As it's mentioned here "Check constraints" Do Not Appear to Import Properly. Is this a bug? DM transforms some column level check constraints into list of values during import from Oracle database.

DM 4.1 added transformation of specific table level check constraints to something else. Here is an example in SQL Developer 4.1:


Some of you will recognize it as Arc constraint created in DM and generated as table level check constraint - well such constraint can be created manually or such DDL can be generated using Oracle Designer..

DM 4.1 recognizes such constructs (check constraint + related foreign key definitions) and transforms them into Arc constraints. In this way they appear on diagram and are not listed in table level check constraints. This transformation is applied during import from database or DDL script for all supported databases.

So you shouldn't be surprised if you see following picture in SQL Developer 4.1 "Model" tab:


Model tab shows current selected table in the browser (with red border) and tables referred by current table and table referring current table. From this point you can continue with analyses of dependencies using "Show parent and child tables" for each table on diagram and at the end can copy the objects to current relational model.

Those of you wanting to transform existing (in the model) table level check constraints to Arc constraints can run the following script:


As always with scripts you should run it on saved status of your design and if you don't like the result can discard it.