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Hi, i have been facing this issue quite longer now. I am using SQL developer, when i run my SQL its displays the results correctly in Query Results window, but when i want to copy something from… (Show more)
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I am running Windows 10.  I currently have Java 1.8.0_231 (64 bit) installed.  JAVA_HOME points to the JRE directory, and the JRE\bin is in my path.  Whenever I just run sql.exe at a command prompt,… (Show more)
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Serg C
In SQL Developer when configuring LDAP type connection there is a button "Load" available to load database services configured in OID. Once loaded a Service name can be chosen from a drop-down list.… (Show more)
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Hi I have a the problem, that we have an older java version installed and cannot switch to newer one. So is there a older SQLCL version available, which will be working also with older Java?
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John Li Yim [VND]
How can we reference environment variables in sqlcl?   We have a bunch of sql scripts that call other sql scripts using a environment variables eg (Windows OS).   @%sql_path%/dba.sql   Using… (Show more)
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JeanYves Bernier
Happy new year thatJeffSmith-Oracle ! I just wanted to share with you the issue I faced when installing Apex 19.2 with SQLcl 19.2 Apex 19.2 on DB 19.3 installation stopped prematurely   When I ran… (Show more)
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I can run my sql script in foreground smoothly. But when I run same script in background, it hang up in background, nothing output. After I switch the process to foreground, it run again .   SQL… (Show more)
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Hi,   I was wondering if there is a possibility of having a command completion feature for user defined alias's?  I have created several aliases and it would be slick to enter a few letters and hit… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Hi all,   I need a small help in sql update query please follow below structure   table     Name       sal              (sal+increment ) incsal 1            a             100            … (Show more)
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WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred WARNING: Illegal reflective access by oracle.dbtools.raptor.utils.WindowsUtility (file:/E:/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_64/sqlcl/li… (Show more)
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