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Hello guys,   I am writing report script to export Level 0 data from BSO cube (Target cube with ASO cube as Source cube). it keeps on running. but when i run the same report script on ASO cube, it… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
I am in the process of moving from a environment to I have a new server set up and everything installed and I'm migrating data from the old environment to the new. the outline/set… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi All,   I am trying to connect to Essbase using Microsoft power BI. Version of Power BI is 2.71 ( July 2019). I am trying to connect to Essbase.   We have distributed environment where… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi All,   Hope you are doing good. Thanks for reading my query. I am using replicated partition between 2 applications but I dont see any partitions in EAS console when I check the 2 applications.… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Users are complaining that the essbase servers that are added under the essbase server node disappearing at irregular intervals. Does anyone know where the eas web client stores the info for the… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
     most of our users are complaining about latency we've tested the latest version ending 800 and current version installed after they run a Refresh only on 4 to 8 rows rather than a whole sheet… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
On the Power BI desktop connection, select Essbae (beta) and got "Unable to connect to the remote server" error. User has been granted access to the server.   This is the link we use… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
setting an essbase environment variable
in Essbase on-premise
Hi,   I used the following formula in essbase d_bag to calculate the calculator cache  for my application which has the following dimensions;       Dimensions No. of members Stored members Account… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi Gurus   We are encountering a lag in the EAS when we try to log on for the first time roughly 1 to 2min. Once connected system seems to be stable and all looks good. We tried the options… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
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