Wouldn’t it be great if, in addition to the support you get on this Database Globalization forum, you could have an actual, live conversation with Oracle experts, working out all the details of your globalization (NLS) problem? Where you could quickly get to the root of an issue or learn how to properly apply a new feature to your program without your question pinging back and forth between you and your unknown helpers asking for more details?


Now you can!


Introducing AskTOM Office Hours


AskTOM Office Hours are scheduled, live Q&A sessions hosted by Oracle Database Product Managers, evangelists and even developers – the Oracle product experts. AskTOM Office Hours continue the pioneering tradition of Ask TOM. Launched in 2000 by Tom Kyte, the site now has a dedicated team who answers hundreds of questions each month. Together they have helped millions of developers understand and use Oracle Database. AskTOM Office Hours take this service to the next level, giving you live, direct access to a legion of experts within Oracle. All dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Oracle investment. And the best part: AskTOM Office Hours sessions are 100% free! To take advantage of this new program, visit the Office Hours home page and find an expert who can help. Sign up for the session and, at the appointed hour, join the webinar. There you can put your questions to the host or listen to the Q&A of others, picking up tips and learning about new features.

In particular, if you have questions about:

  • internationalizing Oracle Database applications,
  • configuring globalization (NLS) settings in the database,
  • migrating the database character set to Unicode with the DMU utility,
  • using various datetime data types,
  • getting rid of all these garbage characters on the screen,

we would like to invite you to the Software Globalization Office Hours. The first session is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12th, 2018, 11am-12pm PDT / 18:00-19:00 UTC. The session will be hosted jointly by Sergiusz Wolicki, the globalization architect for the Oracle Database, and Weiran Zhang, the head of the database globalization development team. Go to the Software Globalization Office Hours page to register.