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On the Power BI desktop connection, select Essbae (beta) and got "Unable to connect to the remote server" error. User has been granted access to the server.   This is the link we use… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi All,   We are using Hyperion Essbase version. Earlier, our Essbase currency conversion process used to take 40min to complete but these days it is taking approx.12 hrs to complete.… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hello,         I have a essbase 11.1.2 server build on windows server 2012 r2, and oracle extadata db 12c on linux.      I have two odbc drivers on essbase server, one is "DataDirect 7.1 Oracle… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi all - Is essbase 11.2 available yet for download. If so, can you please guide on the download path. I checked in the edelivery site and it shows only
in Essbase on-premise
Getting the error ," number of query result cells exceeds the limit set by the Queryresultlimit Configuration settings" when using Smart View for office .   Any suggestions
in Essbase on-premise
Hello.  My company has a very old version of Planning (  My supervisor has asked me if this version is compatible with Oracle 19c database.  Does anyone know?  Thanks!
in Essbase on-premise
We have created an attribute dimension which tags cost centers to respective business units.   So, we have: Entity      Entity1 -> Bu1      Entity2 -> Bu2      Entity3 -> Bu2      Entity4 ->… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
I have a need to have multiple columns from the same dimension.  For example in our product dimension we have the hierarchy:  Brand/Sub-Brand/Product.  I am writing a report and they need Brand in… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hi Team,     We have a Planning app deployed with EPMA. In random deploys, the outline is setted with "Duplicate member names allowed" as true with no reason as we do not see any duplicate members… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
Hello;   We're trying to test drive the new Essbase connector in Power BI. We've managed to start the connection but we cannot get our cubes/apps to display.   We're using the following… (Show more)
in Essbase on-premise
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