functionality in different browsers

    Hi All, I have used the basic upload a file functionality in my application in spaces. Basically this functionality has a text box and a button where you select the file you want to upload. But when I run my applic...
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  • deploy ADF library jar file to webcenter spaces

    dear all i deploy shared lib to weblogic and follow the document "Extending the Spaces Application Using JDeveloper" i add the lib name to the weblogic.xml when i tried to deploy the shared lib i got this error: ...
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  • Tutorials, Videos and Demos on Spaces Functionality

    Has anyone found any good Tutorials, Videos and Demos on Spaces Functionality? Like Using the Wiki and Blogs and the other uses of spaces? I loved to fine a "WOW look what spaces can do" Video.
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  • Webcenter Space runs no gui on VirtualBox

    Hi all, After so many tries I managed to install Web Center Space , on top of PreBuilt VM provided by Oracle using VirtualBox on MacOS , just to get an overview of Web Center. Since it requires lot of memories, i t...
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  • Enabling IM im WebCenter Spaces

    How do you enable IM with Webcenter spaces? Im assuming you have to connect to your mail server somehow, not sure how to establish this.
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