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As the IT landscape shifts to the cloud, system performance and best practices for developing high-performance applications are more important than ever. So we gathered sessions for the Database track that provide a deep dive into application performance and development best practices that address key factors for Enterprise Big Data or Cloud Implementations. In-depth topics cover the newest tips and techniques for developing and deploying applications utilizing Oracle Database 12c Advanced features and capabilities. Get the latest performance and tuning tips, learn more about new generation application development with JSON, Node.JS and Oracle Database Cloud.
The VTS agenda also features sessions dedicated to the most recent capabilities of Oracle MySQL.


Session Topics include:

  • Oracle Database 12c SQL performance
  • Oracle Database Optimizer,
  • Oracle Database Cloud Services
  • Oracle JMS Sharded Queues
  • Schemaless App Development
  • JSON Support and node.js
  • MySQL Tuning
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager

To see the session list and abstracts, go to:   Database Track Agenda and Abstracts


If you would like to attend a live session, we have 1 more live sessions scheduled for the APAC region. Register now to watch and ask the experts the hard questions live!




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