• WebCenter Portal Framework Application + Spring 2.x or 3.x support

    Hi,   I am trying to include Spring support for my WebCenter Portal application to externalize environment variables. However, following the steps provided in the links seems insufficient.   Can ...
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  • Portal and Content Management server Authorization and Authentication integration

    Hi,   I would like to ask a few architectural queries regarding the above subject.   Basically, I have a Portal server and Content Management server and  created a separate domain for each. Then, I us...
    Cyrus Gojo
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  • HTML tags accessing EL or JSTL tags

    Hi,   Is it possible for WebCenter Portal page templates using HTML tags to access EL or JSTL tags?   Example, I would like my domain name to be prefix in my hyperlinks <a href=#{preferenceBean.baseReso...
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  • Deploying custom Portal Framework Application to WC_Spaces server

    Hi all,   Version:   I am playing around with the Portal Framework Application that can be created from JDeveloper. I create the EAR file for deployment and deployed it to my WC_Spaces server and...
    Onkar Shoker
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  • WebCenter Portal 11G integration with BPM 12c Clarify how to integrate due dif versions of SOA Suite 11g vs Soa Suite 12c

    Hi all I have a set of questions or doubts regarding to what I have read on the Oracle Documentation   Oracle WebCenter Portal is installed on 11G right? so when you tried to integrate WebCenter 11G with BPM 11...
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  • WebCenter Portal and Content Server Security Risk (Un-necessary servlets and exposed of Content Server directory contents)

    Hi,   I have developed a WebCenter Portal Framework Application using and I saw there are alot of servlets defined in web.xml. This portal is a public portal developed without any need for user authenti...
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  • WebCenter Portal Framework Application System Requirements

    Hi,   I have 2 WebCenter Portal Framework Applications, based on the installation requirements, it seems that I am only required to run the RCU once and each application is deployed to the respective MDS partiti...
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  • Is Webcenter Portal compatible with HTML5?

    Hello,   I have two questions about the Webcenter Portal   1) Is this version compatible with HTML5? If no, is there any version compatible? 2) Can I build a responsive template with bootstrap...
    Cristian Medina
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  • Mixing HTML and ADF tags

    Hi,   I have created a WYSIWYG element for Site Studio Region Definition. End users contribute content via Content Server - Site Studio Contributor and it allows the usage of HTML tags.   I created a templat...
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  • Oracle Webcenter Portal doesn't help while Two Task Flows Portlet Are Communicating Via Contextual Events

    Hi everyone,   I would wonder if anyone can help of this issue below.   Mainly, i'm working on Oracle Webcenter Portal and i have developed two bounded Task flows; samples one for Customers and se...
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  • Properties file in webcenter portal application

    Hi All,   I want to use properties file in webcenter portal builder. Like text in portal template from properties file.How can i do it.Please help
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  • WebCenter Portal Sub pages issue

    Hi all,   I have an issue with sub pages in WebCenter Portal   If i create a sub page of a page in a portal, all works well as expected.   However, if i want to create another layer down ...
    Onkar Shoker
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  • Not able to parse xmlagg in VO

    Hi,   I have a VO - AbcRVO.xml Inside this, in my select query, I have the following snippet   xmlagg (     xmlelement(e,columnName,' , ').extract('//text()')     order by...
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  • Consume Portlet in Webcenter Portal builder

    Hi   I am using Webcenter portal .   How can I consume portlet in webcenter portal page using webcenter portal builder.   I have searched but I have found only to consume from portal framewo...
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  • Hi, i am getting this error while deploying my webcenter application in JDeveloper?

    Error: MDS-01325: unable to load type definition "<classpath>/oracle/webcenter/avitek/sitemodel/node.xsd<classpath>"   can any one tell me the process to deploy portal to remote server.30043877241518...
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  • How to create a link referring to content on the same page?

    I an normal HTML page we can use <h1><a name="abc"/>Heading</h1> or <h1 id="abc">Heading</h1> for html5 and to navigate to this we can have a link somewhere in the page <a href="#abc"&...
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  • Page retains the table pagination value

    I have a search results page where I display the results in a table. The table comes from a different taskflow and picks the parameter from the page bindings. Once I navigation to second or third page of the table and...
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  • Set up error page in webcenter portal

    hi     i want to set up error page in webcenter portal. Please guide me how to do that.   I tried set up in web.xml . Please help  
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  • List down sub portals

    we have a requirement to show all sub portals in drop down list. I need help over few points: 1. Is there any point based on which I will be able to differentiate between sub portals and portals? 2. I have explored...
    Vaibhav Tomer-Oracle
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  • using images in webcenter portal builder without content presenter.

    Hi.   Am using portal builder Kindly provide me some steps with blogs to use the static images in webcenter portal builder with out using the content.   Thanks,
    Prasad K T
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