Oracle Ace Associate Kiran Tailor kt1 submitted an article for OTN a few weeks ago and as I edited this article, I wondered, how in the world did he come up with this idea? Was he facing a situation in his data warehouse? Was he wondering if there was an easier way to accomplish this? So I asked him, and he said:


Well the story goes:


We received the exalytics box at our company and it sat in the box for approx. 3 months, we didn’t even open the box.  When we did open the box, I decided to investigate how the machine works and that is how I was introduced to Timesten.  Our warehouse was only 350gb and this machine has much more memory, so I thought let’s try it and the with the help of the development teams in San Francisco and the UK it worked.  I would say ‘ Thinking outside the box’ J


Yes, I would agree. Take a look at his featured article in the Oracle Database OTN DBDEV library here: Using Oracle TimesTen on Exalytics as an Operational Data Store


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