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Hello, I have installed the SQLDeveloper with a jdk8 on my Mac running on Catalina, however when I try to connect to the local database I get this error:   no ocijdbc18 in java.library.path   I… (Show more)
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Hi. I'm using the lasted version of sqlcl (SQLcl: Release 19.4 Production on Mon Mar 23 12:47:47 2020) and every time I try to describe any dynamic view the output is failing with the following… (Show more)
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HI,   I am trying to connect SQLcl on linux terminal, but all the time that I go to the terminal I need to execute this code   alias sql="sqlcl/bin/sql"… (Show more)
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Marek Läll
Hi,   At sqlcl startup/login I would like to execute different select statements in login.sql based on database version. Example:   if "database version" >= 18   execute: "select INSTANCE_NAME,… (Show more)
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Good afternoon,   The last few days I've been struggling to export data using SQLcl while retaining the original decimal and thousand separator. The database I am exporting from uses American NLS… (Show more)
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Trying to get sqlcl to connect / as sysdba to 11.2 RAC databases on our Exadata, which has GI & RDBMS home.  The JRE in the 11.2 ORACLE_HOME is Java 1.5, which is not compatible… (Show more)
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A very simple format rule <options> <breaksComma></breaksComma> </options> works for format buffer but doesn't work for format file.   Download attached… (Show more)
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I can run my sql script in foreground smoothly. But when I run same script in background, it hang up in background, nothing output. After I switch the process to foreground, it run again .   SQL… (Show more)
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Hi I have a the problem, that we have an older java version installed and cannot switch to newer one. So is there a older SQLCL version available, which will be working also with older Java?
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Buenas,   he pasado de una versión a la versión 19.2.1 He limpiado las carpetas de C:\Users\my user\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer No importo conexión ni preferencias anteriores   Abro… (Show more)
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