• unable to setup WFR vendor pool information from EBS Supplier

    Hi,   I followed the document Doc ID 1575095.1 from oracle support to setup the WFR Vendor pool information from EBS Supplier but unable to setup getting the below error. Ora-12541 : TNS No Listner.   &n...
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  • how to remove hide in group header

    Hi,   I want to group the metadata fields and want to give the name to group. But i want to remove the hide on the page.   Kindly provide inputs on how to achieve it.   Thansk in advance
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  • Attachments in WebCenter content

    Hi, as we know we can add attachments to documents in WebCenter content. I would like to know where attributes for those attachments are stored in database (and how they are linked to documents)?
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  • How to inherit permissions from parent folder when uploading a file using RIDC

    Hello,   I have a bit of code that uploads files to my webcenter content but once the file is uploaded, it doesn't pick up the parent folders permissions.   Some information is: I'm using frameworks folde...
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  • How to display a value in profile not with metadata

    Hi,   I want to display some like helloworld on top of profile checkin page. But i dont want to use any metadata field for this. Is there a way to achieve this.     Please provide inputs Thanks in ad...
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  • How to prepare archive using RIDC in Oracle UCM

    Hi All,   I am calling ADD_ARCHIVE service  using RIDC, Able to create archive but export query is not added to archive.hda file.   See below code and help me   DataBinder dataBinderReq = idcCl...
    Rajashekar Reddy Kummathi
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  • Oracle  UCM Display profiles based on user role

    Hi All,   Is there any way to control If a user with a particular role should see limited profiles only not all of them.
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  • IdcCommand Unable to parse properties. Name-value pair '@Properties LocalData'

    i have this sample in batchloader file   @Properties LocalData IdcService=CHECKIN_NEW doFileCopy=1 DirectReleaseNewCheckinDoc=1 dUser=Customer dDocTitle=CUSTOMER_DATTAILS9999_ dDocType=Document dDocAuthor...
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  • Oracle UCM Server Health Checkup list.

    Hi All,   Can anyone provide the oracle ucm server health checkup list.
    Rajashekar Reddy Kummathi
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  • What will be ideal Hardware configuration for ECM Suite installation

    Hi All,   We have an ECM implementation with the below configuration. 1) Admin Server 2) Oracle UCM exposed to end users with several custom components (1500 -2000 active users ) 3) Oracle IBR ( 2000 image co...
  • Which approach should I follow for document storage.

    Hi All,   Please tell how I have to decide the commit profile in enterprise capture server to store the documents as we are having three storage profile. 1) webcenter content 2) webcenter Imaging 3) ...
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  • Error in compliling the AXF_Custom.pll

    Hi,   while I'm configuring the EBS Adapter with Webcenter I'm getting the below error in compilation of AXF_Custom.pll file in Oracle Apps Server Machine from Form Builder, please suggest.   identifier DB...
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  • Batchloader not load

    the batch loader does not open someone could help me with the following error:   I open the SystemProperties and put the following lines:   oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver jdbc:oracle:thin:@xxxxxxxxxxxx:1521/xxx...
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  • Error in Configuring the EBS Adapter for WebCenter

    Hi All,   when I'm configuring EBS Adapter for Web Center I'm getting the below Error while running the sql script AXF_EBS_SOLUTION_DATA.sql ,and I check the AXF_CONFIGS table is not available in db schema, not ...
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  • Compare DocuShare(Xerox) and Oracle Webcenter document management

    Hi  Experts, Could you please share feature avalable in Oracle webcenter and missing in DocuShare.   In Docushare ,  eForms feature are the part of Docushare but in webcenter coontent,  OCR  ...
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  • IE 11 impact for UCM 10gR3

    Hi All,   I want to know that content server 10gR3 which kind impact have with internet Explorer 11. Please mession in points.
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  • How to control profiles based on roles

    Hi,   I want to control profiles based on the roles.   Say i have 10 profiles, and for the role i am having i should see only 5 profiles checkin dropdown. Can i do this in Restrict personalization option ...
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  • Imaging SSL workflow creation error.

    Hi,   I am able to sync the data from Imaging to BPM work flow successfully using non ssl ports.   Imaging and BPM servers are hosted on 2 separate servers.   I have configured custom SSL using self ...
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  • how can i change the variable "<$HttpCgiPath$>" in URM

    Hi all.   I am creating a custom  component  for a search  in urm  but  when  i am executing  show the  error error Request Failed Content ServerUnable to retrieve the ...
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  • Issues with Indexing of Bulk Content Items

    Hi All,   We are facing issue with indexing in oracle UCM. If we do any bulk check-in or updates to the content server, then the indexing works only on few items and remaining items get stuck in the work in prog...
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