• Bug of Content Presenter?

    Hi all, I'm using WebCenter Portal with Webcenter Content and I find out a problem with show content with content presenter on set of content item have security group in webcenter content. This is de...
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  • Customize Comments taskflow in webcenter portal

    We have a requirement to customize the comments taskflow in webcenter portal.   Any pointers?   Thanks.
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  • Oracle Webenter Portal 11g + Oracle Forms/Reports 11g + Oracle OAM Installation Question

    Hi,   We are planning to Install Oracle Webenter Portal 11g + Oracle Forms/Reports 11g + Oracle OAM combination, please let me know if its possible to install and integrate these components.   Any links to...
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  • Simple Navigation

    hello friends   we have WC using portal builder.   we want to create a navigation menu that is having three levels hierarchy. But using portal builder we are able to create only 2 levels. why ? &...
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  • Customized Navigation Model/Menu on Webcenter Portal Framework Development

    I've been searching online for resources on how to create customized navigation model to replace the default-navigation-model offered by ADF when I created a new Webcenter Portal Framework application but to no avail....
    Cyrus Gojo
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  • Unable to start UCM server in webcenter

    Hi,   I have installed following software's:   1. Database 2. Weblogic server 3. RCU 4. Webcenter   We are getting error while starting the UCM server. Please find the below screenshot: ...
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  • Group Space in Webcenter Portal

    Hi , We had 'Group Sapce' in older versions of Webcenter Spaces http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15523_01/webcenter.1111/e10149/gspace_build.htm#WCSUG1265   How to implement the same in the latest Webcenter Portal 1...
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  • How to display work flow status in content presenter display template?

    Hi experts, how to display work flow status in content presenter display template?   env: webcenter portal
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  • Search Taskflow in WebCenter Custom Portal Framework application

    Hi,   Without oracle SES ,can we implement search for keywords within the application pages? Thanks, Chandrasekar M
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  • RSS feed for custom webcenter application

    Hi,   Is it possible to get RSS feed for announcement and discussion forums in custom Webcenter application.   I am using jdev with latest webcenter extension.   Thanks, Chandrasekar M
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  • Adding Likes In webcenter Pages

    Hi all;   I am using webcenter portal spaces I saw Daniel's Blog (http://www.vassit.co.uk/knowledge/integrating-webcenter-likes-comments-api-i/) and was able to add likes in Content Presenter templates...
    Ansh Panda
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  • Webcenter Pre-built VM

    Hi ,   I have downloaded web center Pre-built VM but am unable to launch jdeveloper .I am getting an "unable to load DeleteMethodloadAccessorImpl" . tried changing jdev home to use jrockit but still getting the ...
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  • OPSS question

    Hello All,   we have WC version 8   we have configured LDAP provider in weblogic.   we want to develop a interface using OPSS API that can fetch User, Roles, Search etc.   Prob is we do not ha...
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  • Data Presenter Framework - Webcenter Portal PS7

    by Rohan Walia   Data Presenter One of the most useful features of Webcenter Portal is Data Presenter. Data Presenter allows developers/administrators to create data controls at runtime, and they are readily...
    Bob Rhubart-Oracle
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  • Configuring Drop Handler in webcenter for a Custom Task flow

    Hi ,   I an trying to configure Drop handler for a custom task flow which would set some values on the task flow parameters upon its drop . But the issue is , only the getAcceptableFlavours() gets called in the ...
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  • Can we mark some page parameter mandatory when user is creating a page

    Hi All ,   We have a requirement where we want to store some info in the page_desc field available in the page . But we noticed that this field gets added to the page def only when user provides some info in th...
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  • rss feed issue

    I met a problem ,report: <wcs-38019> <Used to read the RSS Feed object instance is not available>.
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  • Google calendar in webcenter custom Application

    Hi,   Is it possible to integrate google calendar in webcenter? I am not sure if it is possible.There is no docs available for the same.Please help   Regards, Chandrasekar M
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  • How to get Page Path in Webcenter at run time

    Hi All ,   I want to get the page path of the current page that is being accessed by the user at run time (Rather , in the method activity of a TF).. This page path will be used to get the page def and do some o...
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  • SES Login page does nothing

    Hi all, I just finished installing SES on Linux x64, followed all the steps in the product documentation and accessed the query page. However, when I try to access the admin console, I see the login page, I e...
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