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Erik van Roon
Just a notification that today I found out that SQLcl does not support certain syntax of TNSNAMES.ORA that sql*plus and SQL Developer *do* support. Hoping that this will be fixed and somebody… (Show more)
in SQLcl
the ddl, info and info+ commands are great!!! The only thing I would add to table defs would be the triggers associated with table and possibly the grants (ddl command) similar to the Rdb "show… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Can i export DDL from a whole DB Schema to a sql file using sqlcli ?
in SQLcl
Hi, I started using SQLCL 17.2 and when trying to spool I recieve: sp2-0556 invalid file name. In older versions I don't receive this message. Is there any way to deal with this?
in SQLcl
Stephen J
I am trying to run sqlcl 18.4 on Oracle Solaris 11.3 SPARC.  When I execute "sql /nolog" I get the error Unsupported major.minor version 52.0.  I'm running Java JRE 1.8.0_152. Here is the full error… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Hello,   I have installed the new sqlcl tool v17.3 I'm able to connect to my DB, and launch manually a command like: SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL; or connect to my DB with success.   OK.   But when… (Show more)
in SQLcl
I try to export data in sql insert as the /*csv*/ + load was not reliable.   But I encounter a new issue with subscripts.   CREATE TABLE DATA… (Show more)
in SQLcl
J. Fuda-Oracle
I'm trying to do something similar to the following, simplified example. Given a directory structure that looks like this:   /home… (Show more)
in SQLcl
It looks like setting Feedback off suppresses error reporting in all recent versions of SQLcl. In SQLPlus, error reporting is not suppressed by setting feedback off.   Here is an example using the… (Show more)
in SQLcl
Hi I am trying to execute a pre commit shell script in git to execute sqcl FORMAT command. script works fine when we log into DB using usrid/"pwd"@orcl. But wanted to see if we can run below… (Show more)
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