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DBA/DEV Community Corner

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...we're glad you're here. Especially the new members.  Oracle Technology Network has just completed its update to the Jive 7 platform. So if you're a long time forums member, you'll see some new features and a few things that are different.  And if you are a new member, WELCOME. Follow these few instructions for "Getting Started" and you'll be on your way. 



First thing to do:

Head out to your profile and make sure your name, contact information and Avatar are installed correctly. Remember, the better the profile, the better the experience. 



Surf to your favorite product discussion areas and "Follow" them. This is especially important for the long time Forums members because in some cases, the upgrade may have shifted bookmarks.



Follow the OTN Watercooler Forum for updates and special offers. Post your favorite links, and introduce yourself to the community.


There will be more information to come about interesting topics and threads in the community.  This is just a start.


Ciao for Now!

Laura Ramsey

OTN Database & Developer Community Manager

Oracle Technology Network for Database Admins and Developers

Twitter: @oracledbdev