• How do I  create Custom email notification for workflow step?

    Hi All. Please help in creating a custom email notification. I need to create a custom email that will only be sent to one person to notify them of publishing. I've created the "PublishNotification" in the email tree...
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  • How to configure error pages in server side?

    Hello Experts,   how to configure error pages in server side for 400,404 and 500 errors  in oracle web center sites. If server returns 400,404 and 500 errors we should dispaly some static html pages related...
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  • Publishing issue.

    Hi All,   I was trying to publish my content using real time publishing but for some reason, My target server went down. I understand that it failed my that publishing session but now my whole publishing is fail...
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  • Moving from custom Assembler to Vanity URL

    Hello Experts,   We are moving from custom URL assembler to Vanity URL but I have two concerns:- Most of the time while creating template URL, we have used assembler parameter passing customer assembler name. N...
  • Undo Checkout - Webreference Table Odd behaviour

    Hi All,   Path Value is deleted and the entry in webreference table is vanished and not created again when clicking the Undo Checkout Link for an asset.   Can anyone assist?   Or does any one know ho...
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  • Vanity Url Problem

    Hi All,   Q1) As I am created a Vanity URL (Ex:- /cs/(site_name)/demo) , but i expect to see URL as (Ex:- /cs/Satellite/demo). where Satellite is not the site_name. Whenever i change the root URL from (cs/(site...
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  • Issue in Vanity URL(Error-404)

    Hie All , I am facing issue in vanity url. (HTTP Status Error-404).Following steps are done by me:- 1) create a webroot (ex:Relative) in my newly created site. 2) assign the webroot in url pattern of any asset type...
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  • Satellite:form giving unauthorized form error.

    Hi All,   I am using a satellite form to submit it to the site entry. I know its creates a authkey to validate the form. its working when user submit the form as soon as he loads the form.   But if user ke...
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  • ICS Log Messages

    Hi All,   We are using ics log messages to pring log messages in sites.log.We use to see the log messages initially and there was no issue. But suddenly for some reason ics log messages stopped printing message...
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  • Getting Invalid request in my logs

    Hello Experts,     I am getting invalid request in my production logs. I am notable to figure the possible reason for this. Can any body help me here.   Her are the logs:- [2015-07-31 15:02:23,504 MY...
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  • Basic Asset with field name "target"

    Can I create a Basic Asset with field name "target"?
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  • Unable to delete a Basic Asset

    I created a Basic Asset and then used in a few places - Enabled the asset in a site - Created some instances of the basic asset - Created a template to render the asset - Created a Flex Attribute that can hold the...
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  • Default values in pulldown attribute editor

    Hi All   I want to make a value(item) in the attribute editor as default one in the pulldown attribute editor. Could someone suggest a solution quickly on this.   Regards Bishnu
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  • Error in customizing dashboard in Sites

    Hi,     Trying to customize dashboard i manged to create DashBoardContentsConfig and the ReqAuthConfig.xml files, and also to create the Element UI/Layout/CenterPane/DashBoard/MyWidget   In My Widget ...
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  • Satellite:form issue

    Hello Experts,   I am facing one issue related to satellite:form tag. I am using this tag in my template and on submit , it calls to a site entry that performs some operation (It sends e-mail.).   The temp...
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  • Set Participants in workflow

    Hello, I have a problem setting new participants in a workflow. In the menu configuration (new asset) associated new users. Then I will change the participants in a asset, I make the workflow command "Set Participant...
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  • java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

    Hello all,   I have deployed a jar file into lib directory of Webcenter Sites, but when I run it through a jsp file, I am getting a lot of :java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError but they are all included in the classpa...
    Elena Traspaderne
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  • Action not allowed on the following Page assets:  Default:1374098094360  You can't view the requested asset because it does not exist in this site. Use the Select Site link to select a different site, if you wish to access this asset.

    Hi,   i am facing the following issue. when i try to drag & drop the page under placed places in contributor UI i got the following error.    Action not allowed on the following Page assets: &nb...
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  • Automatic translation of asset data

    Hi All,   I am working on a multilingual site where i have support 5 diff languages. I have enabled dimensions and can see locale option in metadata of asset but I am wondering If i have to manually translate al...
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  • Webcenter sites Installation fails after 96%

    I am getting exception while installing webcenter sites on weblogic 10.3+. I have deployed both CS & cas on weblogic using autodeploy method and after test db success getting exception while installation comes ti...
    Uday_raj Gupta
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