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I have a client that has an issue with some VBA code within SmartView. Basically, they created a macro to try and clear out some values in Essbase. The new file will either replace existing values,… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Greetings,   I have an issue where MDX is taking a significant amount of time to run when executed through Smart View.  In EAS it is blazing fast.  I can change criteria in the query before… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Simon Watts
Hi there.   We are having an issue where a packaged version of Smart View isnt saving the user Cell Styles settings. I have ticked use cell styles, updated the cell styles I want to have custom… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi All,   I have template that was being used to lock and send data to essbase using essbase Add In.This template had Macros and have been working fine.   However I want to now connect to essbase… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi All ,   There is an ASO cube and there are around 20 dimensions. The issue is when I retrieve thru Smartview it gave error message as the no. of rows exceeded the limit. So I have made the… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi Experts,   I am having a strange issue in Essbase. We are having duplicate members across dimensions (HPCM) outlines which we are trying to build using rules file. We are using… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Lee Miller
I'm sure I'm not the first to ask... Not finding anything tangible searching through the forum (at least quickly and I'm impatient.)   I want to move an account ending balance ("Dec") to the next… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi,   Has anyone tried to export the Essbase cube with 50 MB as maximum limit for a file by using MAXL Script.   It is producing 2 GB files when we export using EXPORT DATABASE Command and I am not… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hello Experts, We have a Planning app with Calendar months Feb to Jan. Now we need to change it to Jan to Dec. We are using EPMA Planning application. Is there any possibility to get this achieved… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Anybody familiar with this error? Seems it's causing Essbase to hand and users are unable to connect when received.   Thanks in advance.
in Essbase on-premise
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