• GuestLogin in Webcenter Portal

    Hi,   I just want to know can we implement GuestLogin in webcenter portal,which can make user's in an intranet network to automatically redirect to home page instead of login page.     Thanks, Santoshi.
    Santoshi S
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  • Unable to see the portal assets using DesignWebCenterSpaces project

    Hi All, Portal Version : Jdev version I wanted to create custom page template and skin for a portal created in web center spaces..I downloaded the DesignWebCenterSpaces project and set it up as per...
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  • Debug deployed taskflows

    On my Oracle VM virtualbox, using jdev, developed custom taskflows. Also deployed webcenter extension (extend.spaces.webapp) and deployer project (containing adf shared library - viewcontroller project ) to webcenter ...
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  • WebCenter Interaction or WebCenter Portal

    Hi All,   Currently we are working for one customer who is having application developed in Plumtree. Now as part of migration whether we should go for WCI or WebCenter Portal. While comparing found that both...
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  • Automatically render an external URL to a page

    I have an adf application deployed to 1 server and a webcenter portal application to another server.   In webcenter portal application, I want to create a jsf page (e.g. customerUI.jspx) and render one of the pa...
    Cyrus Gojo
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  • Administrator permissions getting lost for user/group on spaces server restart

    Hi All, Web Center Spaces: I have integrated weblogic server with Active directory and I'm able to see the groups and users both in my weblogic server and Web center spaces server instance. I assigned adm...
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  • oracle data guard 11g licensing

    Dear All,   I have SAP R3; Oracle runtime license is included with sap,   I want to Create my DR site with data guard, My Team say every 15 minute incremental data will go at DR site. In this case I need O...
  • UCM file operations using RIDC

    UCM file operations (add, edit, delete, search) using RIDC RIDC provides a thin communication API for communication with UCM Server. This API removes data abstractions to the content server while still providing a w...
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  • Oracle WebCenter Portal Framework navigation model customization

    Hi,   I want to customize (look-and-feel)  of the default navigation model when you create a Webcenter Portal Framework Application  (via JDeveloper). Currently, the default style is like belo...
    Cyrus Gojo
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  • Oracle WebCenter Portal multi-level tree navigation

    I'm modifying the default-navigation-model which is the default navigation of when I created a Webcenter Portal framework application. I want to have a multi-level tree navigation and unfortunately, when I created 3-l...
    Cyrus Gojo
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  • Need info on Special characters encoding in WebCenter and ADF

    Hi,   We have a WebCenter Portal application and ADF taskflows application, needed to understand is there any encoding and HTML escaping by default to handle special characters when user inputs.   Say for ...
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  • Webcenter version for Oracle Apps 12.2.3

    Hi All, I am new to WebCenter applications. I have to analyze the webcenter functionalities to integrate with oracle apps 12.2.3. Please suggest where i can find the version of webcenter which will be compatible with...
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  • Debug deployed taskflow in webcenter portal

    Hi All,   I deployed taskflow in webcenter portal. I wanted to debug those taskflow.Some null pointer exception coming .I wanted to debug that.When i am running standalone its working fine.   But in spaces g...
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  • Redirect to URL from taskflow on the Webcenter page not happening

    Hi,   We have a Webcenter page containing multiple taskflows on it and this page has been created with template which also has one taskflow in it.   We wanted to redirect to a specific site from a taskflow...
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  • Property File not found when deployed Shared Library.

    Hi,   Using JDev I got a quick question. We have the following implementation   Model    - Business Components    - Application Module    - PropertyFile   V...
    Alejandro Tovar Lanz
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  • Issue while displaying converted word doc from WCC in Portal page-images won't display

    Hi Team,     Could you please help us to solve this strange issue that we have been trying to solve :     We are displaying converted documents from UCM into Webcenter portal application. We edit...
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  • hi, i am unable to run webcenter sample portal in my JDeveloper?

    Error: MDS-01325: unable to load type definition "<classpath>/oracle/webcenter/avitek/sitemodel/node.xsd<classpath>"
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  • Set users preferences by LDAP attribute, or programatically set the users language preference in WebCenter Portal

    Is it possible to set the users preferences in WebCenter Portal using LDAP attributes?   My goal is to have the users preference for Language set from the ldap Attribute "preferredLanguage"  or, ...
    Ron Armstrong
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  • Download DesignWebCenterSpaces_11.

    Hi,   Does anyone knows if the portal asset development workspace for Webcenter Portal is released?   I couldn't find it and I'm trying to work with DesignWebCenterSpaces_11., but I'm g...
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  • Oracle Text Search Integration with Webcenter Live Adapter Search

    Hi All,   I have enabled Oracle Text Search in UCM . I want to search the UCM and display the content in the Webcenter Custom Framework Application. We are not using SES. We are using Live Adapter Search. I h...
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